Monday, April 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Fun In The Field

Today mom and dad did NOT do their long run cuz it was cold and windy and rained and snowed.  BUTT in the afternoon, while it was still windy, it warmed up a little and dried out so we went to our church to do some stuffs.  Now you know me and Murphy go to "Paws In Pews" dog church every 3rd 
Sunday.  So we thought it was regular church.  So we jumped out of the truck and ran to the doors but they were LOCKED!  Then mom called us and said we were NOT going inside.  We were shocked that we went the other direction and ran into the field!  It was a blast!

We did lots of exploring.

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doodle Snoopervision

You might remember that when we came back from Zion National Park a few weeks ago, we found out somebody hit our mailbox. We are happy to report that the guy's insurance has now paid for the damages so we got a new mailbox this weekend.  Me and Stanley wanted to make sure it was being done correctly so we thought it would be good to snoopervize.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to start our snoopervision until the project was well underway.  Sheesh, look at all this stuffs!

What?  You just gonna balance the mailbox there?  That's all wrong!

No, No, No . . . that is all wrong!  There's supposed to be bricks on top!

Oh wait . . . maybe I'm getting sidetracked . . .

Apparently me and Stanley are gonna have to finish this job!

I'd say we did a pretty good job.  OK, maybe the worker guy* might have helped us a little bit.

* The worker guy is the same worker guy who built our original mailbox.  He no longer works as a brick layer (he's actually a police officer) but he came back to do our job special.  Oh, mom said I should mention he is our human brother.  Does that make a difference?  We still had to snoopervise and finish up!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - This is what the Mayor wrote on the city Facebook page:

  " . . . Also, after a fantastic presentation and request by (mom) and (a guy she had take photos) on Tuesday night, the City Council has given us the green light to examine options and possibilities for a Dog Park in (our city). Because of budget constraints, we are looking first at the possibility of converting an existing fenced detention pond into a park, with the ability to enhance it down the road. This option would require very little tax dollars and would give dog owners a safe place to go and let their dogs play, thus hopefully reducing problems in our other parks. Please share your thoughts on this as we examine options. . . "

Run Murphy & Stanley Run!

On Fridays we go for a 6 mile run with our mom and dad.

Now that the weather is warmer, me and Stanley get to stop at the puddles and sprinklers anytime we want.  Mom wants to make sure we don't get too hot.  And dad carries a bowl for us (even though I, Murphy, can drink from a fountain).

Mom says I am doing a really good job of staying in proper running position.  Stanley does it 99.9% of the time but I do have a bit of a reputation for trying to chase birds and ducks.  

Sometimes we have to stop to poop or pee.  Other times we just trick mom or dad into thinking we need to stop so we can sniff around.

Mom says I am a good runner.

Murphy & Stanley
Running Doods

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Addition to POTP

Please notice that we have another addition to our POTP Page.  Also, if anyone has the email for Sasha's pawrents, please let them know that our virus protection blocked her page and reported it contained malware.  Also, because of problems with our "Contact Us" form on the right side of our blog we have replaced it with an email address.  If Blogger fixes the widget we will replace it.  Oh, one more thing . . . me and Stanley actually did not get to go to the meeting with mom.  She photo-shopped us in to cover her flat butt.

We Want A Dog Park

As you may know, mom went to the City Council meeting on Tuesday evening to tell the Mayor and City Council that me and Stanley our city needed a Dog Park.  Before we tell you the outcome, we have to explain that we did not have an official spot on the agenda.  Instead, mom was speaking during the portion that allows public comments.  So that meant that mom was limited to 5 minutes and there would not be a vote by the council (they only vote on official agenda items).  BUTT, the Mayor already KNEW mom was coming to talk about a dog park.  Mom emailed him and gave him a bunch of information days before the meeting.  So the Mayor already shared everything with the council before mom even got there.  So even before mom said anything they knew much of what she was going to say.  (Since mom knew this already she said new stuffs.)

After mom made her comments and a few other people spoke about a few things, the Mayor polled the council to see if they were interested in investigating the dog park idea further.  The WHOLE council said they were interested in it!  Then the mayor said (get ready for this), that they ALREADY talked a little bit about it and decided there were several locations within the city that are ALREADY fenced in that could be turned into a dog park without too much problem!  And then he said there was ALREADY grass planted so that would not be an issue either! Can you believe that??  That was the BEST possible thing we could have heard!  So they are going to research into what it would take to get one of these locations made into a dog park and then when they have that research done the council will vote on it.  And remember, EVERYONE on the council was interested in a dog park!  So we are feeling VERY good about having a dog park in our future!

