Thursday, January 31, 2013

Powder Doods!

It has finally stopped snowing so mom is happy.  Me and Stanley love the snow and have been having a blast playing in it.  

The other morning we had 14" of new snow in the driveway.
But you can see there's lots more snow in the yard!
Dad is getting lots of use out of the new snow blower called "Bubba".
Me and Stanley love the deep snow.  Mom lets us out to go potty and then 2 seconds later we are tunneling through the snow.  Yesterday I had so many snowballs stuck to my furs that mom said I looked like an overstuffed hockey goalie.  I could not move my legs it was so bad.  Now mom is mad that she did not take a picture but she felt so sorry for me she had to put me in the shower to melt them off.
And then we get right back in it again.
Mom shoveled more paths in the yard to try and keep the snowballs off us.  But it doesn't matter cuz we are Powder Doods!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day

I wish I could go outside and play.

We had a little snow fall last night (actually it is taller than Murphy).  Because it is powder snow, it is dry and light.  Me and Murphy had a lot fun making tunnels on our hillside.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning Our Manners

Mom has been working with me and Stanley to teach us good manners for the upcoming Blogville Valentine's Day  Ball.  She said she doesn't want us to act like we've "never been to town before" so she gave us a set of rules to follow.  She said if we follow these rules we will not get into trouble (or embarrass her).  When she said that, me and Stanley laughed cuz we know 87 different ways to get into trouble!  Anyway, here are our "Rules of Etiquette":

  1.  Don't sniff our dates' butts.
  2.  No eating off our dates' plates.
  3.  No farting in front of anyone else!
  4.  No humping at all.  (This specifically applies to Stanley, I am not like that.)
  5.  No "cleansing of personal parts".
  6.  Bark "please" and "thank you".
  7.  Offer our dates the best seats.
  8.  Be gentle Doods.
  9.  No growling (again, this applies to Stanley since I am very gentle spirited).
10.  Respect the older dogs and learn from them.
11.  Pee and poop outside - no exceptions!

So we've been practicing.

Murphy & Stanley

For Ernie's Eyes Only:  We thought there'd be 87 different rules - BOL!

Friday, January 25, 2013

This Is Us

This is a video about the NBC news report of our bad air problem.


"Did you guys hear about the freezing rain storm we had yesterday?"
"Yup, it was so bad that there were lots of accidents."
"And there was a solid layer of ice on the streets, driveways, and walks!"
"Our teacher even cancelled our class it was so bad!"
"So I asked Murphy what he wanted to do instead."
I said, "Let's do what we always do!"
"OK, let me just try and rip the duck open real quick . . . "
"Ready . . . Set . . . GO!"

Yup, that's how we roll . . . good weather, bad weather, inside, outside . . . we're pretty consistent.


For Ernie's Eyes Only!!!  There are 87 stars in the sky.  Do you see 87 of them?  Will we need to count them or just assume there are 87 of them? Do you think this is a dependable count?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prep For The Ball

Me and Murphy have been working on getting ready for the Valentine's Day Ball.  We finally got our tuxedos and tried them on.  Mom fainted when she saw us cuz we looked so grown up and handsome!
Trying on my tux for size (and practicing some dance steps).   
Murphy, trying on his tux.  He can even do a Moon Walk!
"Hey, Murphy, what do you think of this move?"
We are  two handsome Doods!
We are so excited to see Millie and Remy and take them to the Ball.  If we have any extra time maybe we can even do some other fun things together.  I will have to find out if they like to dig or play fetch.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun In The Sun!

Our pawrents must have felt REALLY guilty for leaving us home on Monday cuz on Tuesday they took us with them for a long ride.  And we went to a place where there were no polluted skies!  A place the inversion did not know about AND it was not freezing cold!  And then we went on a very long walk!
There was a long paved trail.  It goes over 20 miles!
The sun was shinning so brightly that mom said she was going to have to take off her jacket.  She said it was in the lower 40's whatever that means.
It felt so good to be on a long walk again.  We practiced our STOP command.
Eventually the paved path was no longer plowed.  This was to allow cross country skiing.
 I was practicing a SIT-STAY command here.
Stanley was practicing SIT-STAY too.
After we walked on the trail we went into town.  It is a small mountain town called Park City.  But right now there are lots of people there because something is going on that attracts many tourists and movie stars.  It is called the Sundance Film Festival.  Mom said it is famous.

