Saturday, May 30, 2015

Public Service Announcement - Rodeo

We still have a couple activities that  need hosts.  (We will take the last one left.)  Thanks to everyone who volunteered!  

Yee haw!

Cowboys Murphy & Stanley

Low Tolerance

Me and Stanley LOVE snow!  (BUTT mom does not!)  And even though me and Stanley love the fun stuffs we get to do in the spring and summer (like swimming and hiking), we do get hot awfully fast.  It has even affected my fetching game!  So sometimes I have to stop mid-action to cool down.

I like to "rest" out of mom's eyesight cuz if she sees me resting too often she'll stop throwing the ball.
And at the same time I need to make sure Stanley doesn't get his paws on my ball!

Don't worry, I'll be ready to go again in just a sec!  Oh, and speaking of fetching, guess what . . . ???????????

Notice it says:  "Bring your dogs!"  Funny, huh?

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, May 28, 2015

FFHT - Puddles On The Job!

NOTE:  We are posting early to help out our furends across the pond who greet Friday before us.

Our special phrase for this month is:

"The harder I tried to get it off me . . . "

For full instructions on how to pawticipate in FFHT, click here!

This is a true story.  As you know, today is the day Puddles is coming into the office to fill in for Taffy who is off work due to Family Leave to help take care of her hooman granny.  Anyway, things were really piling up so we were really looking forward to having Puddles Rainwater take care of things for us.  Her office was all cleaned up and ready for her.

She came into the office this morning and greeted us with "Good Morning Mayorz".  She sounded very respectful!  So we were confident that all the stories we heard about her were probably exaggerated or maybe even false.  So we showed her where her office was.  She said she had some stuffs to bring in for her office and we said that would be fine.  You know how those girls are, they have to decorate everything.  We figured she was going to put up flowers and girlie things to make it feel homey.  So me and Stanley just went back to our office to take care of all the stuffs we do as mayorz.

About 4 hours later we decided to go to lunch and thought it would be a nice idea to take Puddles to lunch for her furst day on the job.  When we walked into her office we could NOT believe our eyes!

Puddles was at her desk all right but only because she might have been too drunk to go anywhere else!  She had a picture of Pip on her desk making us think right away that all the things we THOUGHT were rumors were actually true.  But the worst thing was when she started throwing darts at the dart board.  She was so drunk she couldn't tell where the dart board started and where it finished.  She ended up throwing some darts at Stanley!  And they were Velcro darts so they really stuck in those tight curls on the top of his head!  The harder I tried to get them off him the more tangled up it got!  

Finally I had no choice but to cut the darts out of Stanley's furs.  His hair sure looked weird . . .

If you want to know what else happened you'll have to check with Puddles (Friday morning USA time).  Afterall, with Puddles you have to expect the worst unexpected!

Murphy & Stanley

Help Is On The Way!

Most of you probably already know that Taffy is out of the office on Family Leave.  While she has been gone, things have sort of piled up on us.  There isn't anyone to do all the filing!  Taffy sure did a good job keeping up on this stuff!

Sometimes we feel like we were being buried alive in paperwork!

So we had to do SOMETHING.  Luckily we found out that Puddles Rainwater had been released from prison was looking for work.  We heard that during her incarceration absence she spent a lot of time figuring out how to get away with things reflecting on her past  and improving on her skills so she could get a job when she was released on parole returned to Blogville.  

We are happy to announce that Miss Puddles will be reporting for work on Friday, May 29th!  We have a nice little office all cleaned up for her. 

We are sure she will have the office back in shape in no time!

Your Mayorz For All Paws,

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Things Might Get A Bit Western . . .

Howdy!  Just rounding up hosts for the Blogville Rodeo.  We haven't picked a date yet but the 9th has been suggested.  So far we have the Squirrel Roping taken by Ruby and the Poetry & Music taken by YAM Aunty. Madi has just just joined on with the rodeo clowns. Breaking news! Now Dory has signed on to host a square dance!  Frankie & Ernie just came aboard with Bronco Busting! Woo hoo! Casey just volunteered to host bull riding!   

