Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dog Park, Sugar, Shelly, & Sarge

Do you know what this means?

It means there is finally some work happening at our dog park!  The gate was installed and later this week culinary water is going to be run in from the water main!  See the dirt strip in front of the gate? On Saturday this will be filled with rock!  Our waste stations are sitting in our garage and will be installed Saturday too.  Things are finally happening!  Yipee!

And speaking of happening things, there is something else happening that we need to tell you about. Our furend Sugar was planning to announce her give-away on the same day as the Mayorz Marathon BUTT it didn't happen in time.  So she is doing it NOW.  It is a fantastic prize worth $150 and is especially for Moms.  So pop over to her place to enter the contest.  Unfortunately, it is limited to USA and doggies only (we believe it is in line with the promotion Road Runner Sports is doing). It's pretty easy to enter, you just need a photo and a comment.  And we know you marathon runners went on a lot of walkies with your mom during your training so check it out and see how you can win your mom a free outfit from a great store (my pawrents really like it)! Sugar has all the details.  See her contest details HERE!

Another thing you need to know is that the auction started today for Shelly, human sister of Da Weenies.  Just go here.

On a happier note, be sure you check out Sarge's Recruit A Pal event that is running for the entire month of May!  It's a great way to make new furends and invite them to Blogville!

 OK, lastly I just need to tell you that our pawrents gave us our summer time haircuts to help cut down on wind drag when our dog park opens in a few weeks.  We are SOOOOO ready!  Stanley likes his new cut.

And I think I look most handsome too.

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Special Walk

On Wednesday, we really were thinking about our pal Goose.  We know him in the furs you know.  Anyway, everyone thought he was going to cross the bridge on Wednesday - but he fooled them all!  Anyway, we had him on our hearts so we took a walkie in the same place he has been going lately.

This is the river on the lower parkway.  It's a good place because the water is dog friendly.

For a few minutes we lost mom. Or did she lose us? Either way, if she is not in sight it is an emergency situation.

We like stopping by the river.  Sometimes we go in and other times we just take a sip.

I always think about how my early ancestors must have enjoyed this river back when Goldendoodles ran wild with the dinosaurs.

Time to cool off.  Stanley likes to ease into the water and lay there and drink water like an alligator.

 Yes, we can smell Goose all over this river.  We are thankful for not only his friendship but if it wasn't for him me and Stanley would never have come to live with our pawrents!  We'll always hold Goose in our hearts!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, April 23, 2015

FFHT - The Extraction of Cherry Bomb

NOTE:  We posted early to help our furends across the pond!

It's that time again!  The last Friday of the month is Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!  This month our special inclusion to use is:  "It smelled like . . . "

If you want more information on FFHT just click HERE.

Some of you have asked how it happened that my dad was able to recover my furever lost Cherry Bomb from "those" neighbors.  This is the real life story of the extraction of my beloved Cherry Bomb from enemy territory.  In this photo you can see "those" neighbors in their house.  They were always looking out the windows so dad knew he had to go in low and slow.

He wore just the right camouflage clothing so he would blend in with the surrounding weedy area.  Slowly he crept closer and closer to my Cherry Bomb.  He was wearing a special radio so we were in contact during the whole operation.  He said he thought he could hear my Cherry Bomb quietly weeping.  

When he finally got close enough, he stretched out his arm and with the very tips of his fingertips he was able to reach my Cherry Bomb!  I cried out in joy when he radioed me and gave me the 10-8 code indicating Cherry Bomb was back in service!  Then, because he had to use his hands and arms to slowly creep back to our yard, he put Cherry Bomb in his mouth.  He later said, "It smelled like squirrel turds roasted in the sun and it tasted like it too."  But he did it anyway.  That's why he is a great dad!

And that is the true story of how my Cherry Bomb came home to me.


Murphy & Cherry Bomb

We Got Picked!

We were surprised when Nellie from the Cats From Hell told us we won (random draw) her "finish the sentence" contest.  And look at the fun cartoon she made of us for winning!  We think it's pretty cool.  Thanks Nellie!

