Friday, May 30, 2014

Wait! Let Me Explain!

Judging by the comments, I am thinking some of you were surprised to hear my high pitched voice yesterday.  I want to explain what happened and most impawtently, assure Ruby that I am the man-dog she remembers from our date.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Murphy Speaks (Finally)

We got this to work so we hope it continues cuz we had to bump the slider bar ahead a second. . . . 

  It is the same video as is on my Facebook page HERE


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


OMD!!  We are so excited!  Me and Stanley sent a letter to Mayoress Madi asking her if we could have a contest to design an official Blogville Logo!  It would be "official"!!  And you can see what she thought of the idea . . . 

So here's the deal . . . get your creative juices flowing and come up with a design.  Send us your design and we'll have everyone vote for the best one.  The deadline to submit your design is June 15th!  This is open to ALL Blogville residents and since we are worldwide, that's a whole bunch!  We can't wait to see your designs!  Email them to us at cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com by June 15th!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Don't forget our upcoming Dinosaur Dig Fest!  All you gotta do is post a photo of you digging for dinosaur bones ANYWHERE!  And you know those dinos lived all over the earth so even if you gotta dig in your momma's underwear drawer it still counts!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Goose Update

Mom here . . . I just talked to  Goose's mom.  Goose is with Dr. Eddy right now but it is expected that he should be able to go home later today.  Anyone who knows Goose knows that he is stressed without his mom so they want to make him less stressed.  Dr. Eddy is waiting to get copies of the medical reports from Brookside.  There is no diagnosis at this point but Dr. Eddy is optimistic that they can get Goose feeling better.

Part of the unknown at this point is whether there is a cancer issue.  Goose has lost 4 pounds in the last 3 days (all the while on 4 IV's) and that is cause of concern.  He also has lost 12 pounds in past 2 months so Dr. Eddy will be looking into that because with Goose's age anything requiring surgery (anesthesia) would be a problem.  Michelle said that Goose was more lively than when she dropped him off on Saturday.  So at this point there is still lots of unknown but also lots of hope that things can still improve.  Michelle was floored by everyone's care and concern over her boy and is very thankful.

The bill at Brookside has been paid so do not contact them to make any more donations.  Hopefully it won't be much longer and we'll know what Goose's future treatment looks like.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and love shown to Michelle and Goose these past few days.  She is feeling it to the core.  I've said it before and will say it again . . . Blogville is the best!


Stanley's Hurt Leg Gave Us Freedom

OK, the first thing I have to tell you is that Stanley hurted his leg on Friday.  Stanley's tracts along his knee are not deep enough and his knee pops out very easily.  The dogtur said this was not worth fixing since he may never have a bad problem but it did make him prone to damaging his ACL.  So our pawrents are always careful.  When Stanley pops it out all he has to do is straighten his leg and it goes back in place.  So, now I have to tell you this other thing . . .

Our house is a ranch level house with a full sunlit basement.  And as you might already know, our backyard is mostly a hillside, steep slope.  So that means that the distance from our back door to the ground is . . . 17 steps!  Yes, to go outside, me and Stanley go out the kitchen nook door and have to go down 17 steps (from the deck) to get to the yard. 

When we were little puppies, mom and dad tried to teach us to go outside using the bottom door.  To get  to that door we just have to go down the stairs to the basement (it's finished) and then out the door from dad's dog house.  Oh yeah, dad has a dog house.  Mom calls it a junk room and dad calls it his storeroom so they settled on calling it his dog house.  There's even a sign on it.

OK, now back to the story.  On Friday, me and Stanley saw an intruder dog in the front yard so we went berserk told dad we needed to go out to bark a little bit.  So dad opened the door for us and we flew like we were being chased by zombies cautiously went down the 17 steps so we could yell at that dog.  About 3/4 of the way down Stanley hurted his leg.  No one knows if he hurted it then or if that was just when he realized it.  Anyway, he was hurting pretty bad.  All he would do is lay on dad and close his eyes.  He wouldn't even talk to me!  Mom and dad were thinking about taking him to the dogtur but then Goose's mom told them Dr. Eddy was out of town so they decided to just wait and see.  In the meantime every time Stanley rang the bell to go outside, dad carried him down and then back up the stairs.  Stanley weighs 36 pounds.

So dad (and a few times mom) have been doing this carrying of Stanley for several days now.  He is much better but still not 100%.  It has been rough on me cuz Stanley won't wrestle or chase.  He did smile more and play with Van Gogh a little bit today so we knew he was improving.  OK, now to the real story . . .

Today dad was making all kinds of noise in his dog house so me and Stanley decided we better check it out. Stanley went up and down the stairs by himself even though he is not allowed to do it but he just HAD to see what dad was up to!

First he drilled little peep holes in the door.  We liked it cuz they were the right height for us to look through.  We figured it was so we could see if a burgler was at the bottom door.

Then he took this one saw that was as loud as a jet engine and started sawing the metal door!

It was so loud that Stanley shot back up the stairs.  He got in trouble cuz he isn't allowed to up and down on his own.

This shows you how we get from the main level to dad's dog house.  Mom says there are a few less stairs and they are MUCH safer.

You can see why mom calls it dad's junk room dog house.

Stanley couldn't stand it and once again got in trouble for sneaking down the stairs to see what dad was doing.  We were shocked but at the same time thought it was very handy!

That was when mom explained that me and Stanley now have our very own doggie door!


Murphy & Stanley

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday's Goose Post

(Thank you Ann at Zoolatry for this graphic.)