Cowboys Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bored & Announcement

It is STILL raining!  The weatherman said it is supposed to stop by the weekend and then be blazing hot.  But in the meantime . . .

Murphy didn't even get out of bed with the rest of us this morning!  He heard it raining and said "Why bother?"  I finally had to run outside to pee and barked at him so he finally came out but only stayed for 1 second!

So then I came back inside . . .

But he didn't answer . . .

On another note, we wanted to tell you what was "on the drawing board" . . . we're gonna have a rodeo!  Yup, we'll be looking for hosts for the various events that happen at the rodeo.  For those of us who live out west the summertime is rodeo season so we thought Blogville needed one too.  We are thinking of sometime in July.

We're thinking we'll need:

  • Bronco Busting
  • Bull Riding
  • Squirrel Roping - Ruby
  • Mutton Busting
  • Barrel Racing
  • Trick Riding
  • Rodeo Clowns
  • Cowboy Poetry - YAM Aunty
  • Chuck Wagon (Sasha will want this one fur sure!)

Let us know if you are interested in hosting any of these (or other) events!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Mom says thanks to those of you who ventured over to her boring diet blog.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Copy Cat

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Happy Barkday to our good furends Arty and Frankie!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Still Bored

This is not the same picture that was posted awhile back.  Nope, I am sitting here staring out the window cuz it is raining AGAIN and mom said I cannot play in the mud.

So me and Stanley are just thinking and thinking what we can do for fun.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, May 22, 2015


It has been raining here for about 3 weeks now.  This is NOT normal!  We live in a semi-arid climate.  Or at least we did!  And it's gonna rain for the next 6 days too.  At least it was nice this morning and we got our 6 miler Friday run in. There's nothing more boring that just waiting for the rain to stop.

And speaking of boring, mom started a diet blog. If you want to see it, just click here.  There's also a link if you scroll down on the right side of our blog.  BUTT I warn you, it is very boring!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stanley Mostly

These are some pictures of mostly Stanley.  I just put them on here cuz mom is too lazy to do a proper post.  

Stanley likes to hide under the bed but he hasn't totally mastered his technique.

Me and Stanley are best furends.

Also there are 3 birfdays that we know about so we want to say Happy Birfday to Addi, Lily and mom.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Barkers -vs- Slayers

Welcome to the first REAL game of your Blogville Barkers versus the Slayers!  For a live broadcast of this game, be sure to check your Blogville Sports Network PSPN!  The way our game works today is we'll have half the team play on the first half and the second half play on the second half over at Coach Easy's place.  If we win, we'll all meet over at Dory's place for a victory BBQ with foodables provided by Sasha & your favorite beverages provided by Ruby.  Now let's begin!

We begin with the exciting announcement of our Barker's MVP.  This player was voted MVP by the team and fans and will play in both the first and second half.  Ladies and gentlemen, put our paws together for our 2015 MVP player . . . 

Now if you will please stand for the debut of our first ever Blogville National Anthem sung by Ernie's steady girlfriend and the lead singer of Bad Dawg Agency - Foxy ROXY!

Now we bring out our starting line up for the first half and our opponents the Slayers!  Gee, they look a lot smaller than what we saw on Coach Easy's Spy Cam!  Whew!

 Our game begins with a pass from Murphy to Ernie with Sweet William nearby.  Millie is in pawsition if they can get the ball to her.  Cinnamon isn't worried about being guarded by a tiny Slayer.  Here come some obvious troubles!  These little Slayers are getting a bit underfoot.  Oreo has stepped on one!  Will the Ref (who appears very odd and somewhat visually impaired) let him get away with it?  Our cheerleaders are doing a great job and seem to have at least one Slayer totally unfocused on the game!  Wait a minute!  What is the Ref holding in his hands??  Coach Easy is fit to be tied!  Wait . . . looks like our MVP Frankie has scored the first goal for the Barkers!  YAY!

Ut oh, now the Slayers have scored. Coach Easy still seems confident in the Barkers.  Stop the presses!  Ruby is off the field and has pom-poms!  And it appears Addi is doing costume changes!  OMD!  Our cheerleaders are actually on the field and Madi has lept into the Ref's hands!

