Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pawrent Training 101

TIP #1 - When your pawrents leave without you, make them feel so guilty they will bring you back 2 antlers, 2 stuffies and 4 Yak Milk Chews

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, October 28, 2016

Different Styles

Sometimes me and Stanley are the same, like twins, and other times we are very different.  One of the big ways we are different is how we handle our emotions.  Mom says I am very chill and Dad says Stanley wears his emotions on his sleeve.  I'm not sure what that means cuz Stanley is usually naked with no shirt or sleeves.  Anyway, you might get an idea by the way we react when mom and dad come home after being away for a few hours months.  (Usually Stanley cries but this time he didn't.) 

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Oak

Mom loves the oak tree in our backyard.  This time of year the colors are so brilliant.  

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Election Nears!

We are only 2 weeks away from the Blogville Mayoral Election!  On that day, citizens of Blogville will go to the polls and vote (via leaving a comment) as to who they feel is the best candy date to lead Blogville for the next year (for a maximum of 2 years).

In case you've forgotten, here is the official announcement with all the details.  For any other questions regarding the election, you can find the Blogville laws HERE.

Election Judge is Zaphod (alternate is Ranger)

Poll Verifier is Oz (alternate is Easy)

On Election Day you will go to Zaphod's place and he will have a post up stating that the polls are open (12:01 a.m. until midnight in Zaphod's Canadian Time Zone!) and instructing you to vote for one of the two candy dates (Arty or Christmas).  You will vote by making a comment stating your choice AND your bloggy address.  Your comment will NOT be published - ever!

Zaphod will total the votes and Oz will verify the results.  Once a winner is determined Zaphod and Oz will BOTH post the winner's name in identical, simultaneous posts.  The number of votes received by each of the candy dates will NOT be revealed - ever!

We want to thank our candy dates Arty & Christmas for the excellent campaigns they have run.  They each maintained the highest degree of integrity.  As we prepare to leave office we will have no doubt that Blogville will be in good paws!

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz of All Paws

To help you figure out when polls open in your time zone:

Monday, October 24, 2016


On Saturday we went for a walk on the River Parkway.  We started off right away with a pose.

Then we got moving . . . 

Mom had us posing right and left!

 We told her all the work made us thirsty!

 I thought it might be a swimming day.

No luck, mom said drinks only. Rats!

As we finished we decided our pawrents had to pose too.

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Boo Bars!

This month we received a scary treat from Chewy!

Even though it didn't smell scary, mom said it was scary!

BUTT there wasn't anything scary about the ingredients!

And they came in different shapes.  We think mom was faking us out about the scary part!

So she gave us each one and then said those dreadful words . . . "WAIT"!

Once she said "TAKE IT" we were all over them!

 I really liked them a lot!

So if you want a good treat for Howl-ee-ween, try these!  We give them our full 8 paws review!  Check them out at Chewy!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, October 22, 2016

It Must Be SNiffed!

As you might already know, Friday is our day to run with our pawrents.  We don't go on the other days cuz mom says we stop to pee and sniff about 87 times once or twice.  So on our run yesterday I told mom to prove her lies with photo evidence.  

We were running about 3 minutes when I needed to poop (yes she did get a picture of that but I took it off the post).  I told her it shouldn't count against us cuz it wasn't anything I could control.

Then I sniffed some Blogville election news.

Murphy got some news about his fiance Ruby.

Mom said we stopped 7 times in the furst miles.  All lies!

We had to double sniff this spot.  In this stretch there are 3 light poles and we have to sniff all three.

By 2 miles we got thirsty.

Murphy likes to drink water like it's a fountain. He says it's more classy.

Sometimes we like to run on the sidewalk.

Mom and dad like to run in the road.  We have a section we call Cat Alley so we are on high alert.

After the furst 2 miles we don't stop as much.  After 4 miles we like to shake things up.

All that water started getting to us.

This is around mile 5 so we are ready to chillax.

Then we get a second wind.

Headed back to the truck for mile 6!

We're getting close now!

Ooops, a special smell stopped us!

Mom said she got tired of taking pictures of us sniffing.  I don't think she proved anything!

Murphy & Stanley