Monday, September 17, 2018

Farewell Good Friend!

Today we honor a dear furend, the first and only ever female and feline mayoress of Blogville.  She entertained us with her stories and antics.  We watched her in Cat Scouts and saw her purr over her man cat Raz.  And oh the twerking!  As special as Madi was to us, she was even more special to her pawrents.   

But in our opinion, the greatest thing she ever did was bring people, kitties and pups together.  And she did it all without ever leaving the house.

Farewell Madi, we will miss you!

Please stop over and offer some comforting words to her pawrents who are still reeling from her sudden and unexpected departure to the Bridge.

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Checking In

We are glad that our pals in the area of mean ol' Florence are all okay.  We hope no one has too much clean-up.  We are wondering if Ranger has gone home to check on things yet?

Me and Stanley told mom we needed to check in with ever'body and let them know we are still here!  Some pals on Facebook see mom's posts but other fur pals in Blogville do not see them!  

It has been a long, hot summer and many of our fun activities have been put on hold.  Finally, we got to start running again so mom said there is hope it will cool off one day.

In the meantime, we are just keeping on.  We still do our chores around the house.

And Stanley still lives for food.  As a matter of fact, mom only got 2 cantaloupes from her pathetic garden and Stanley picked (and ate) both of them before she could even get a chance!  Mom had to buy one at the store!

Mom and dad are still riding their bikes like crazy.  Mom posted a few things about that a while back on her boring blog (on sidebar).  So all that is left for me and Stanley is . . . 

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess for Ruby's Eyes Only - I think of you every day and dream of you every night.  Have you heard my howls?  I love you furever my sweet Boo with the beautiful furs.  XOXOXOX