Sunday, January 31, 2016

For Stuart

Today we join our furend Ranger in honoring our furend Stuart.

Inspire Your Heart Wiff Stuart!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Birfday Family

You might not know it but me and Stanley have a birfday that is coming up very soon!  Yes, we will be 4 years old on February 3rd!!  Mom says she can't even believe it!  Anyway, it is NOT just our birfday but we have another brother and 4 sisters and it is their birfdays too!

Of course ONLY me and Stanley came to live with our pawrents.  We left behind our mom Daisy (she was wonderful) and our other brother Stanley (odd but dad was indecisive) and our pretty sisters named Tee, Bee, Dee, and Vee.  We still miss them and me and Stanley talk about them all the time.  

(Murphy with green ribbon on top of Stanley with blue ribbon.)
We were a very close family so you can imagine how excited we were to find out that we have 2 sisters who live in Blogville!  Yes, we were shocked too when we found out!  BUTT they contacted us and told us they were born when we were so then we knew they must be our sisters!  They are our sisters Bee and Tee!

And if you can believe it, they BOTH sent us pressies for our 4th birfdays!  Tee heard about the BAR coming up in June and bought us a pressie so we could take it and play with our furends' hoomans there!  She said it would be best if the hoomans were busy having fun with the game so we doggies could have our REAL adventure-like fun.  Besides, we think hearing our hoomans bark like doggies would be fun to watch! We thought that was very clever and smart of her!

Then we got an email from our other sister Bee and she said she had Mr. Chewy  deliver a pressie to us!  And he did!

Our sisters are the best!  Thank you Bee and Tee!

Anyway, you can go over to our sisters' places and wish them a Happy Birfday too.  We explained to mom what our sisters would look like now that they are 4 years old so we made some pictures of them in case you see them around Blogville. Here are their links:



We love you sisters and hope you have a wonderful birfday too!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We're Going Crazy!

OMD! What the &^$# is Blogger doing to us?  

Furst we have lost a bunch of followers.  

Now when we are trying to read everyone's blogs we have to check the box that says we are not a robot.

Then have to verify again my solving a photo quiz thingie and the photos are so small that we end up having to do it several times.  

Stop it Blogger!  Just stop it!

Our Mom & Us

Wordless Wednesday

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, January 25, 2016

Everybody Knows Shirley

This is the week (the whole week) that we are all jumping on the blog hop to introduce furends to furends! Just highlight ANY blog you like (the more the better) to read so that others who may not know them can pop over and meet them!  Don't assume the blogs you love to read are known by everyone else. Oh, and make sure you include links!

  • This is one of our favorite blogs to read.  The Three Little Pugs have been having a lot of troubles with their hoomans this past year but we just love the voice of their blog.  There are so many times we have laughed out loud and talked about it to our dad at the supper table.  We love the adventures of Stella Rose, Maggie Mae & Angus McConnell!
  • We mentioned this blog in our example for this blog hop but it BEARS worth repeating. Shyla over at Romping and Rolling In The Rockies lives at elevation in Colorado.  The photography is amazing and her mom has placed trail cameras that provide excellent quality video of the lives of bears, moose, deer, and a host of other animals in the forest.  It is truly fascinating.  One of the cameras is focused right on a bear hibernating in a den!
  • We almost hesitate to mention this blog cuz we think fur sure that everybody knows Frankie and Ernie.  BUTT, if you do not know the first mayor and originator of Blogville you must get over there and check them out.  You will find that they run the Court of Common Fleas, love the number 87, hate their mother's obsession with snow freaks, and advocate pee shooter practice for best accuracy.  They will keep you on your toes and more often than not leave you with a smile. For us Frankie & Ernie are the heart of Blogville!
  • The POTP blog brings us all together in times of need.  When we need support from our Blogville furends, this is a great way to "circle the wagons" in times of need.
  • One of our Blogville furends who amazes us with their sharp, witty, downright brilliant sense of humor is Easy and his staff.  Their wicked sense of humor is only dwarfed by the size of their hearts. Although we will likely never get to France to meet them in the furs, we would LOVE to be a fly on their walls!  So many times we ask ourselves, "Is that fur real?"  If you don't know Easy, you gotta check them out!
  • Joey and Chester like to keep everyone updated on their antics over at The Daily Bone.  We haven't been reading them for too long but always enjoy their posts.  We learned about them when they got involved in several Blogville Events.
  • An up and coming young blogger over at Paw Providence amazes us with her posts.  Anyone who is afraid the younger kids are going to drop the ball on the future needs to stop over and meet Christmas and all his furends!
So these are the blogs we wanted to give a shout out today.  We selected each one of them for a variety of reasons.  The first 5 are blogs that we think SHIRLEY everyone already knows about and the last two are blogs deserving of more readers.  We look forward to seeing who you all are reading!

