Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wilson Again

Murphy & Stanley & Wilson

Pee Ess - Mom is making me type that since she and dad went to the Dr. Phil show a few years ago she no longer likes to watch him.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Missing Link

Do you know what Stanley is looking for?  He is looking for a Missing Link!

Yup, mom was supposed to put up a link telling you about the Photo Class Dory and Arty's mom is teaching at the BAR.  Mom forgot (cuz she is aging by the minute) so here it is!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making Plans!

We're getting very excited for Little Wheelie House Season!  Mom and Dad are working on getting things organized for our big trip to the B*A*R* in June.  We have our reservations for a place by Oreo's house, and then at the Brown County State Park and after that for a place in northern Indiana for just over a week.

The other day dad also made reservations (for August) at another place.  Guess where it is?  Here's some hints . . . 

Another hint:  Can you smell the ocean water?

Do you suppose there are any whales out there?

It looks fantastic doesn't it?  Me and Stanley are waaaaay excited!

Make sure you pop over to the B*A*R* blog for information about the Photo Class that will be taught by Dory & Arty!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Few Things

OK, a few things you gotta know.  Furst of all an auction is being organized to help out our furend Lily fight her cancer.  She is going to the dogtur this afternoon so more details will probably be coming.  In the meantime, click HERE for auction details.

Please share this badge!

Another thing . . . did you notice on the sidebar that B*A*R* is only 45 days away?  Yes, you need to check out and follow the B*A*R* Blog for information and also join the Blogville Facebook page if you haven't already (make sure you add your blog to the pinned post so people recognize you!).

We are doing our best to make sure even those who cannot come to the B*A*R* will still be included!  Here's what you can do:
  • Send us your "Flat photo" so you can be included in the action and official photos.
  • Follow the B*A*R* Blog so you can see photos and video of the gathering.
  • Join the Facebook Page so you can see LIVE stream of what is going on!  This will be more meaningful during our Friendship and Memorial Ceremonies!!  Be sure to send your "flat photo" so you can be a part of these special ceremonies!
As we are able, we will share the videos taken during the LIVE stream on the B*A*R* blog.  Everyone* who is attending the B*A*R* will have the ability to LIVE stream video (a new Facebook feature) so we are HOPING there will be lots and lots of it on the Facebook Page!

* Facebook is currently rolling out the ability for everyone to post LIVE streams and there are still a few who do not have it.  Hopefully they will have in in the next few weeks.  Of course all this is dependent on having a cell signal at the park, otherwise the LIVE streams will occur later in the day.  We tested the system this past weekend and 4 of us were able to stream LIVE video onto the FB page simultaneously.

Buckle your seatbelts furends cuz the B*A*R* is gonna be a fun ride!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Take 5!

During the week it got really hot when I was outside fetching.  Mom was laughing cuz I kept stopping so I could take a break.  She said I used to never take a break so I must be getting old.  Ha! Mom is the one who is getting old!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, April 22, 2016

Flowers, Running & Earth

Today is a mix of photos.  First we will show you some pretty flowers for Dory's Flower Friday!

This is from our Magnolia tree.  Most of the blooms blew off and this is kinda beat up but me and Stanley like it anyway.

And this is the phlox that grows around our rocks.  In the front yard the phlox is several different colors but our mom was too lazy to go to the front yard to take a picture!

OK, that is all the flowers we have for now.  

Me and Stanley went running today but only went 5 miles cuz mom got too hot.  Sheesh!  Me and Stanley know how to cool off so why she was jacking our fun from a 6 miler we have no idea. 

 Stanley models the pawfect way to run and stay cool.  Isn't he handsome?

After mom quit we finished running, mom said we should rinse cool off.  BUTT we still got baths as soon as we got home!

Mom missed the REAL picture cuz I lost my balance from a slippery rock and did a face plant in the water.

Stanley was in a hurry to get going.  He thought we were gonna get ice cream or something.  Boy was he wrong!

We tried to convince dad to go our way but he yanked on those danged strings!

Another doggie showed up at our swimming hole but his mom would not let him go in the water.

And finally, we celebrate Earth Day!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sweet Memories!

It seems like just yesterday when we were on the campaign trail!  We had the Great Debate with Dory and remember the Mystery Kiss series?  Gussie was a great bus driver, always finding trouble excitement along the way!  And of course our wonderful campaign managers over at BH&G paved the way!  Here's a "throwback" from September 2014!

