Friday, May 31, 2013

2 Tired Doods

Earlier today me and Murphy ran 6 miles, tonight it caught up with us. Zzzzzzzzzz . . .


Fitness Friday & Update

Since today is Friday you know we're gonna run a 6 miler!  Our pawrents believe people and pups need exercise! Mom always says our bodies were created to MOVE! So first off we drive down the hill and park the truck and walk through the parking lots to our starting point.

Then we just start running!  Mom and dad tried to snap photos of us actually running but most of them didn't work out. Here's Stanley running with Dad.  I was running with mom as usual.

Wait!! . . . Stop!!!!  I gotta pee!

Sheesh Mom, you really had to take a picture of that??  I mean, I just can't run with a full bladder!  OK, back on the road . . .

It was our first time to run in windy weather.  Sometimes my ears blew around like crazy!  But me and Stan LOVE to run.  It makes us strong and keeps us fit.  Ug oh . . . wait!!  Stop!!  I gotta poop!
Mom - stop it!  I know you wanna get "action shots" of our run but this is just ridiculous!  Anyway, after we finish running we just cool down with a walk back to the truck.
We walk about a third of a mile back to the truck.  You might be noticing how my furs are getting a lot lighter.  (Mom wants me to stay darker red but it just isn't working out that way.)
I always like to sniff this weedy patch on our way back.  Mom thinks something is hiding in there.
I thought Stanley was looking exceptionally handsome today.  I licked his eyes this morning to make sure he could see good.
Oh, before I forget, I wanted to update you on the status of our stoopid neighbors.  We didn't think ANYTHING was happening.  The Mayas were stuck outside yesterday and this morning again (early before we got out of bed).  The fence posts and lattice fencing pieces were still there for them to get all tangled up in.  Even though there WAS a bowl of water, it was placed in the area that their ropes ALWAYS knock it over.  We can't see the front of the house so we had no idea if the Animal Control officer ever stopped by or if anyone was home.  Mom and dad were depressed to see this and me and Stanley were worried too.  So we went for our run.

When we came back SOMETHING happened!  The fence posts were GONE, the lattice was moved away from the Mayas's reach and there was food and water in bowls against the house where they would not (as likely) knock them over.  But the Mayas were not around.  We don't know if they went in the house or what?!?!?  We THINK that the Animal Control officer came by and made them move all the obstructions from the Mayas' area and give them food and water.  The Mayas might be in the house, we don't know.  But at least SOMETHING happened.  We haven't seen Blackie (not unusual) so we don't know what is going on there.  We will keep our eyes open (maybe I will lick EVERYBODYS eyes) to see what happens now.

Stay Fit!


Thursday, May 30, 2013


We have kind of a ritual at our house.  Mom and Dad have soup & sandwiches for lunch every day.  They save the carrots (and some bites of chicken) for me and Stanley.  Then we review our commands and get the carrots and chicken bites for treats.  Mom usually has me do the commands that I like to ignore her on cuz she knows I will NOT ignore her for carrots and chicken bites!  She says this habit helps keep us sharp.

Today, after we did our commands and ate all the carrots and chicken bites, mom and dad put us in a 3 minute DOWN-STAY.  We haven't practiced them in quite some time.

Sometimes when we practice our STAYS, mom likes to use the time to snap a few pictures.  She says it is the only time we stay still long enough.

Me and Stanley find the whole thing rather boring.  As a matter of fact, we can't even keep our eyes open.   Zzzzzzzzzzz . . .


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sad Story Day 2

 If you missed the start of this sad story, check yesterday's post.  This morning, Mom looked out the window in time to see that 1 Maya was already in the pen, Josh was just hooking the rope up to her collar.  (They usually sleep in the house over night.)  Maya went into the "doghouse" and Josh went in the house to get the other Maya.  When he brought the other Maya out, he drug it by its collar and then picked it up by the collar to get him/her over the fence.  Mom was shocked that he was such a jack ass   was so mean in handling the second Maya. The second Maya joined the first one in the dog house.  Then Josh started taking down the crumpled chicken wire fence.  He pulled up all the fence posts but one.


 Then he went back in the house and brought out Blackie.  He left Blackie on the landing and Blackie hobbled down to go to the bathroom and eventually went over to talk to the Mayas.  Blackie wasn't outside too long.  Mom didn't see Josh take him in.  Mom's heart was already full of sadness. 

The reason Mom didn't see was because she was calling the Humane Society of Northern Utah.  They are minimally staffed so it went to voicemail and she left a message.  Then mom and dad went for a run.  When they came back mom thought she would have a message from the Humane Society and when she did not, she called again and once again no one answered.  Pretty soon one of the Mayas was tangled up in the fence post that the idiot Josh left up. 

So mom called the Humane Society of Utah this time.  But they did not care (they are centered in the SLC area) and just said to call Animal Control but advised Animal Control would not go onto the property without the owners being home.  Mom was very pissed irritated that they would not take the information at all.  Then the Humane Society of Northern Utah called her back.  They said they had no authority and suggested she call Animal Control.  Then it started raining.  By this time both Mayas were tangled around the fence post and each other.
Mom called Animal Control and they told her to call Dispatch.  She called Dispatch and kept getting a recording.  She never did get through to them.  Then she called the Animal Control officer and left a voicemail since no one answered his phone either.  Mom wants to thank everyone for their support.  But around here, it seems no one cares.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Bad Story Without An Ending . . .