I think I better get my K-9 Kannon shined up and ready for the grand opening!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - For anyone who is on Facebook and knows that the Facebook Police vaporized my account because they said I was not "REAL", I have a new Page.  You can find me at

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stanley Picks Murphy's Date

On the day that Stanley picked my date for Sarge's Blogville Date Day (May 19th), he made me do all kinds of stuffs for him.  I had to sneak treats to him, scratch his belly, do his chores, and let him have first pick of TV shows on Netflix.  He said the reason I had to do all this stuffs was so he would NOT pick a girl named Sally for my date.  

When he said that, I said, "Wait a minute Brother . . . who is Sally??"  I counted 5 girls to pick from and I knew them ALL!  There was NO Sally!  All the girls who said they were interested were VERY beautiful girls who lived in Blogville.  They ALL came from good families.  The ONLY reason I agreed to let Stanley pick for me was cuz I knew ANY of the girls would be WONDERFUL dates!  There was NEVER anyone called Sally!  That was when Stanley said Sally contacted him on the Internets and said she wanted to be one of the choices.  "Wait Brother", Stanley said with a sly grin, "I have a photo of Sally!"

At that moment I knew I better scratch Stanley's belly a little bit more while he ate my favorite bone and watched "Breaking Bad" on Netflix.

When mom said it was time to make the selection, she wrote every girl's name on a card.  This was the list:

1.  Abby, a beautiful goldendoodle who can do ballet and whose mom is a Dogtur of Fun.
2.  Millie, the beautiful sister of Walter whose mom can make very beautiful stuffs.
3.  Dina, a beautiful Frisbee chasing girl from the UK who just learned to howl and treks with her mom.
4.  Ruby, a beautiful Airdale with just the right amount of sassy (and a ball like mine) whose mom taught her to make margaritas.
5.  Shyla, a beautiful chocolate lab who lives in the mountains with elk, bears and cougars with her lovely gently spirited photo artist mom.
6.  Sally, a stinky stranger from the Internet.

Oh I am a lucky dog for sure!  It was worth all the torture that Stanley put me through! Now I want to make it official . . .

Miss Ruby, will you please do me the honor and be my date for Blogville Date Day?

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - For you fellas who might be looking for dates, I put links on all the girl's names so you can ask them out.  You don't want to miss out on Blogville Date Day!!

Pee Pee Ess - Facebook has been closing accounts that belonged to doggies and I am sad to report they killed me off!  So my furiends will no longer see me on Facebook!  Right now Stanley is still on Facebook but I am not.  We have not decided what we will do (if anything) but I wanted you all to know.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Next Fun Thingy

We hope ever'body had a wonderful Easter!  Me and Stanley are still guarding all our Easter treats from mom.  She likes to get our attention on something else and then she sneaks our treats, the peanut butter ones especially!

Now we have to tell you about the next funnest thing.  Of course that is Sarge's Blogville Date Day on May 19th.  Do you have a date yet?

Now if you do NOT have a date yet, there is still plenty of time so do NOT panic!  Keep checking with Sarge and I am sure he will have more information as we get closer.  BUTT now is the time to start thinking about it!

If you can believe it, there is ANOTHER event going to happen in June!  This will be very fun and easy.  It is open to ALL residents of Blogville.  It is . . .

Yes, we will be digging for dinosaurs!  All you need to do is, on June 7th, post a picture of you digging for a dinosaur and tell us about your dig!  It doesn't matter if you are digging in your yard, a beach, or your pawrent's bed even!  EVERYTHING counts!  You can dig alone or you can dig with furiends!  We will talk about it more later but we just wanted you to save the date! Dig it?

Sheesh . . . we're sure off to a fun start for summer.  We can't wait to get our paws dirty!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

We are joining our furiends Frankie and Ernie and posting our Easter Egg hunt today.  We were pretty excited since it was our first time!  I  even saw the Easter Bunny but since Stanley didn't he doesn't believe me!

We could see some eggs right away and we went crazy collecting them cuz there were treats inside!

And in case you want to see what was in them, here it is . . . 

We had such a blast!  We hope ever'body had a wonderful Easter.  This will be a special Easter for us cuz we get to go to "Paws In Pews' church later on this evening!  We hope to see lots of dogs there!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Murphy & Stanley