The Road To The Great Debate - Life On The Bus

Some furiends might think that life on our campaign bus is like touring with Willie Nelson but NOTHING could be further from the truth!  We spent all our  time going over strategy and business stuffs.  BH&G were on their mobile phones, faxes and lap tops taking care of everything for the campaign and all the last minute debate details.  Gussie handled all transportation issues.

We all have jobs to do to keep this campaign machine rolling and we were all taking care of it.  Until . . .

Dog oh dog were we glad to have Bailey with us to handle these matters!  We NEVER had the police pull us over and we were SCARED!  So Bailey went up front with Gussie.  It seemed like they were gone a long time and we wondered what was happening.  Finally we peaked out the widow.

The saga continued . . . 

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz For All Paws On The Campaign Trail

Monday, April 18, 2016

Candy Dates For Mayoral Election 2016!

We introduce our candy dates (in alphabetical order):

Arty is putting his paws in the pawlitical scene after watching his sister Dory who has been actively involved in the current administration.  Arty lives over at "Dory's Backyard".  Please visit him by clicking HERE!

Christmas has wasted no time throwing his collar in the ring for mayor!  Of course he does feel comfortable in the spotlight since he is used to spending time in the ring!  He lives over at "Paw Province".  Please visit him by clicking HERE!

Lexi is a food loving kinda gal (named after a restaurant) who knows what she wants.  And she wants to be the next mayor! Lexi lives over at "Lexi The Schnauser".  Please visit her by clicking HERE!

We hope everyone will get to know our candy dates.  They will demonstrate their leadership abilities as all three work together to organize 

 Blogville Summer Olympics!

 The election will be held in November, details to follow.

This has been an official announcement from the Blogville Mayorz' Office.

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz of All Paws

Friday, April 15, 2016

Live Video Action from B*A*R* this June!

For those Blogville citizens who are on Facebook, please join the Blogville group page so you can see LIVE stream of video from the B*A*R*!  Find it HERE!

Last Call!

Yes, the dead lion to be a candy date is nearly here and once it passes there are no second chances!

Also, if you want to see the tattoo mom got yesterday, you have to go to the boring diet blog HERE!  Mom is acting stoopid saying now that she has ink she's all bad.  If she keeps getting on our nerves we're gonna have to tell her that Ink ain't nothing . . . we got microchips!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Mom and me had an argument this morning.  She wanted me to tell you what happened and I said it was dumb and no one would care.

Then mom reminded me that it was raining and we didn't have anything else to talk about so then I agreed.  Here is what she wanted me to tell you . . . 

Mom is thinking about the trip to B*A*R* a lot these days.  It will take us several days to get to Oreo's house and then another day to get to the B*A*R*.  Then after that, we will be hanging around visiting hoomans and stuff.  So mom said she wants to take enough stuff that she won't have to do laundry while we are on the road.  She said the trouble was gonna be with having enough washcloths.  So today she went to JC Penny and bought 32 washcloths!  

And here is what she is so giddy about . . . the total price was 2 cents*.  Mom is dancing around the house yelling "SCORE!"

I'm sorry I was forced to tell such a boring story.

Murphy & Stanley

* They were priced $10 per bundle of 8.  Then they had a sale, buy one bundle and get the another bundle for 1 penny.  Then, mom had 2 coupons for $10 off a purchase of $10.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Fence

We just wanted to show you the fence where we meet our new friend.  See the fence behind Stanley?  We have new neighbors and all we have to do is bark and the little hooman girlie comes running over to pet us!  And once she gets to the fence we really bark like crazy cuz we are excited to see her!  Mom and dad love all our barking, especially Stanley's loud baritone voice!

And mom said you might find this interesting.  Over the weekend, our local news sent this out over the Facebook news feed.

That cracked mom up real bad! A divorced Pope??  And it took them a long time to fix it too.  She sent it to Jimmy Fallon but he didn't mention it last night.   

Oh, one other thing . . . last Friday we were just looking out the window and saw Animal Control pull up to Sadie's house.  The guy didn't stay very long but did have the hoomans bring Sadie out so he could see her.  As Auntie YAM would say, "Eyes on!"

Also, be sure to pop over to the B*A*R* blog for an impawtant announcement!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dead Lion Looms!

As a reminder, the dead lion is coming!  So far we have 3 candy-dates!

For details see original post HERE!

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz of All Paws

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Running Doods

Yesterday we went running with our pawrents but we only went 5 miles instead of the usual six.  Mom said it was because it was warmer outside and the sprinklers aren't running yet to create the puddles we usually go through to keep cool.  So there was only 1 place to get water and we had to loop it.

Then after we get home . . . 

Stanley didn't make it to the bed.

Murphy & Stanley