We have begun to see the power of the residents of Blogville and we are without words!  We can only say thank you so much!  The wagons have begun to circle and our buddy Goose and his mom are being surrounded by all of Blogville.  Your thoughts and prayers, and now donations, have touched our hearts.  And we know this is only a small portion of the shower of love that is being received by Goose and his mom.  They have touched so many souls.

If you want to donate there are several ways you can do it.  

    • You can call the dogtur's office, Brookside Animal Hospital  801.255.3545 with a credit card number but you would need to do that first thing tomorrow morning because Goose will be leaving there to be treated by Dr. Eddy and these two practices are not affiliated in any way.
    • You can mail your donation directly to Goose and his mom (Michelle).  Many of you have their address from the Christmas Card mailing list.  Anyone who needs the address can obtain it by emailing us at  (We just don't want to post the address on the Internet.)
    • If you have a PayPal account, you can make a payment, designating it as a gift and put Goose's name on it.  The account you would be sending it to is: pugranch2[AT]msn[DOT]com.  This belongs to our furiends Bailey, Gretta and Hazel over at Pug Ranch. We thank them for helping us out!
We've messaged Goose's mom back and forth a couple times today and so far there doesn't seem to be anything new to report for Goose.  Tomorrow is a big day for Goose as that is the day Dr. Eddy will be back in town and take over his care so we should have a bit more information about how things are going to go.  Having a 3 day weekend in the USA has hampered this situation a bit but together we'll get Goose and his mom through!  Thank you again!

Murphy, Stanley & mom

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Furiends of Goose - UPDATED

This is a special post for our furiends in Blogville who know and love our furiend Goose.  As you know he is VERY, VERY sick and in the hospital.  His own Dr. Eddy is out of town until Tuesday so he had to go to another dogtur to help him until Dr. Eddy comes back.  They don't know what is wrong fur sure and his mom Michelle said right now he is "holding his own".

Now if you have read Goose's blog, one thing you know fur sure is that he does a lot to help other people. But since me and Stanley know Goose and his mom in the furs, we know even more than that.  We know that his mom is just like him.  If they see someone who needs help, they are fast to jump in there and help them out.  Goose would give the collar off his neck to help a furiend in need!

We know lots and lots of people have asked us if there was anything they could do for Goose and his mom, to help during this bad time when he is fighting for his life.  And the truth is, his mom would not ask for anything. That is just how she is.  She will make sure Goose gets what he needs even if she has to go without!  We think Goose and his mom are connected in their souls.

Goose is going to have to pay his dogtur bill (in full) on Tuesday when he leaves and switches over to Dr. Eddy.  It is already over $900.  So if anyone wanted to help, you could call the dogtur's office and offer a few green papers towards the bill.  Here is the info:

Brookside Animal Hospital, Phone:  (801) 399-5897

BUTT!!!  Read this impawtent information:  Since Goose is going to have to pay the bill first thing Tuesday morning (his mom is going to be hammering on the door to get to him) if you are not able to contact the dogtur's office to offer a credit card number in time, then please just mail your donation directly to Goose's mom.  Most of you already have her address from the Christmas Card list.  (I don't want to put it on the post so if you need it, just email us at and we will send it to you.)

We know Goose and his mom would really appreciate this but again, they would never ask for it themselves.  So we'll just keep this on the down low for now!  Let's show them Blogville has their back! Thanks everyone!

Murphy & Stanley

Solitude Sunday

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Emergency POTP

Our furiend Goose was taken to the dogtur this morning with internal bleeding.  He has not felt well the past few days.  This is very serious.  Dr. Eddy is out of town so he had to see a different dogtur.  Please pray for Goose and his mom.

UPDATE:  Goose is very sick and will be in the hospital until Tuesday.  We added him to our POTP page.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, May 23, 2014

Orijen Original Freeze Dried Dog Treats

As most of you probably already know, every month we get treats to review from  They are very easy to work with and we love the fast service right to our door!  But every time we write a post to give our review, mom butts her head in to make sure we do it "her way".  FINALLY we are doing one without her snoopy nose watching over us.  So here we go . . .

Size comparison with a U.S. quarter.

Find this treat at Chewy by clicking HERE

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bues Pond

Yesterday me and Stanley were busy baking mom a birfday cake with chores all day so we never got to play or anything!  So today mom and dad made it up to us by taking us to a place called wild kingdom Bues Pond.  It drove our noses CRAZY!  The first thing we saw were these little fellas.  We think their momma was lost or dead cuz she was nowhere around.  They were really little and wobbly.

So we started exploring.

We had lots of fun.  After we left that place we went on a hike but I did not get any photos cuz mom said I couldn't use her phone cuz the battery was low.  It was fun but we had to go home and take a nap.  

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photos From Church

Last Sunday was Paws In Pews night at church.  Of course we were there!  This photo is a cross in the field by our church.  You might recognize it if you are on Facebook with us.

 We snapped a few photos.  This is Annie.  She was in our class with us when we took lessons for our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) class.  You may have also seen some pics of her with Bert since they do therapy dog stuff together.

Of course the band was there.  The little boy in front was a wonderful dancer. 

We bet you recognize this fella!  Bert comes to our church a lot for Paws In Pews.

We sat in our regular spot.

 This is Tobie.  He doesn't always come but we think he might be coming more often.

We never met such a nice Chihuahua as this guy!  He isn't mean like the one next door.

We forget this fella's name but we really liked each other.  He is sort of Bert's cousin/uncle.

Bert again.  He was the one who taught me and Stanley to be posers cuz he is the Poser King!

This is one of Bert's furiends.  Actually, Bert brought a bunch of furiends with him!

It was awesome having so many furiends come to church!

Murphy & Stanley