Friday, November 30, 2012

Undercover Dog

Murphy and I continue to search for Santa Paws. We have tried everything else, so I decided to disguise myself as a reindeer and look for him.

 Since I'll be in deep undercover, don't acknowledge me if you see me anywhere.  I'll let you know how it works.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parade & Lights

I'm glad you're back so we can continue with our Christmas Village and parade story.
Me and Stanley are going to hide these &^$#@ hats!  But on with the story . . . 

As you recall, we looked for the REAL Santa Paws and did not find him (that's mom with us).  So we roamed around the cottages at Christmas Village.  And in our search, guess what we found??
Yup, a REAL train, on a track, giving rides to kids and in our case, pups!  It was great fun!
(All the time we were having fun our pawrents said they were exposing us to sights, sounds, and people as part of our training.  All we know is that we couldn't walk 20 feet without someone stopping us to pet us and tell us how cute we are!  One little boy even asked if I was a real dog or a stuffed animal!  Anyway, eventually it got dark and we watched the parade.)
It was hard to get pictures in the dark.
There were bands, horses, and floats!  And at the end of the parade, on a fire truck, was Santa Paws!  Unfortunately since there were 20,000 people there (literally) and we are so short, we did NOT see him!  So we told our pawrents, "We gotta find that fire truck!" 
By the time we found the fire truck, Santa Paws had left it.  But the fireman said since we were so popular with the crowds that he wanted his picture taken with us.  Of course we said yes.
Frosty was at the parade too.  We kept waiting for Santa Paws to turn on the lights but a human in the amphitheater kept yakking on and on about thanking the committee, the mayor, city council, yada, yada, yada so we decided to leave.  Our pawrents said we would come back to see the lights before Christmas when there was snow.  Then, just as we were pulling away . . .
Lights ON!
And that means Santa Paws was in his castle!
"Stop the truck Dad!!"
To which mom replied, "Relax boys, we have lots of time before Christmas."

 [Heavy sigh] So we're still searching . . .


Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Village

Christmas Village is full of miniature replicas of some of the buildings in our city.  Others are miniature buildings to show other businesses/organizations with a Christmas theme.  At the end of the parade Santa Paws comes to his castle in Christmas Village and turns on the lights.  It is very bright!  The lights will stay on until just after the first of the new year.  Coming to Christmas Village is an annual tradition for many people.

Santa's elves are in the workshop behind us.
Mom thought this looked festive with our Christmas hats.  We disagreed.
This is a replica of a local hotel that is locally famous. 
Stanley felt sorry for the dalmatian stuck in this little building. 
It was exciting to see the elves and all the toys!
"Hello Mr. Snowman . . . can we come in?"
So many toys!
"I know a little girl who would like the dolls in this house!"
"I'm thinking this monkey looks kind of fun!"
"Really mom, the hats again?"
"We don't see any other dogs wearing hats!"
"You can take our picture but we will not smile!  We're scarred over the whole hat thing."

All in all there are 70 cottages in Christmas Village.  In tomorrow's post we'll show you what happened after it got dark.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hunting Dinos

We went for a walk this afternoon.  Actually, it was a hunting expedition.  We were looking for dinosaurs!
I think I see a dinosaur track!
Stanley and dad, searching for dinosaurs.
I think I just saw a dinosaur off to the side, in the trees!
There he is!  Do you see him??
OMD - another one and this one is bigger!

Shhhh!  I don't want them to know we were there!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Mail Call!

We could not believe it when dad came in the house with the mail today and he said, "Everything is for Murphy and Stanley".  Huh??  Yup it's true!

I was in shock when mom handed me some mail.  A card from our new friend  Riley!
Stanley said, "Hey - we got a card from Dachsies With Moxie too!"
I could NOT believe it - 3 Christmas cards!!  We even got one from Sugar in Hawaii!  Our pawrents have NOT received any Christmas cards!
We think Jazzi was right . . . our pawrents are gonna be jealous!
Thanks for the cards friends!


Pee Ess - Our pawrents are going to try to get our photo for our cards tomorrow.  Then we can finally get them ordered.  So ours will be in the mail in the next couple weeks. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Excitement

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Please remember tomorrow to think of all your blessings and to thank your Creator for all you have.  I know we will!  

This weekend a place called Christmas Village will be opening.  They were putting some finishing touches on it today but most of the windows in the little buildings were "blacked out" until the official opening on Saturday.  Saturday is a parade and then Santa will open his village. I need to talk to Santa because I need some toys.  I am almost out of toys because Stanley has eaten almost all of them - even Sneaky Snake!  And I USED to have a lot of toys! So we will fur sure be looking for Santa!
"Do you think Santa is here Stanley?"  "Nope", Stanley replied cooly, "I don't think so Murphy."

We didn't see him here either.  But, we kept looking.  Then Stanley got an idea. . . . 

"Hey Murphy, let's wait for Santa by his mailbox!  That way when he comes to pickup his mail we can tell him we need lots and lots of new toys!"

I kept a sharp eye out for Santa but did not see him.

Stanley watched for Santa too.  
We watched for Santa a long time and then our pawrents said it was time to go home.  They said it was too early for Santa and that he won't be around until after Thanksgiving.  We hated giving up but mom assured us this weekend would be exciting.  Since we NEVER had Thanksgiving or Christmas we are pretty excited!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Fetching Day

Guess what we did today??  My favorite thing - FETCH!
Stanley likes it when his ears fly up.
A new friend, Bailey stopped in at the park to fetch too.  She is REALLY FAST!!!
"Hey Bailey, that's my ball!"
Mom thinks I might be getting lighter.  She hopes not but then Goose's mom thought I was too.
The best times are running with my brother!
My body looks all wacky!
I need to catch my breath . . . 
"OK, ready . . . throw the ball!"
"Stanley, your ears look cool!"
"Ug oh, Bailey's gonna catch up . . . "
"I have a case of crazy legs"
I look cool, don't I?
I like this side pose too.
"Here comes the ball . . . ACTION!"
"All this running is making me thirsty!"
"Good times Brother . . . good times!"
"Hey Stan, you cut me off"

"Throw it!"
"This is how I roll!"

"Now where did that ball roll off to?"
I'm flying!  I'm flying!

But all good things must come to an end and eventually we packed it up and went home.  Butt . . . it was soooooo good while it lasted!