Keep Calm & Blog On!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Everyone knows Stanley is NOT a fetch-by-the-rules kinda Dood.  BUTT, he does like it when dad throws him snowballs to catch.

Keep Calm & Catch Snowballs

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Even though we have snow, mom says she will play fetch with me outside whenever pawsible.  Anyone who knows me knows I live for it!

Stanley likes to steal the ball so he can hide it.

But I will always bring Wilson home!

Keep Calm & Play Fetch

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, January 22, 2016

Duck Sniffers

Yesterday we went for a walkie.  We went along the trail that is part of our pawrent's long run on Mondays. 

We like this trail cuz there is a little stream that runs alongside it and there are always ducks there!

 I just can't stop sniffing!  I smell those ducks everywhere!

I had to get off trail and closer to the water.

 Finally, after 87 minutes, mom and dad said we had to get going again.  But Stanley wanted to leave a message for any other dogs who might be looking for the ducks.

Keep Calm & Sniff Ducks

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Got Stabbed!

Last night I was on the floor munching on an antler. You can see we have a whole basket of them and just pick whichever one we want.  

Some  of them are more chewed on than others.

After a while mom noticed I stopped and was just non-stop licking my lips. Then she saw blood on the carpet and on the side of my handsome face. So she got the flashlight surgery light and took a closer look.  She found that one of the antlers had been chewed to a sharp point and I stabbed my tongue!  It was really bothering me!  But don't worry cuz when I woke up this morning I felt much better.  Now I just wanted to remind everyone to check their antlers!

Keep Calm & Chew On!
Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quiet Barkless Wednesday

Pee Ess - There is something in the Blogville system that is affecting videos.  If you cannot see this then if you clear your browsing history it will likely show up.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Have you heard about the BAR?  Surely you must have heard about the

  Blogville Awesome Retreat!

It is coming up fast (you can see the countdown thingie on our sidebar)

Everyone is invited!

It is NOT virtual - it is fur REAL!

We have a special blog to give you details and everything you need to know.

You should follow it!  Click HERE!

Even if you cannot attend this once-in-a-lifetime event you will want to follow the blog cuz when we all meet at the BAR we will be posting all the action photos and videos on the blog to share with others!

At the BAR you can meet your furends and their staff!  


Monday, January 18, 2016

Morning Stretches

Me and Stanley always like to help mom do her daily stretches.  BUTT sometimes she acts like she doesn't appreciate it!

Keep Calm & Bark On!
Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ever'body Knows Shirley!

Hey furends, do you know Shirley?  We are pawsitive you MUST know Shirley!  .  Here's how to figure out if YOU know Shirley . . . 

  • Did you ever run into a blog and think, "Oh, this is a great blog, they must be new!" and then find out that all your furends are commenting on it and somehow YOU did NOT know about it?  How does that happen?
  • Did you ever hold (or attend) a Blogville event and get an entry from some blogger you NEVER heard of before and when you went there and checked them out you found out that all your other furends already know and love them?  Seriously, how does that happen?
  • Did you ever hear about someone celebrating their 5th blogging year and you are just NOW finding out about them?  How is that even pawsible?  
We can give you a pawfect example.  When me and Stanley ran for Mayorz, we did NOT know who Dory was until Frankie recruited us as candidates! Really!  Dory has always been all over Blogville with events and Blog Hops and still we did NOT know her!   So you might think . . .

Shirley, ever'body knows Dory!

We often think we are all in the same circle but we're not!  Somehow some of us just don't run into each other and get connected. (We kinda stole that line from Sarge.)

To put an end to this weird phenomena, we are going to declare the last week of January as the official Everybody Knows Shirley week in Blogville.  On that day you can do a post that will highlight those blogs/bloggers you know and are assuming everyone else knows too.  We will ask Oz to set up a Blog Hop.  Here is an example:

Shirley everyone knows . . . 

  • Whitley is one of the best dressed doggies in Texas with a closet bigger than any of the Kardashians!
  • Frankie was the furst mayor of Blogville, Madi was the second, and Murphy & Stanley are the current Mayorz.
  • Easy barks at Hailey in his romantic French accent but spends most of his time trying to snoopervise his out-of-control Staff.
  • If you want to see Wildlife Undercover, KB Bear's place is the place to go.  Her trail cams and amazing photography skills will make your day!

I think you get the idea.  Just give a shout out to any blogs you want.  The more, the better!  And be sure to include links to the blogs you mention.  So let's do this and see if we can gather in just a bit tighter and introduce others to the places we are hanging out!  

Go ahead and grab a badge.  Afterall, it does have Shirley's picture on it!

Keep Calm & Bark On!
Murphy & Stanley

Friday, January 15, 2016

Smiles For Sugar

Today we are joining the blog hop for our furend Sugar.  Sugar has the bestest smile ever and anyone who sees Sugar's smile HAS to smile!  Good luck in your Surgery today Sugar!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley