Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Tour of the Project So Far

Mom said that she's only finished with "Phase 2" of the painting project.  We're taking a couple days off and then starting Phase 3 on Tuesday (master bedroom/bath/walk-in closet).  Me and Stanley took these pictures so everybody could have a tour and see for themselves how bored we have been.  Mom  did the painting and dad did all the prep and assisted.
Entryway - front door
See the banister on the right?  We painted the stairway too.
The stairs that go downstairs.  It is a ranch but the basement is finished and day-lit (out of the ground).  This is where me and Stanley were banished to when mom was painting the living room.
The first arch to the right goes to the mudroom.  We painted that too.
This is the hallway that connects to another hall that splits off to some other rooms.  We painted that too.  That is where me and Stanley had to hold down the drop cloths.
The mudroom.  Mom says the green color on the left is actually kind of close.  The whole room is this color despite how the photo looks.
The living room, the vaulted ceiling is above this plant wall.  Mom was very brave.
Vaulted ceiling, it is about a million feet high, or maybe 87 miles.
Other livingroom wall.  The wall with the windows is the dark wall.  The colors are off but somewhat representative.
Other living room wall, next to arch that opens into kitchen.
Archway into kitchen.  You can see mom had to paint AROUND all the cabinets.  The color is close to being right (walls not ceiling).
Dropped ceiling above nook area in kitchen.

Nook area.  This is the door where Stanley rings the bells to say we want out.  I have only rung them once.  Stanley rings them ALL THE TIME.

So you can see what has been taking all our time.  At least we did get to go for another 6 mile run on Friday.  And mom and dad are going on their long run tomorrow.  And then . . . back to painting!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Trying To Help

Maybe if we help mom with the painting she'll get done faster and we can get back to normal.
We're holding down the drop cloths.
"Hey Stan . . . isn't this sort of boring?"
"Yeah . . . sure is."


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Please Stand By . . .

Sorry we have been MIA these past few days.  Mom and Dad are so busy painting the house (mom does all the painting and dad does all the prep and assists) that we have not been able to get on our computers!  We miss everyone so much and have no idea what is happening!  We are hoping to get a chance to catch up in a few days.  Don't forget us!

Dad fixed a spot.  Mom had to paint way up there!

Mom's "tool table".

Just trying to stay busy since I can't get on my computer . . . 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Doggie Church Service

Since it was the third Sunday of the month me and Stanley got to go to church yesterday evening!

Here we are - YAY!
We sat in our regular pew.
Watching for our friends to come in.
I love church!  Goose's mom preached a really good sermon!
I see Bert back there but I never got a chance to talk to him.
People can't stop themselves from petting us even during the service.

We wish everybody could take their dogs to church!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time For A Break Mom!

 On Friday, mom stopped doing this . . . 

So we could do this . . .

 (Stanley did too but we don't have a picture of him and dad.)

I love it when I run with mom and she calls me "Murphy Bolt*" (our 3rd 6 miler)!

Murphy Bolt

*Usain Boltis widely regarded as the fastest person ever.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Green Weenie

 I like playing with my Green Weenie Dog.
Sometimes we wrestle.
Sometimes he tries to sneak away.
And sometimes we just cuddle.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Attack Doods

When me and Stanley were little puppies, our grand peeps were SCARED of us.  The boy peep was just kind of nervous but the little girl peep was TERRIFIED.  She thought we were gonna ATTACK her!
Now she LOVES it when I follow her all around the house.
But she loves it more when we both follow her all around.
She LOVES us now!
She loves petting us now.
And I try to give her what she wants - hee! hee!
Our boy grand peep loves us too.  He likes it when we dogpile on him!
And a dogpile is best with at least 2 dogs!
Now the girl grandpeep WANTS to be ATTACKED!
So a Dood's gotta do what a Dood's gotta do . . .
One of us licks her ears and the other her face . . . 
Her giggles only fuel us on!
Finally she begs for mercy!
Then she reads us a story.  She is only 5 but is an EXCELLENT reader!
And our boy gives me one last snuggle before they leave.