Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Run & Stuffs

Since today is Friday we got up early, I think mom said it was "Zero Dark Thirty" and went for our regular 6 mile run.  We didn't get any pictures cuz it is hard to do while actually running, but mom took a family photo when we were done.
After me and Stanley go running, we're pretty pooped.  So we just nap and laze around.  We noticed that the sticks have changed flavor, they're taking on a more smoky Autumn flavor lately.

You might notice our feets are dirty.  When we run, mom and dad let us wade through the puddles left by people wasting water.  It cools us down.
So while we just kick back today mom and dad are going to celebrate their anniversary.  Mom says they got married 22 years ago and dad told her it was 23.  After dad checked their marriage license he knew mom was right.  Mom says after 22 years she'd have thought he figured that out by now.  That cracked me and Stanley up and we had a good laugh.

For this next picture mom was just playing around with a photo she took a few weeks ago.  But know what . . . it's true!

Have a wonderful and safe Labour* Day weekend ever'body!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Did you notice how I spelled the word "labour"?  That was for all our friends in the UK - we're being more International!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mom's Creation

OMD - Mom was scaring me cuz yesterday she went to the fabric store.  Now the thing about mom is she can only do squares and rectangles.  No matter what she does . . . draw, sew, crochet, etc.  Just squares and rectangles.  I wasn't sure what she was up to but she kept saying it was Fiona and Abby's mom's fault.  What??  Aunt Dr. Liz's fault!  That made no sense at all!  So when mom came out of the store she had 2 little pieces of fabric.  (The one on the left actually has a black background.)

The next thing I knew mom was cutting a triangle.  What?  I reminded her she can NOT do triangles, just squares and rectangles.  But she was cutting, and sewing like a mad woman.  She said she was making something for me and Stanley.  She worked like crazy on it and when she finished I was shocked!

I tried mine on and it fit pawfectly!  Mom said we can't model it for you until closer to Halloween.

Now mom can do squares, rectangles AND triangles!  She said it was easy and now she is going to make us more bandanas for other holidays.  I guess you can teach an old peep new tricks!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Fun

Oh my dog!!  You will NOT believe what a fun day me and Stanley had yesterday!  Mom decided since it was cooler in Park City that we would go there for the day.  So on our way we stopped at REI in Salt Lake City.  While there me and Stanley decided to do our famous pretzel move in the back seat.  Our straps are usually not long enough to accomplish this but we worked extra hard at it and the effect was pawfect!

The first place we went at Park City was the Dog Park.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE fetching.  So I fixed up this photo for you to put on your fridge so you can think of me and how much I like to fetch.  (I literally ran my leg off.)

Now you might notice that Stanley isn't in a lot of my fetching photos.  Stanley does not LOVE fetching like I do.  This is why he isn't in more photos . . .

But once I see a ball, it's all action!

 I have fast moves . . . 

Here ya go, throw it again!

Stanley decides to get in on the action for a minute.

"I got the ball!"

I even have aerial maneuvers.

"Gimme that ball!"

Stanley was having fun kicking up his heels. My ears were wild!

There was even a tunnel!  It wasn't as long as our giant tunnel at home but I knew how to go through it.  It was slippery so Stanley chickened out.

The next place we went to was called an Outlet.  And when we got there we met up with Fiona and Abby's mom!!  Yes, the very Dr. Liz!  She loved us like crazy!

She gave us so many pets, rubs and scratches that Stanley thought he'd give her a kiss.

Well I didn't want Stanley to be the only kissing Doodle so I gave her one too.  I think she liked mine best.

She played with us for about 87 hours, maybe even longer.  Kids kept stopping to pet us but then she'd pet us some more.  I decided to call her Aunt Dr. Liz!

We didn't get to meet Fiona and Abby this time but I wanted to give them a picture of me so they would know who I was when we did meet.

I can't wait to meet Fiona and Abby.  Maybe they can show me and Stanley how to catch a frisbee!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness Friday

As many of you already know, our pawrents are runners.  Some days they do long runs (13+ miles) and other days they do shorter runs (7-8 miles).  But on Fridays, they do their funnest runs cuz me and Stanley get to go too!  Today was our Fitness Friday and we did our 6 mile run.

 During this hot summer weather we have to get up REALLY early so me and Stanley don't overheat.

Sometimes when we run, other doggies yell at us to take them with us.

We finished our run before the sun came up over the mountain!

Get your peeps out for some fun and exercise today.  It's good for both of you!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Loooong Time Ago When We Were Puppies (June 2012)

Me and Stanley were going through some "old" photos and ran across a few everyone might enjoy.  These were taken when we were about 4 months old.  We had just completed all our vaccinations.  So as soon as it was safe, our pawrents started taking us to church and introducing us to other dogs and peeps.  We also met up with Goose and Bert and their posse on weekends. They knew that to have the bestest life we needed to be well socialized!
In this photo, Bert was telling us all the stuff about how great it is to be a dog.  He told us about playing with other dogs, manners and most of all about FETCHING and SWIMMING!
This was actually the first time we ever met Bert and Annie.  Goose's mom told them we were going to come to church for our first time ever and they came to welcome us.  After church we all went outside so me and Stanley could play with the big dogs!  (Last winter, when we took our class that trained us for our CGC, Annie took the class with us.  She is now a therapy dog just like Bert!)

Me and Stanley didn't understand SIT and STAY commands so this was as good as our pawrents could get for our first time at church.
This was our first group photo.  For many months we would meet up every weekend with these furiends.  Bert's Miss Vickie organizes these meet ups and they are VERY helpful in socializing dogs!
Bert told us not to be scared that water was the bestest thing ever - and he was right!!!

We sure hope you liked seeing our old photos.  Thanks to Goose and Bert for teaching us so much when we were little puppies.  Oh, and Goose, I'm sorry I was always jumping on your head.

Murphy & Stanley
Well Socialized Doods

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dog Church

Last night was Dog Church.  Me and Stanley always go.  We sat at our regular pew.

 Mom said we should always welcome visitors.

Guess who came to church??  Yes, it was our pal Bert!  

Bert loves Goose's mom.  They are bestest friends.


So we sat down waiting for it to start and Bert told us a story.

Stanley decided he wanted to assert his independence.   

Dad told him to pay close attention.  

Even though Stanley sat in his own pew he was still a busy body.

 Who's not paying attention?????

We hope more dogs come to Dog Church!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - The treats in the narthex were dog biscuits and my favorite peanut butter flavored bacon!!  Yahoo!