Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snapping Choppers

Me and Stanley get our teeth brushed fairly often 15 times every day so our peeps are aware that we have been losing teeth and getting some nice new big ones in their place.  Stanley lost his before me but now I have some nice new canines.  I had a few doubles for awhile but now they are nicely lined up.  So me and Stanley like to show off our new teeth.  Sometimes Stanley just goes around showing his new choppers (especially the bottom ones for some reason).  Me, I like to snap them, like a snapping turtle, at my brother when we are playing.  Mom says it is quite funny (and sounds like it should hurt).  But we sure like these new chompers!


PS - Don't forget today's Blogville Olympic Events!  We're having a blast and hope you are too!

Gymnastics hosted by Madi and Couch Potato Peeling hosted by Lily (me and Stanley are both in that one)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Water Dogs

You will not believe what I did yesterday!  First, we went for a long ride, the longest ride ever in my life!  Mom said it was to help get us ready for our trip to the ocean next month.  Our drive took us 10,000 hours and 14 minutes.

Stanley was very bored.
I was bored too . "Are we there yet?"

Finally . . . there it is . . . Bear Lake!!

I was excited to get into the water.  I said, "OK Mom, I'm gonna swim out here now so you need to get the camera ready."  
And that was exactly what I did.  Unfortunately Mom was so busy with my swim rope that she didn't get any good pics of me  actually swimming.  BUTT, the truth is that I went in over my head, and swam out, then made a u-turn and swam back. I was VERY good!  A man watching us said I was good too!
Stanley did some swimming too but he had already gone out over his head before so this was his second time.  Our peeps were not prepared with a water toy (duh - MOM!) so dad just threw out a little stick for Stanley to fetch. Stanley likes to fetch in the water but said it would be more fun with a better stick or a water toy.
Mom said we would have to figure out the problem of tangling our swim ropes. "That's why this was a test swim" she said.

Then we drove back home, another  9 million miles.  So I just slept and had a dream . . .


PS - Today's Blogville Olympic events are Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleeping and Bouncing.  Check 'em out!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fort Fun Friday

Since yesterday was Friday, that meant it was the day to meet our friends at the fort to play.  When mom said this, me and Stanley did High 5's and barked - "YAY!"

Goose's mom says hello to us.

Me and Bert played a lot of fetch.

Goose tells Baci to hurry up.

Me and Bert, we ran and ran and ran!

A new guy, Rocky, stopped in and I ran with him a minute too.

Whew - I was running a lot!

Miss Baci - she is so fun!

In the water with Baci and Logan.

Me and Stanley

Stanley and Baci were talking about personal stuff so I left. (I think Stanley REALLY likes Baci like a girlfriend or something.  I will have to remind him about my experience with Marley!)

"OMD - Where did my other legs go?  Quick, help me find them!"

Yup, mom even let me get in the mud.
Me and Stan doing what we do best - having fun!

Goose, Stan, me, Baci - Big Murphy is arriving on scene!

We all say "hi" to Big Murphy.

More running - can you believe it?

Logan tells Stanley, "Just give me the ball and we'll get along fine . . . "



I was jumping for joy and running at the same time!

How many miles have I run?

"I'm right behind you Bert!"

It was so much fun playing with our friends.  We can't wait until next week to do it all over again!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

Today we are so excited to announce the opening of . . . 

The Blogville Olympics is FINALLY here!   You can check the link on the sidebar for each day's activities.  It shows the event, the host's name and gives a link to that blog.  We are hosting the Marathon Chewing event on August 3rd.  Today, you can see:

The opening speech my Blogville's Mayor Ernie
A special presentation by Mona and Weenie

Let the par-tay begin and good luck athletes!!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Bigger Bed

We sleep with mom and dad in a king sized bed.  So we asked mom if we could bring a couple toys to bed with us and she said okay but just a few.

We thought it would be good to spread them out.
"How we gonna do this brother?"

"Spread 'em out like this?"
"No, squish 'em in tighter so we can add more . . . "
"Oh, we left some off . . . "

"A few more . . . "

"OK, that's about right . . . "

We think we're gonna need a bigger bed . . .

Murphy & Stanley

PS - The Blogville Olympics start tomorrow!  See the schedule on the link on the sidebar.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuff Morning

After a tuff morning on the hillside, I just had to take a nap for a few minutes.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another New Thing

Another new thing!  Mom and dad took our kennels out of the truck and put us in this harness thing that hooks into the seat-belt.  We got to look out the window and bark!  We have enough room to either sit or lie on the seat.  Personally, I have to sit since I turn into a statue when I am wearing a harness.  

 I may not look happy cuz I am being a statue, but really I am.

 OK, maybe I really can move AND wear a harness.

Mom says we need to practice wearing our seat harnesses because we might take a trip since we did good at camping in the trailer.  Does anyone know what an ocean is?