Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our First Escape & Hike

Today is a day of firsts, but it seems like we have a lot of those kinds of days. Anyway, for the first, (and our peeps say only), time we escaped out of the back yard. It happened like this:

After we got out of bed this morning we were running around the yard and we teamed up (we do that a lot) and dug under the fence and yes, even under the chicken wire and escaped!  We weren't gone long, or very far, when dad noticed us and called us to the gate.  We were good and came to the gate but it was locked so dad had to run and get a key. 

In the meantime, we figured that meant we should run around so we went to a neighbor's house and decided to play with the neighbor lady.  Then dad came and captured us and took us back home.  When we went in the house, mom had gotten up and was not happy with what we had done.  

After that adventure, we had all kinds of energy and our peeps said, "We must tire these guys out."  So since we were so close to our "magic day", they decided we would go on a hike.  "Yippee", we barked, "our first hike!"  Then Stanley and I looked at each other and asked, "Brother . . . what is a hike?"

We found out that hiking is like a walk in the mountains, on a trail.  It is fun but can be hard work too.

The other thing we learned about hiking is that there are lots and lots of sticks!  We saw a huge pile of them but dad didn't get a picture.

The grass is really tall in some areas.  Stanley was trying to hide from me but I found him.

After we went down the trail awhile we heard a loud rushing noise.  Mom said it was water.  We walked down by the water and I took a look then decided I wanted no part of this water!  "Get me out of here!" I cried.
But mom asked me to give it another chance.  So I looked at it and considered . . .  

And then pondered the possibilities . . . 

Finally we decided we'd just dip our pads into the water and see what happened . . . 

"Hmmmm, this might have some possibility," Stanley and I said to each other.

 "Come on in brother!" I shouted to Stanley.

 And he did!  We got really wet.  It was very cold!  Then after that we got our feet and legs all muddy and dirty!  And guess what, mom never said a word about us getting muddy feet!  We didn't get in too deep though because the stream was moving very fast and when I was deep enough that I started to paddle (I didn't know I knew how to swim!) mom plucked me out so I wouldn't go down stream.

So our first hike was lots of fun, lots more fun than our first escape.  When we finished, our peeps took pictures of us by the trail head.  Then me and Stanley asked them, "What's next?"



KSO said...

What an adventure looks like tons of fun!

NanaNor's said...

Hi guys, Hopefully you learned that you shouldn't go on a walk about alone-you need your peeps. I loved seeing your hike! Water is so much fun, I know you'll love it as soon as you get used to it.
I too Hunter on a walk today without his buddy Lexie and he was so scared and timid. All the dogs in the yards barked at him and he just froze. Hopefully he'll get used to it soon.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Murphy and Stanley, wowza you two are like Indiana Jones, off having adventures hehe. Better not go off on your own again. You might get lost and you definitely wouldn't like that. Your first hike was fabulous. Now you know you are going to have heaps fun everytime you go out. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Bassetmomma said...

What a marvelous adventure!!

Berts Blog said...

OK little ones, I am very excited that you like water as water is my total life source, however, I must warn you, I almost drowned when I was a little older than you in one of those streams. (My vickie says she would not have let me drown, but I did go under three times before she got to me and pulled me out.) So with that said, Yeah....you like water too. I can't wait to show you all my pools. Goose and me will really enjoy watching you learn more about all of our water here.

Oreo said...

WoW guys!! You really had a blast!! Yep, that sneakin...out will get you in BIG trouble, believe me I know from personal experience!! Ha!


Milo and Jet said...

Dear Murphy & Stanley I've given you the Liebster Blog Award. That looks like a fantastic adventure you went on from Milo

Duncan said...

WOWZA, what an adventure you two got to go on. I loved getting the play by play!!!

Sherri said...

Loved the pics, and I can't believe you two got out, I can only imagine your peeps are now thinking how to stop it so it won't happen again. You guys really keep them on their toes.

The Daily Pip said...

OK, that water looks so cold, I am shivering! No more escaping fellas!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

How exciting your first hike! And running water too! Glad you were somewhat tentative when sniffin it out :) Good boys for comin to your Dad when he called you back from your Great Escape Adventure! Can't blame ya fur visiting the neighbors when he didn't have the key to let you in though BOL! Saw the fence is fixed now. This is probably good ;)

Waggin at ya,