Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Trot

We hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a wonderful day.  As you might know, it was the day of our first race ever!  Our pawrents have done lots of races and told us all about them so we were quite excited.

We were surprised to see our grand peeps there!  They did the 2 mile walk because they have not trained like us.

There were LOTS of people, maybe 87 thousand and LOTS of doggies too!

The race was just under 5 miles with LOTS of hills.


It was a wonderful day!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sneaky Turkey

I know mom said she had a plan just-in-case me and Stanley didn't find a turkey but we are still trying.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you are traveling, please be safe.  And if you are not with those you love just remember Blogville is here for you!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Hunting

It's getting really close to Thanksgiving so Dad said we needed to go hunting for a turkey.  Me and Stanley Googled "turkey" on our computers cuz we never saw a turkey before.  So today when we went for a walkie, we kept our eyes peeled for a turkey so we could have it for dinner on Thursday.


We never did find a turkey and we thought that we might not get to have Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey but mom said she had a plan.  She said we will find out on Thursday.

Mom said I should remind ever'body that we still have Tweedles on our POTP page so if you could, click on the tab and leave a comment for Tweedles.  

Also, we wanted to tell our furiends that the Animal Control officer came to visit T-Bone's pawrents.  We saw when the truck pulled into the cul-de-sac and then mean ol' Josh hurried up and put T-Bone outside in the backyard.  The Animal Control man told mom he was going to check T-Bone's living conditions but then he did not go into the backyard.  We think either Josh would not answer the door or would not allow him into the backyard.  We can't see the front of the house to know for sure.  But he already knew what it looked like cuz mom got the Animal Control officer's email address and me and Stanley sent him pictures!  We told the officer that T-Bone cried all one night cuz it rained and he couldn't get out of the rain.  So now T-Bone has a dog house made of unfinished plywood.  Of course this story will be continued.

And finally the last thing I wanted to tell you is something I am VERY excited about.  You all know about "Tony", well I am happy to say I am doing so good that me and Stanley get to run in a race on Thursday!  Yes, it's true, a 5 mile race!  It is called a Turkey Trot!  We NEVER did a race and NEVER did a Turkey Trot.  Maybe we can get a turkey there!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

True Confessions - Or Not!

Two confessions . . . evidence to support both . . . which one is true??

Murphy & Stanley


We have the bestest news ever!  Lots of our furiends have left us comments saying they wished they could go to church like me and Stanley do.  We feel sad that our furiends can't go to church and pray with their hoomans and sing hymns and hear a good sermon.  And on top of that, there are many times a furiend needs special prayers too!  So we added a prayer chain page to our bloggy.  Just look under the POTP tab!

Please check this tab for our fuiends in special need and remember them in your prayers. We know that the Power of the Paw is very strong in Blogville!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't Poop On Memory Lane

OK, we're gonna be a bit sneaky today.  First we're gonna make you feel all soft and go "Awwwww . . . "

Me and Stanley, about 3 weeks old.  We were already handsome.

Me on the day we came to live with mom and dad.  I was 7 weeks old. 
Stanley at 7 weeks, same day.
The Doodle Bro Team.
I always loved belly rubs.
I was wrestling Stanley and of course I was winning!
For our first weeks we stayed in the mudroom until we learned about peeing and pooping outside.  I was always a good sleeper.

OK, now that your hearts are all soft and gooey with our stroll down Memory Lane, we gotta talk about some impawtent business.  Having a dog isn't all fun and games.  Sometimes you peeps are gonna have to get your hands dirty (well, not if you use a bag) . . . cuz it's the right thing to do.

Please be responsible.  Please respect the earth.  
Please Scoop That Poop!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dog Church

Last night was dog church.  As you know, we always go to church.  We are what you call "regulars".  When we first got there, I was greeting Goose's mom and telling her about my emergency trip to the dogtur when I got shot my toenail ripped out.  She said she knew I was "scaredy brave".  Stanley used the opportunity to slip out of his collar.  He ran up to where the band was playing but dad made him come back and sit with us.  Mom said she loved the light in the church.  We have a beautiful sanctuary.  What makes it beautiful isn't how it was made but the fact that ever'body is welcome whether you have 4 legs or no legs!

 I think somebody said there were about 7 dogs in church last night.  In our Prayers of the People dogs are included.  We prayed for dogs who were sick or crossed the bridge.  And of course we thanked God for my good recovery from my accident on Saturday.  And the people said "Hallelujah!"

Goose's mom preached a good sermon.  She doesn't say too much about it but I think he writes most of her sermons.  (Goose is smart like that.)

After church there were treats for peeps and for doggies.  We especially like this time cuz  me and Stanley get lots of pets and everyone is always saying how cute we are and how our furs are so soft. We like to use this time to make everyone feel welcome.  We sure love our church!

Murphy & Stanley
Methodist Doods

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Is This?


Update on my (Murphy's) condition:  I rested most of the day yesterday.  Then last evening mom carried me downstairs to the bottom door and let me out to go pee.  She was very careful as she gently placed me on the ground.  Dad shoveled the snow (we got about 4") to give me an area to go potty with my injured paw.  I was so happy that ever'body took such good care of me that I decided to dance in the snow.  That was so much fun that I decided to run in the snow.  Pretty soon I was doing zoomies and Stanley was chasing me.  We zoomed back and forth across the yard, through the snow.  Mom was shouting something about my not supposed to be doing that but it was hard to hear her over the sound of my own laughter.  It was great fun.

