Thursday, February 28, 2013

CGC Test Report

Whew - we finally had our test!  We have some pictures to show you.  Some exercises were done in front of the group and others were private. Some of them were taken behind a window (the private ones).
I was doing the SIT-STAY test here.
Here I had to not break my STAY when being handled.
I had to do a walking pattern with stops on a loose leash.  I did much better than this photo shows.
Here I had to do a STAND-STAY and not break it when being handled.
This was a 3 minute STAY.  As you can see, all those trips to Lowe's and PetSmart paid off because we mastered this one with our eyes closed!
Part of loose leash exercise.
Me, Stan & Layla (Stanley's girl friend - they kiss all during the class!).
Dad and Stanley doing RECALL to HEEL exercise.
More of RECALL to HEEL exercise.
More of RECALL to HEEL exercise.
Dad and Stan on SIT-STAY while handled exercise.
Stan & Dad on SIT-STAY.

 There were a few other dogs besides those you see in the photos.  Our friend Annie was in the class with her mom too.  The other big Goldendoodle in some of the photos was named Murphy just like me!

Stanley and Dad - they passed!

Me and Mom - we passed!
 We are now officially Canine Good Citizens!  Thank you all for your support.  Mom and Dad said they are so proud of us!  They never thought we could pass the first time since we are not even 13 months old yet!  We just told mom, "Sheesh Mom, Goldendoodles can do anything!"

Murphy & Stanley
Canine Good Citizens

Passing The Time

We're just passing the time until it is time to take our CGC test. (It isn't until 8:00 p.m.)  So Stanley thought he'd do a little destruction and practice his Elvis smile.  Thanks for all your well wishes and support!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Official!

Good news - it's official!  We're gonna take the little wheelie house and go to Zion National Park in just a few weeks!  Dad made the reservations already!  It is to celebrate our GOTCHA day next month but we have to go a week early because all the sites are reserved for the official day.  BUTT we will hike, swim, and run with our pawrents!  It's gonna be a blast!
This is why we have to take the little wheelie house.  We live north of Salt Lake City and Zion National park is way south - where it is WARM!
Here are a few photos of the park.
We don't know this person.
WATER!  We love playing in water!

Red rock is a common sight in southern Utah.
The national parks don't allow dogs on most of the trails but we'll go where we can.  And there are other state parks nearby where we are allowed so mom said we better get ready for lots of hiking!

This is the little wheelie house.  We took it to the ocean last summer when we were still  little puppies .

We are so excited!  Now we just need to focus on our test on Thursday . . .


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where'd They Go?

"Mom! Dad!  Where are you?"
"I don't see 'em anywhere Murphy . . . where could they be?"
 Once again I had to check mom's cell phone for evidence of where they went WITHOUT us!

Hmmmm . . . this is suspiciously familiar . .  .
Yes, I am sure of it, this was another cross country skiing outing.
What's that . . . a weird bird nest?
Stanley searched it on Google and found out . . . it's a porcupine!


Somehow we have to figure out a way to make them stop this!  They NEVER go anyplace without us!


Pee Ess - Mom wanted me to tell ever'body that after playing with our laser light last night she did some research  and decided we would not do it again - ever!  We had lots of fun doing it but when we finished I kept looking everywhere for the little red dot.  I was acting sort of weird (says mom).  It did not affect Stanley this way but mom and dad say it is too dangerous.   Mom said she never knew it could be so dangerous to some dogs.  Don't worry, I am fine now. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Working Hard

Me and Stanley have been working very hard today.  First we went to Lowe's where we practiced loose leash walking, STOP, and STAY (by the cash registers).  There were lots of distractions but we did everything our pawrents asked us to do.  After that we went to Petco where we practiced LEAVE IT and STAY with heavy distractions.  Again, we did REALLY good.  Then we went to PetSmart and practiced the same thing.  For the third time today we did a great job.  Mom said she was super duper proud of us!  So as a reward our pawrents bought us a laser light (mom says we'll see it tonight), new blue coats, and the bestest thing . . . our very first time . . .

"OK, we're ready Dad!"
"Can you see what it is?"
"Yum!  This is strange but good!"
"I chased it all over the floor, finally mom helped me out.  That's why I lub her!"
"Stanley tried putting it next to a toy to get it to hold still."
"Finally Dad helped him out too."

Yup, we worked hard and now we're gonna pawty hard!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Practice Test Results

We got more snow!  Yes, it is true.  Just when the yard was getting some good mud spots we got more snow   And, it is supposed to snow 12" more through tomorrow.  We are excited but mom (even though she just started XC skiing) is not.

(The tall hand in front is mom's - I'm sure of it.)
You might know that last night was our CGC practice test.  There are 10 parts (exercises) to it and we MUST pass all 10 in order to get our CGC (Canine Good Citizen).  (If we do not pass next Thursday then we have to retake the class and then test again.)  Mom and Dad REALLY want us to pass the first time
I passed all but 2 exercises.  On #4 (see link above) I would have passed if my mom would have talked more to me and instead when I got distracted she pulled me over by the leash and that is NOT allowed.  Gee thanks Mom! Then on #7, when she called me, I was coming but I drifted over to sniff out a good smell when I was about 2 feet away from heeling and completing the exercise.  Oops, I forgot it was a test.  I mean - I was on my way . . . almost there even!  Anyway, if this happens next week mom said that is not good.
Stanley also passed all but 2 exercises.  On #4 when he was given the STOP command, he didn't stop on time.  Then on #5, Dad did the same leash yank to him that Mom did to me on #4.  So if we can get our pawrents to shape up, we just had 1 exercise that caused us a bit of trouble.  So close . . .

"Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing them talk about it . . . blah . . .blah . . .blah."

"Me too Murph . . . I think I'm gonna take a nap."

"G'night Murph . . ."
"G'night Stan . . ."


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thanks, Pawrents & Presents

Hi ever'body!  We want to thank you all so much for helping us reach (and then exceed) our goal of 100 followers!  Mom is so happy she was even doing a dance.

Some of you wanted a driver's license like the ones we posted yesterday.  It is easy to do, just follow this link (Agent 8787, that means you too):  Dog License.  You will see at the top where you click to make your license.
"It's real easy"

Today our pawrents were sneaking off without us.  Since we now have our driver licenses, we got into mom's Explorer and followed them to see what they were doing.  This is what we saw . . . they started to ski . . . without us!!

We told mom that was not nice but she said that in a few weeks there will be something new for us to do with them - we are going to start running!  Yup, they said we were finally old enough to start running with them.  We are so excited for that!!

I have to tell you what happened last night.  I was kind of mad at mom for it but now I am okay so don't worry.  She called me and Stanley up cuz we went outside for our last pee before bedtime.  We both came right away.  Stanley went in the door and I ALMOST did, then remembered that I forgot mom's present.  I like to bring in a toy, stick, leaf, anything I can find to let her know I love her very much.  Anyway, I ran back down the stairs, grabbed it, and than came back up.

Mom acted really weird and started giving me the DROP IT command.  So I did even though I wanted to bring it in the door to give to her.  So then I came in the door and she yelled at dad and he came running.  I was waiting for SOMEBODY to tell me thank you but no one ever did!  Mom even called me "gross"!  I did NOT deserve this treatment.  Especially after I brought her a special present of a dead mouse.  Sometimes life isn't very fair!