The sentence was "I can't wait until tomorrow . . ." and our answer was: "cuz I get better looking every day!"

We are not vain.  Our mom MADE us write that answer.  Thanks Nellie!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Breaking News For FFHT

Remember that FFHT is this Friday.  In a new development, Oz will be setting up the blog hop for us.  Just pop on over to his Blogville Tours page to set it up.  Thanks Oz!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogville Barkers!

Thank you all for pawticipating in the furst ever Mayorz Marathon.  It was a blast!  Now we're moving right along . . .

After counting up the comments left for team names (we could only count the ones in which one specific name was chosen), the overwhelming majority vote was:

 Blogville Barkers

So that is the official name for our soccer team.  Now you need to remember a few dates:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) - Coach Easy will be posting our furst training on how to play soccer!

April 25 (THIS Saturday) - Deadline for reporting in uniform!!  You need to send a photo of yourself in your official soccer uniform.  Remember to put your number on it too. To get a copy of the uniform click HERE.  If possible, please send it to us on a transparent background.  Any cheerleaders also need to send us their photos either in your cheer leading uniform or with pom poms on (if pawsible) a transparent background.  Email to cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com.

May 5 - Furst Official Practice!

May 19 - Our furst official game against The Slayers!

Coach Easy is here to get train us to be pawfessional soccer (football across the pond) players!

One last thingie.  It is always proper to play the national anthem before the game begins.  So we either need someone to compose one or suggest an existing piece of music.  We need help on this so let us know!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Emergency Blog List For Marathon

In case of a breakdown, here is the order of the marathon:

Start - Mile 4 is at this blog.  Then go to here for miles 5 - 7.  
Then go here for a water stop.  
Then go here for miles 8 - 11.  
Then go here for the Blogville Pawlice Pawty Shack at mile 12.  
Then go here for miles 13 - 15. 
Then go here for a live DJ at mile 16.  
Then go here for miles 17 - 20.  
Then go here for the porta potty.  
Then go here for miles 21 - 24.  
Then go here for miles 25 and the finish line.  
Then go here for the podium. 
Then go here for foodables.  
Then go here for drinks!

Be sure to visit everyone in order!  Thanks!

Mayorz Marathon Start Line!

We're about ready for the gun to go off to officially start the furst ever Blogville Mayorz Marathon!  These runners have been training for MONTHS in order to complete this challenging 26.2 mile course!  Because we have so many runners, we will start in 3 waves.  Since all runners are wearing microchips, their times will automatically be adjusted so that the runners starting after the first wave are not penalized.  

Be sure to follow the links on the bottom of the posts so you can follow whole race!

Runners ready . . . set . . . 

The pawticipants are all off and running!  The excitement is crazy!
Let's see the runners on these first miles!

(You may need to bigify the photos to read the dialog.)  Our first runners come into Mile 1!

So far the pack is staying close together!

And now they're coming into Mile 2!

How did that squirrel get on the course?

Mile 3 and everyone is still in good shape!

Mile 4 is always a bit confusing.  Will anyone go the wrong way?  Oh, the Mayorz have pulled into the First Aid tent! Ut oh, Murphy noticed Jakey has a ball!  Oreo hitches a ride!

Yikes, now Easy is in the First Aid tent!

It's really early and there are still many miles ahead for the runners!  Follow them along the course by clicking HERE!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mayorz Marathon Eve!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Lots of furends have been training for MONTHS to run the marathon.  It will start right here (12 midnight Pacific Coast time).  After reading the starting line post it will give you a link to take you to the next miles in the course.  

You can follow the links to go through the whole race (through 14 blogs).  EVERY runner will be shown at each mile marker.  When you get towards the end of the race, a link will transport you to the finish line.  

Who will win our race?  After the finish line, keep following the links to see what delights Sasha and Ruby have prepared for runners and spectators, as well as our athletes' photos as they pose on the podium.

BUTT tonight . . . we carb load!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - In the event something goes wrong and a link doesn't publish on time or doesn't work, we will post a "patch" on our blog to get you to the next point.