Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Food Bags

At our church, instead of spending money on Easter Lilies we spend the money on Easter food bags.

This food we really help some families out.  We donate money in honor/memory of  loved ones.

Of course I would have to include my FIANCE'!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Really The Last of Them

Really, this is all the photos!  Mom is not known for her "selfie" ability.  So she had to edit out a thumb for this family picture.  

Then we found a couple pics that got lost in the shuffle.  They were on our hot (only to me and Stanley) hikes.

Now that we showed you all the photos, we need to get back to business.  Remember when we told you that we needed to appoint a Mayor Pro Tem for while we are away at the B*A*R*?  Well the good news is that the pawson accepted this HUGE responsibility!  

Want to know who will be in charge while we are all gone in June?  Click HERE!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, March 28, 2016

Last of Pics - Almost

We THINK these are the last of the vacation photos that we haven't posted.  During a run in Hurricane (yes, that is the name of the town), these cows asked mom to take their pictures.

Some other cows were more interested in real nature shots.  Mom calls this Beef Porno.  (They weren't doing this until just before mom clicked the button.)

Hiking on the trail!

Cooling off our pads in the water.


Posing again.  

Mom says we are good posers.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Legal Emergency!

While we were on vacation we had a REAL legal emergency.  Unfortunately our Intermutts were so bad that our message to Ernie the Attorney did NOT go out.  We suspect it was intentionally blocked!  We needed an emergency injunction cuz bad things were happening butt  since we could not get it, the terrible thing happened three times!

Yes, our RV Park had this waterboarding device and after our dusty hikes (and Stanley's accidental exposure to the mud) we got tortured!

Mom thought it was a really cool device (called Booster Bath) butt we just thought it was cruel!

This was Stanley's mud accident.  He said when hiking in the desert it was good to cover yourself in mud.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, March 25, 2016

Little Wheelie House Life

As you can see we brought Lamb Chop with us on vacation.

We did a lot of this cuz we hiked so much:

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Look What I Found!

While we were on vacation, I kept a lookout for something I was missing.  You'll never guess what it was!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Scene

Some of you might have guessed that me and Stanley were in southern Utah.  Yes, there are palm trees there but it is famous for being desert with lots of red rock.  While mom is catching up on laundry, you can see the pretty photos we took on her cell phone.

Mom said she liked this tree but we do not know why.

The weather was pawfect (for mom) but me and Stanley kept sweating under our armpits.

Murphy & Stanley