After we went back inside I asked Stanley why he told ever'body that I got shot yesterday.  He said that when we were hanging around with the other motorcycle cops the other day they kept talking about making sure we didn't get shot and it was just on his mind and when he saw all that blood he just knew I was shot (he was worried I could tell cuz he had teardrops in his eyes).  Anyway, thanks ever'body for worrying about me.  The dogtur said my paw still hurts but I just don't pay attention to that stuff.  I may be cuddly and cute but I'm tough!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Had An Accident

This morning, Stanley and I got out of bed and ran outside.  It had snowed and we were very excited. But first we had to go inside to eat our breakfast, and then we begged mom and dad to go play in the snow.  They said "Okay".  So we were just playing.  Then I don't know what happened.  Mom says sometimes when a terrible thing happens our minds won't remember it, but I felt a terrible pain in my paw.  And there was blood gushing out EVERYWHERE!

Stanley freaked out.  He had never seen so much blood.  He screamed, "Brother, you've been shot!"  I did not know.  Maybe I was shot.  I just knew I was  in pain and losing all my bloods.  I knew mom and dad were my only hope to survive.  So I dragged my body up the hill, up 17 stairs, and to the back door.  Stanley pounded on the door frantically, "Mom! Dad! Murphy's been shot!"  So Dad came rushing to the door.  I was feeling faint from the intense, throbbing pain.  Dad scooped me up in his strong arms and screamed to mom, "Woman, call the dogtur, Murphy's been shot!".  Mom picked up the phone, barely able to dial the numbers with her trembling hands.  Finally the nurse answered and mom told her I had been shot.  The nurse shouted to bring me in immediately!

We all jumped in the truck.  Stanley rode in the back like we usually do but mom held me on her lap and stroked my furs, whispering quietly, "It's OK sweet boy, it's gonna be okay."  But I could tell by her racing heartbeat, trembling voice, and the way her eyes leaked like Niagara falls that I was in big troubles.  And the blood continued to gush out so I knew that was a bad sign.

Meanwhile, dad threw the truck into 4-wheel drive so we could get through the high snowdrifts.  We still slid all over the road.  The snowplows hadn't gotten out yet.  He flashed his lights, beeped the horn, and screamed at all the other drivers, "Outta my way, we gotta get this boy to the dogtur, he's been shot!!!"  Dad continued to make our way down the road at 87 mph, running red lights.  Stanley howled to alert other drivers to our emergency situation.

As soon as we crashed through the front doors of the dogtur's office, the nurse lead us to a room.  "The dogtur will be right here", she said.  Mom just held me and stroked me but I was really upset so even though I NEVER cry, I started crying like crazy, "I don't wanna die!"  I writhed in pain as mom and dad tried to console me.

Within seconds Dr. Eddy came rushing into the room shouting, "Where's the patient?"  But the words no sooner escaped his lips when he saw me, totally covered in blood.  By now there was blood all over me, mom, dad, the truck, and now the exam table.

Dr. Eddy was cool under pressure.  He put me on the exam table and squirted off all the blood so he could see the bullet hole.  I was relieved to see my paw was not totally blown off by the blast of the bullet.

After he examined my paw, he removed blood from my thigh and belly (in case there were bullet holes there too) but it was only on my paw.  What a relief!  I was still crying like crazy.  Dr. Eddy said that he was shocked I didn't cry the whole time (mom told him I was NO crybaby).  He said that although I was in a lot of pain he thought it was anxiety making me cry.  I have to admit, I was crying pretty bad and squirming like crazy.

So it turned out that there was no bullet hole.  I don't know why Stanley thought I was shot. BUT, there was a bad injury.  My toenail got ripped right out of my toe!  Yup, it was totally missing (actually mom thought she heard it fall onto the floor).  Dr. Eddy checked me over real good to see if I tore my toe, I guess that happens, but I was "lucky" (trust me, I did not feel lucky) that it pulled out without damaging the toe more.

So Dr. Eddy wrapped me up and sent us home.  Now I have to keep the bandage dry for 4 hours cuz he said I could easily get an infection.  After 4 hours dad can take the bandage off but I have to be careful to not make it bleed anymore.

He gave me pills to take so I don't get an infection and pain pills in case I am suffering too much.  So now I am just trying to rest.


Autumn Walkie

We went for a walkie over the weekend and I forgot to show you the pictures!  There were lots of leaves on the ground and lots of new smells.

We encountered lots of other people on the trail.  We hope they weren't scared of us!
Sometimes people who don't know us might think we are wild, vicious dogs.
This time we made dad pose on a log!

Then we made mom do it too - BOL!  Let's see how they like it!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - This is our 500th post!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Professional Posers

Ut oh . . . here we go again.  I'm getting tired of mom thinking we need to pose every time she sees a rock or tree.  I'm not having it anymore!

But Stanley is hoping to be discovered as a Doodle model and he likes it.

Then Stanley reminded me we were a Doodle Brother Team, and I felt guilty for leaving so I said I was sorry and that I would pose with him.   
I think Stanley is manipulating me.

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Teaching Stanley The Art of the Fetch

Over the weekend my pawrents surprised us and took us to our favorite place to play with our UFO's and to fetch my beloved ball.

I am happiest when I am fetching!
It felt good for me and Stanley to feel the wind in our ears as we tore through the yard with the speed of lightening.

Unfortunately, Stanley tires of fetching quickly and while I want to continue playing fetch by the official rules, he has his own agenda. 

I have to keep reminding him of the official rules! 

I am trying to get him to be better at fetching. 

Sometimes he tries my patience!
But this time he fetched for his longest time.  Maybe he is finally appreciating the fine art of fetching!

After we got done playing fetch we went for a walkie.  First we stopped in to see our friends Shirley and Dan.  They have a sweet golden lab named Katy.  We never met her before but we really liked her.  She has a big yard to play in!  After that we went to visit Mickie.  She has a new doggie named Mac.  He was nice too and we were glad to meet 2 new furiends!  Then we went home cuz me and Stanley really needed a nap!

Murphy & Stanley