We wondered who they were trying to get a picture of with such a big camera.
We kept our eyes peeled looking for movie stars.  We know they are here somewhere!
These houses are crammed in right above main street.  Many of them don't look like much but their location makes them cost lots of money!  Lots of rich people like to ski the surrounding resorts.

There are movie screenings all over town (as well as in the town we live by).
Mom and dad said this was a wonderful way for us to practice walking past a lot of people.  On the lower part of Main Street it was thick with so many people.  And of course all kinds of people stopped  to ask about me and Stanley.  One lady stopped her car right in the street and called over to us because we are so cute!  Another lady was on her way to a screening (she was part of the festival cuz she was wearing credentials) and talked to my pawrents about 15 minutes and even took pictures of us!

We never did see a movie star BUTT there was one person that people were getting excited about.  His vehicle pulled into a driveway alongside a restaurant.  Then he and his entourage got out.  A guy on the sidewalk was staring and was so shocked he said a HBO word.  But mom did not know who it was.  She is really out of the loop on these things anyway.

We had a very fun day and got lots of attention from the nice people.  Oh, and mom and dad said they will take us running with them as soon as we learn to stay along side them on walkies.  We tend to switch sides as the mood strikes us and mom said if we did that while running we might trip them and they could fall down and get hurt bad.  So I guess we're not too mad that we didn't get to go on Monday.  Mom said she ran 13 miles and i don't think I could have stayed on one side for that long.  But we are practicing cuz mom said "One day . . . "  We can't wait!


Pee Ess - Me and Stanley tried on our tuxedos and they fit perfectly!  We are really looking forward to our dates with Millie and Remy to the Blogville Valentine's Day Ball.  Mom is working with us on some dance steps too.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where Did They Go?

Mom and Dad left the house yesterday afternoon.  I don't know where they went but when they came back it was 87 hours later and they smelled like humans don't like (but dogs do like).  So I checked mom's cell phone for clues.

They went to the other side of the mountain to run in clean air.  And they didn't take us - UNFAIR!


Monday, January 21, 2013

About Last Night

We thought you might be interested in a few photos mom took of us at church last night.  Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is REALLY bad.
We got there a little early so we could practice some commands.  We get so excited to go to church it takes awhile for us to settle down.
See how good I am, just sitting on the pew and listening to the band?  Oh, if anyone says we were running around the piano a few minutes earlier just ignore them.  (We really were but just ignore them.)
You can't see Stanley cuz he spends most of the time on the floor or at the end of the pew looking to see who is coming in the sanctuary and mom can't get a shot of him.  (Mostly mom didn't have her camera out.)  We always take our fleecy blanket to put on the pew to keep it clean in case our feet are wet or something.
I was watching a couple other dogs coming in.  See the dog wearing the red coat?   Goose's mom and my mom thought he looked like Goose (Freckles) Foreman!  I almost ran up to him and hollered "Hey Goose!"
I thought I'd just cuddle with dad while we waited for church to start.
Mom, are you noticing how good I'm being?
I even forgot I was wearing my church sweater.  The sermon was really good.  Goose's mom preached about gifts of the Holy Spirit and how we all need to open our gifts and use them.  After church I was in the kitchen doing some tricks for Goose's mom and my friend Barbara was looking at me (she loves to pet me and Stanley) and said, "It's easy to see what your gift is, to bring joy to others!"  Dog oh dog, that made me feel so happy to know she thought I had a gift from God!
Mom tried to get a good shot of the Goose Foreman lookalike.
"Goose, is that you?  Did you come all the way from California to see us?"
I noticed there were some new treats on the treat table that (Big) Goose sent to church with his mom.  Thanks for sharing Goose, they were delicious!  We love going to church and wish we could go more often than just the 3rd Sunday of the month.  But we know lots of dogs don't get to go to church EVER so we count our blessings.  BUTT, if you are ever in the neighborhood on the 3rd Sunday of the month, stop in and see us!