Just when we though we'd seen everything it appears a Slayer is crawling out of Coach Easy's shorts!  Half the cheerleading squad is out of control as Stella Rose and Princess Leah balance on the railing above the first seating section.  It appears the Slayers are scoring again as a tiny Slayer sneaks in behind Jim.  Someone needs to get Madi and Mags off the field NOW!  Oh shoot, it looks like a sneaky Slayer has tripped Bertie!  Cinnamon is still garding a Slayer and Phod is looking at Addie who has made more changes than a rock star in concert!  Sweet William is trying to coax Maggie off the field and Ernie is surrounded by tiny Slayers. We can't stand to look!

OK, Bertie is back up and OK.  Looks like Murphy is hanging onto one of the Slayers. Is he getting ready to toss the Slayer over to Ernie?  Will the Ref see this?  Speaking of Ref, he's got a Slayer in his hands!  What is happening here?  Hasn't he read the rules?  OMD, someone get Princess Leah out of the goal!  Hey, Phod is passing the ball to Millie for a goal!

YAY!  Millie scores!  Madi leaps out to snag a Slayer preventing a block on our goal. Good thing since Ruby & Murphy are on the sidelines holding paws.  OMD, it looks like Murphy has his Cherry Bomb on the field! Who knows what Stanley and Oreo are giving High-5 paws for?  Good thing that Ref can't see a thing cuz Maggie Mae is still on the field and Addi and Bertie are in the center chatting like they're at a church picnic!  Looks like Sweet William is tossing off a Slayer. Coach Easy is so stressed that now he's speaking French and no one is understanding a thing.  BUTT at this point, it might not matter! Wait a minute, now Phod gets a goal!

The score at the end of this first half is Slayers 7 and Barkers 3.  We're just hoping Coach Easy can give some guidance to the Barkers to pull out a victory in this second half.  Both teams prepare to exit the field.  Good thing the Ref is looking through Coke bottles cuz Oreo, in a fit of frustration, threw a worm at the Ref!

Folks, our Blogville Barkers need all your support now.  Get over to Sasha's Food Truck before the line gets too long then hurry over to Easy's place to see the second half of this historic game!  It will probably all make better sense if you grab one of Ruby's special drinks too.   And remember to listen to Blogville Sports Network PSPN for full game coverage!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, May 18, 2015

Seeing Doodle At Church

Guess what??  My identical twin cousin Bella came to church with me and Stanley last night!

I helped out Bella's mom and hooman brudder on where the songs were in the books.

Mom says it's impawtent to make sure new hoomans and doggies are comfortable.

Stanley was chillaxing.

Afterwards we posed with Michelle.  See the sticks on the alter?  Those were for Goose.

There were lots of Doodles in church!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, May 17, 2015

This & That

Today at church mom said some real inappropriate stuffs!  She said "Has your house guest clogged up your toilet yet?"  Can you believe she said that in church?  Oh wait, I just found out that she was talking to Michelle about her house guest Bert (who was dropping tennis balls into the toilet).  OK, maybe mom doesn't have such bad manners.  BTW, the answer was "No".  Me and Stanley will be going to Paws In Pews church tonight so we'll check it out.  And guess what?  My identical twin cousin Bella is supposed to be there too!

Mom was surprised to see this yesterday . . .

It's bigger than the picture makes it look.  It's about 5 feet long.  The mayor told mom he wants to make a big deal out of it when the park opens.  Of course me and Stanley will be there!

Mom took this of me and Stanley last night.  Stanley was playing dead to keep from playing ball with me


Don't forget that Sarge is doing the Recruit-a-Pal this month.  He has been giving excellent tips!  And of course Tuesday will the the excitement you have been waiting for . . . Blogville Barkers -vs- Slayers!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Embarrassing Video

No good can come from this . . . 

How embarrassing.

NOTE:  The majority of my hairs were already cut, this was just smoothing.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, May 15, 2015


Me and Stanley are keeping a watch on a khat who keeps hunting around the spring (arrow).  We think it's Madi!  We keep barking at her butt she does not answer us! 

 "Madi!  It's us, Murphy & Stanley!"

Murphy & Stanley