Monday, May 28, 2012

Church & New Friends

Yesterday was a most wonderful day.  You see, at our church, once a month, dogs get to go to church.  Yup, we get to go and sit in the pews with our peeps and praise God, sing the songs, and listen to Goose's mom preach!   We got there extra early.  I was impatient, wondering where everyone else was?

Pretty soon people and other dogs started to show up.  Of course I wanted to meet everyone!

I paid good attention to mom. 

Our friend Chris came!  She sat with us last time we came to church.  She pets good.

After awhile, we were just sitting there being good and all of a sudden this big, beautiful dog came over to us.  Our peeps jumped up and announced, "Bert"!  Yes, we FINALLY got to meet Bert!  If you don't know Bert you should go to his blog.  He is a rock star of dogs!

We think Bert might have liked meeting us too.  He wasn't like those big dogs we meet at the parkway, he was REALLY nice!  Stanley didn't even bark at him so I knew right away that Bert was special.

Pretty soon Goose's mom had to start the service so we were sad to see Bert go to his seat.  "Don't worry" Mom said, "You can see Bert more after church."

As soon as church got over, Bert and his Miss Vickie came over to us and we were surprised to see that Annie was there with her mom too!  "Oh wow" our mom exclaimed, "this is wonderful!"  Annie is a full sized Goldendoodle.  She is beautiful!  Mom said her coat felt like some sort of heavenly cotton.  It was so soft!  And of course Annie was really nice too.  Stanley could not wait to get outside and play with Bert and Annie!  This was the first time Stanley wasn't the biggest dog in the yard so our peeps said that was very good experience for him.  We tried to pose in the narthex.  Bert and Annie were showing us how it's done but since this was our first time we weren't very good at it.  (Personally, I couldn't tear myself away from Annie's soft coat, she is quite lovely!)

When we got outside we tried to pose for another group picture.  I'm afraid Stanley and I just don't have the hang of it yet.

 You can't tell in this photo but mom said she was full of joy.

Miss Vickie asked if our peeps could put our leashes down.  Mom was nervous but Miss Vickie said she would have Bert help catch us.  We were very good.  A couple times Bert and Annie rounded us up but we came when mom called us.  She was so happy and Stanley and I were having a blast!

Bert was showing us around the yard.  We peed on the grass before but never played, and definitely never played with other dogs!  It was nice having an experienced dog showing us the ropes!

We really had fun just being guys.

 Bert has a very experienced nose.  He is a trained search and rescue dog as well as a therapy dog.  He was pointing out some smells that we might have missed.

We played with Annie too but mom didn't get any pictures of that.  She said we were all moving way too fast!  But Miss Vickie might have gotten some so mom might post more pictures later.  It was wonderful (finally) meeting Bert and Annie (and their peeps) and getting to play with them.  We like making new friends and they are wonderful!  But now we are wondering . . . Goose, where are YOU?????

Murphy & Stanley


GOOSE said...

As you two know I was not at church. I was at home with our friend Belle. Uncle Mike was watching us. And you might also know that I go to church all the time during the week. But on Sunday MOM is so busy doing the whole pastor thing, she just doesn't think she can hold my leash (cuz we have to be on a leash during the service) and preach and do all that other stuff.
But I am so GLAD you got to meet my buddy Bert and sweet Annie. They are the best aren't they? And I am glad you two had a great time. I heard that some of the dogies help sing the songs. Maybe you two can join me and Bert and Annie on our Friday walk together. Then you will meet Murphy the BIG Doodle. You'll love him. Oh and Logan and Baci they are Doodles too. You'll just love them.

Millie and Walter said...

How lucky you two were to not only go to church with your peeps, but you got to meet Bert! It looks like you all had a great play time after the service.


Bassetmomma said...

how awesome was that! You got to hear Gooses' Momma preach and you met Bert and Annie. I really was a wonderful Sunday for you! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Doods , dogs in church , how cool!
Best wishes Molly

Berts Blog said...

Hi Little Buddies, My Vickie had shown me pictures of you on your blog and told me of your adventures, but meeting you in person was GREAT. I like that you two have such adventurous spirits and it was fun sitting behind you in church cause you were so cute when you would stand up on the pew and try and find me.

I was in the far back with My Vickie and Annie on the cold floor. It felt so good, I am sorry to say that I took a nap during Pastor Michelles pastoring. But My Vickie listened and said it was really good.

It was so fun playing with you after. You know I meet a lot of little guys and sometimes they get annoying, but you guys were never once annoying. Although Murhpy I gotta say, I didn't really see much of you but a blur.....Man little guy, you can move.

So I hope you can start coming with us to the Friday night walks and if your humans want, My Vickie can show you the way they teach search dogs to come whenever their human calls and to make sure their humans are never far away. You know those humans can get lost pretty easily and it becomes our job to keep an eye on them all the time.


The Daily Pip said...

You got to meet Bert!!! How fun! You all look like you are having a wonderful time!

Your pal, Pip

Murphy said...

Yesterday was a blast. Yes, they are the best! Looking forward to it!!!!

KSO said...

How fun you got to go to church! What a wonderful weekend for you!

haopee said...

Hey guys! We're new in your site. I came from Bert's page and saw how adorable you two were. I had to drop by and say hi.

You have a good ahead of you, okay?

Huggies and Cheese,


Oreo said...

well...that was way cool. I awwwed when I saw Bert!! Looks like a blast running loose. It is so much fun to have great friends especailly at church!


Stewey said...

How pawsome was that - hangin' out in church!

The Army of Four said...

Hey you guys! Me and my brother Dave are friends of Goose's and Bert's! We thought we'd swing by and say ha roo! It sure looks like you had a blast with Bert.
Play bows,