Thursday, June 30, 2016

BAR Continues

We continue our time at the BAR . . . One thing we noticed is that the spouses who came seemed pretty comfortable with everyone too.  We think even those who didn't read the blogs were getting in on the fun!

There was no shortage of conversation and the shelter was always full of voices. We were sort of remote in that it was away from the parking lot.  On the second day the Brown County folks unlocked a gate so we could drive in closer to the shelter.

It was nice that we didn't have to worry about being noisy, especially whenever someone got near us on the trail.  We had a lot of watch dogs to sound the alert!

Arty took advantage of the opportunity to campaign and his mom got lots of photos to use.

Madi never told us how wonderful her mom is!

You probably heard that we had 2 ceremonies.  The first one was to honor those who have left us for the Bridge.  These pups and kitties were a part of Blogville and no one cries alone in Blogville!  YaYa did a wonderful job on the ceremonies and they are available on the BAR blog if you haven't seen them already.

We will continue tomorrow.

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

At The BAR

After Oreo's house we all took off for the drive to the BAR.  If we remember right it was about 6 hours of bad roads and construction.  When we finally got there we went straight to our campsite at the Brown County park.  Our trailer was just a couple spaces from the Death Machine that Hailey & Phod were driving so we got to spend a lot of time getting to know them and their hoomans Sam & K10.  The first night we went on a hike.

It was beautiful and the trails were really nice.  Unfortunately it was so &^$#@-ed hot!  Like the rest of the country, Indiana was getting extra hot weather and with the humidity levels it was even worse.  Sam and K10 said they were Canadians so they weren't used to sweating but we are sure they got a lot of practice at BAR!

The first day at BAR we were so excited to meet everyone!  But some doggies and their hoomans did not come until Saturday.  That allowed the rest of us to get to know each other better on Friday.  Unfortunately our pawrents and Dory's & Arty's mom wasted no time in setting up our leisure centers.  We were trapped like rats!

Arty needed to get out so he could campaign and shake paws!

We hung up the flats.  One section was for those who crossed the bridge.

And another side was for those who could not travel to BAR.

We are sad to say that it seems that Casey & Jessie's mom got the memo about the leisure centers too.

 Stanley helped me get down the flat photo of my fiance' Ruby.  You can see how she makes me smile!

On Friday night mom and dad spent the whole evening arguing with Sprint.  But before that happened we slipped into Nashville to inspect their ice cream shop.  This is the visitor Office.

On Saturday, Oreo's mom planned a surprise pawty for mom's 60th birfday.  While mom and dad were on a scavenger hunt everyone else was getting things ready at the shelter.

In honor of mom's pawty the Price Boys got out their tighty whities!

Saturday was a magnificent day!  Everyone had arrived! We got to know everyone and built memories that will last in our hearts furever!

Stanley got to spend some time with Jessie although Casey was keeping an eye on them.

 We got to know Sam & K10 a lot better!  Hailey and Phod treated us like best furends!

Unfortunately Stella Rose might have gotten the wrong idea about going to the BAR and it looks like she might have had a bit too much to drink BOL!

We had the best time meeting new and "old" furiends!

The pugs were in the house and we hope they got inspiration to start blogging again!

Anyone who poses this nicely needs a more active blog, just sayin'!

Jes was pretty mellow and we were glad to finally meet him!

Hailey posed for this shot so Easy could put it on the fridge.

Phod was kinda sleepy.  He's a great guy and we want to find him a girlfriend.  Any takers?

Our dad was probably talking to Dory's mom about Verizon and how we needed to switch!

It was such a great day and we'll post more photos tomorrow!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Road To BAR

We know this is late but since we just got home we are posting our BAR stuffs.  We left on a Monday morning in the Little Wheelie House.

The first day we drove to Sidney, Nebraska.  The second day we went to a place in Altoona, Iowa.  This was the view out our big rear window.  The froggies in the pond were so loud me and Stanley thought they might be monsters!  Oh, and it was our first lightning bug sightings!  Mom had to explain what they were to us!

We like living in the Little Wheelie House.  

In Altoona this eagle posed with us.

Dad spent a lot of green papers on putting gas in the truck.  Stanley wanted to help hold the pump handle but dad said it was too dangerous.

I still did my neighborhood watch duties from the Little Wheelie House.

On the third day we went to Oreo's house to meet him in the furs.  We also met his mom and YAM Aunty (now known as YaYa).  Oreo is a real gentleman in his introductions.

After awhile Oreo took us into his yard and his mom turned on the bubble machine.  I (Murphy) fetched for awhile  Oreo sure is crazy for bubbles!

We assisted Oreo in his neighborhood watch.

YaYa was very busy giving pets.  We explained to her that since she had 2 hands she should be petting 2 dogs.

Oreo posed for this picture so Hazel could see it.  He is just as handsome in the furs as on the blog!

Oreo was peeing so we thought we'd better check it out.

I posed with YaYa so she could put this pic on her fridge when she got home.

During the time we were traveling our pawrents were steadily complaining that they had no cell service (unless it was a large town).  So basically all through Wyoming and most of Nebraska it was a problem.  Then once we got to BAR, Sprint sent a text saying mom was getting her roaming data service cut off, something about reaching a limit).  Dad was REALLY mad and he and mom used a lot of HBO words when talking about Sprint!  Tomorrow we will post about BAR.

Murphy & Stanley 

Question ??

We just heard about the Blogville Summer Dance being hosted over at Christmas's place.  We figured we'd better ask our girls out so they can go shopping for outfits and get their pedicures and such.  So . . .

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Pressies

Our mom wants to thank everyone who sent her something to help celebrate her birfday at the surprise pawty at BAR!!!  We took pictures of EVERYTHING that mom received BUTT in the process of changing cell service companies (in Indiana, another story), some of the photos have disappeared!  So if you gave mom something and it is NOT in the photos, please mention it in the comments.  We are VERY SORRY for anything that is not shown cuz our mom really appreciated everything that she received and thanks you all from the bottom of her heart!

Our new no-walking wagon was FULL of pressies!  5 Sibes were full of hugs!

Mom says we will wave the New Zealand flag on their holidays (if Nellie & Jasper remind us BOL!).

We are wondering if Stella Rose made these with her own paws?

Amazing origami skills!

Mom says she will!

This amazing book weighs 10.1 pounds!  It has some very fascinating photos!

An original card!

The photo doesn't do the bookmark justice.  It is quite lovely!

Actually part of the Bring-A-Gift from your state from F&E.

Mom used scissors to cut off the rubber band.  (A secret BAR attendees now know about!)

F&E brought everyone a gift!

Mom had troubles reading this poem through her leaky eyes.

A funny coincidence with names and tootsie rolls from a new friend mom just met!

Mom is drinking out of this right now!

Actually from 3 different friends.

Sweets that freshen breath (Stanley needs this but mom said no - BOL).

Part of the 60 theme, mom ran out of napkins in the wheelie house so it already came in handy!

Me and Stanley forgot to get this stuffie autographed BOL!

Mom thought she could use the pizza stuffie on her bike seat but we said NO WAY!

Mom wore this and it is GIANT!

Mom tried to deposit the 60 bucks butt the bank would not accept it BOL!

Lots of cards and messages in the scrapbook!

Sample of scrapbook.  Oreo worked hard on it!

Mom made quick work of this and did not share!

What happened to the Hershey kisses?  Mom strikes again!
Wein wisdom? Oh, this has us scared!  BUTT, we like having our own Easy!

Again, we are so sorry for any missing photos!!


Murphy & Stanley & Mom