This is a story that might be a bit long but we'll try to keep it as short as possible.  And we have no idea how it ends.  Look at the photo below.  There are a few things we will tell you.

The fence is at the bottom of our hill in our back yard.  We specifically want you to notice the little structure with a blue tarp on it.  We have a VERY good view of this house.  These photos were taken from our living room window.
Here is a close up.  We named the man Josh, after Josh Powell who was a weird evil man who killed his wife and 2 boys (and himself).  There are actually 3 dogs in this story.  The dog you see has another sibling and they look very similar.  We call them "The Mayas" because all we ever heard them called was Maya and we don't know which one it was.  The other one we call Blackie for obvious reasons.  We don't see Blackie very often.  Blackie is VERY old and arthritic.
There has been a change at this house.  When our pawrents built our house, this house was occupied by 2 parents and 3 teenagers.  There is a LONG history of them not caring for the house or yard and the city OFTEN has to force them to cut weeds 3 feet high in the yard (oh the stories we could tell!).  But a year ago last November, the father suddenly died of a heart attack.  The mother (who was very strange on her best day) said she wanted to sell the house.  We learned this from the loud voices.  But the kids, who were adults by this time, would not allow her to sell it.  So the mother disappeared and the house was occupied by at least 2 adult kids who continued to not care for it.  Now, it appears only 1 adult child is there (a daughter) and a man is living with her, Josh.

All these years, the family has always done the same thing; one by one they put the dogs out onto the little deck (on a short rope or chain) to go to the bathroom.  But now that the daughter and Josh are there, Josh built this "dog house" and "dog run" about a week ago.  You can see he was clueless, or maybe just cheap (or both).  The fence around it is just chicken wire and the dogs pulled it down the first 10 minutes they were in it.  The Mayas keep getting out so Josh put them on a rope inside the little pen.

You might be wondering about Blackie.  Well, we are too.  You see, it is very difficult for him to move and the other day Josh put him outside on the little deck and Blackie got off the deck to go to the bathroom.  When Josh came out to get Blackie he was handling him a bit rough.  A dog that old and frail needs helped, not tugged and yanked by his collar to move him around.  When mom saw how he handled Blackie, she decided to call him Josh because she said it told a lot about what kind of person he was.
It isn't unusual to not see Blackie for many days.  We assume the dogs are not licensed.  The city only allows 2 dogs per house so we know for sure all three could not be licensed.  We assume that they have not been checked by a dogtur and that Blackie gets no medicine to make his life better.  We just can't see them spending the money for a dogtur.  The family has not handled the dogs roughly (until mom saw Josh the other day).  It wasn't animal abuse but it was wrong.

We aren't sure when it is time to do something or what that something actually would be.  But we are watching very closely . . .


Note:  If you noticed the 2 kennels, just prior to building the pen, they tried putting the Mayas on the deck with kennels.  Mom thinks new work schedules must keep them away and they are trying to figure out what to do since the dogs can't stay indoors all day.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fitness Friday

Hi ever'body!  Did you notice that we titled our post on Friday when it is actually Saturday?  That is cuz we REALLY wanted to do a Fitness Friday blog post cuz we always run on Fridays!  But we couldn't get to our computers on Friday cuz mom was painting the office.  Anyway, I wanted to say how impawtent it is for us dogs (and our peeps) to stay fit.  It will really help us when we get older too!  I don't have photos of us on our run cuz mom can't walk and chew bubble gum  take them and run.  But we did run another 6 miler!

Our pawrents make sure we don't overheat. Stanley likes this fountain cuz it shoots the water down to him.
Sometimes it's nice to just let the water hit us too.  It cools us down.
This is after our run.  Mom says when she runs with me she makes sure to stop at the puddles so my toes don't get hot.  Me and Stan LOVE puddles!
We also stop at the fountains.  You can see our water bottle clipped on the back of the seat.
Stanley usually laughs during most of the run cuz he loves running.  

On a more serious note, Dr. Eddie told us to NOT eat anything 90 minutes before a run and then 90 minutes after.  That is to help prevent bloat and is for ALL exercise!
"Whew . . . that was a fun run . . . I'm ready for a nap!"
"Me too brother!  We hope ever'body got their exercise in yesterday!"


Pee Ess - Shocking News!!!!  Mom is done painting!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sometimes Brothers Get In The Way!

"OK Mom, just throw the ball."
Please, please, please don't let Stanley get it.  He makes fetching so difficult! 
"Bug off Stanley, I just wanna fetch the ball!"
"Stanley and his big lard butt always steals the ball right from my mouth!"
"Give it back Stanley, I need to bring it back to mom!"
"Why do you always make things so difficult!"
"I guess you just don't understand the fundamentals of playing fetch!"
"Quit messing around, I gotta retrieve that ball!"
"Here I come mom!"
"Whew, that was a lot of work!"


Wednesday, May 22, 2013