Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mini BAR @ Bryce Canyon National Park

For anyone interested in seeing the photos we took at this year's mini-BAR, pop over to the other blog . . . CLICK HERE!  There are lots of photos and not many words.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Pressie From My Love!

I had the most wonderfulest surprise today!  My true and only love, my fiance Ruby with the fabulous furs, sent me a love package!  Yes she did!

Does she know how to shop or what??  These are real cookies from 3 Dog Bakery.  Me and Stanley have been dying to try their stuff!

And she sent 2 brand new Cherry Bombs!  She knows how I love my Cherry Bomb! It is great to have a backup in case I get into a situation like last time when my original Cherry Bomb was ballnapped!

And she also sent a GoDog Furball!

And can you believe it, she sent me a cuddle buddy Muppett too!

Of course me and Ruby secretly know why she picked a "cuddle buddy" hee . . . hee . . . 

I had decisions to make right away . . .  what to play with?  Since Stanley stole my Muppett right off the bat, that narrowed it down to 2 choices.

I knew Cherry Bomb would wait for me.

In the meantime, Stanley was preparing to cuddle . . . 

I told him NOT to think of Ruby while he cuddled the Muppett!  I knew Ruby would want me to share my pressies.

Pssst . . . I have to tell you a secret . . . don't tell Stanley I told you BUTT we went to the dogtur today and they told him he was borderline chunky.  Can you believe that?  Of course, they said I was pawfect cuz I am an athlete with all my fetching.  And Stanley . . . he watches too much TV!

Thank you so much my sweet, hawt fiance Ruby!!  I love you so much!  You are so good to me!  I will bark my love to you tonight again!

Murphy (and Stanley)

Monday, January 14, 2019


Hi ever'body! We were wondering if you wanted to go on a run with us this morning?  It's a cool 24°F (-4°C) so you probably won't sweat too much.

We all run together and we're careful about ice in the streets.

Murphy spotted a lot of dangerous spots on this road so he sat down to warn mom.

Then mom made us both pose I sat down to warn dad.

We found a nice and dry road.  We're all about being safe!

Stanley jumped up here to get a better view of road conditions.  It was a couple feet higher than the street.

When we got home our pawrents hit the shower and me and Stanley did what we do!

We hope everyone had a great Monday!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year & More

We hope everyone had a good New Year's.  We pawtied like it was 1999!

Stanley lasted longer than me cuz he's bigger so he can drink more.

I think it's impawtent to know your limits.

And now that we're headed into a new year, we just want to acknowledge 2 people who were unable to make the journey with us.  Sarah Ricca and Frankie's & Ernie's dad Butch both went to Heaven right after Christmas.

It's a sad thing to happen and Frankie & Ernie decided to wait until the howl-i-daze were over before saying too much. Butt we bet the minute those newest angels got their wings that they flew over to the Rainbow Bridge and are playing with all the doggies and kitties there! Frankie & Ernie are crossing their paws that Madi is NOT twerking in front of their dad cuz they would be mortified! (We don't worry about Sarah cuz she is used to that stuff.)

Butt anyway, in the meantime . . .

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Frankie & Ernie Update

Hello furiends!  We need to give you some information about our pals Frankie & Ernie!

We know everyone has missed them like crazy cuz they have been MIA for quite some time (even longer than us!).  The good news is that Frankie & Ernie themselves are doing great!

BUTT their dad's medical issues have continued (and gotten worse) for quite a while now.  So their mom has been caring for him plus doing ALL the chores and errands as well as taking care of all the medical stuffs.  Don't tell her they told us butt Frankie & Ernie said they think she might be going a bit squirrelly from all the stress!

You know this is a really bad time of year for these sorts of things.  Frankie & Ernie even had to be the ones to fix the furnace when it quit!  Their mom knows NOTHING about rebuilding, repairing and replacing furnaces!  When it stopped working she just threw up her hands and told Frankie that he and Ernie needed to handle this one! It's a good thing that all the years of blogging (and being mayor) taught Frankie how to Google!  And she didn't even get mad about the oily pawprints from them handling the job!

  Luckily Frankie has also been trained to deal with people on hospice care - even when it's his own dad.  And he's put the word out to Ernie so Ernie is following Frankie's example to help care for his dad too.  

In the meantime, their mom is trying to take care of everything butt you know it can be quite stressful and exhausting.  So Frankie & Ernie asked us to put the word out that their mom is thinking of everyone butt she just isn't able to answer emails or write out Christmas cards.  So when you don't get a Christmas card from them this year, it isn't because they aren't thinking of you - cuz they are! 

One last thing . . . Frankie & Ernie also report that having all this chaos going on in their home has really cut back on the number of  snowfreaks this year.  So that is good news.  In the meantime, keep them in your thoughts and prayers and they'll keep you in theirs.  After all, it's the Blogville way!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Meet Us At Bryce!

Hi ever'body! We wanted to pop in on the day that Arty, Rosy & Jakey were telling everyone about the upcoming Mini BAR at Bryce Canyon.  As you might know, me and Stanley have been there a million times!

We think Bryce Canyon is an extra special place.  It's rather remote, and located at just over 8,000 feet.  

It's a photographer's dream and the hiking is magnificent!

It's very international too.  There are people from all over the world coming to see Bryce Canyon!

We like the hoodoos, there are a million of them!  

And the best thing is to hike among all the hoodoos and see what new sculptures the wind has created!

A word of caution: Dogs are NOT allowed to hike in the canyon.  We are only allowed on paved trails throughout the park and the paved rim trail.  BUTT we can go to nearby Red Canyon and hike those trails!  

There's a free shuttle that will take you from point to point (all through the park) if you don't want to hike.  

There are a variety of options for lodging.  For dogs, RV's are the best option cuz it's expensive for dogs to stay at the hotels.  We'll be in the little wheelie house!  There are also cabins and teepees!

You have to be prepared for any weather conditions cuz ANYTHING is possible in early May!

Butt we hope some of you will take advantage of this mini BAR and plan to vacation with us!

For more details, you can see the videos on the Blogville Facebook age (there are 4 of them).  Although this is a casual, no planning mini BAR we are happy to answer any questions.  Leave your questions in the comment section and we will answer them there cuz probably someone else has the same question.

We hope to see you there May 2nd - May 6th!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, October 8, 2018

Doodle Greetings!

Hello everyone! You may have seen us going around Blogville yesterday.  We hope we saw everyone!  

Anyway, me and Stanley wanted to tell you we recently went to Bryce Canyon (see mom's boring blog for photos).  On our way back we were ALMOST home and we heard a terrible sound!  It turned out that the underbody cover of the wheelie house tore loose and was dragging under the wheelie house!  So the wheelie house will be going back in the shop later this month.  While it's there mom and dad are going to revisit the A/C issue cuz dad bought a thingie to measure the CFM and it is only putting out a third of what it should!  That story is to be continued!

Me and Stanley went running today but only went half the distance cuz it was so windy mom and dad were freezing.  Of course, me and Stan thought it was just right!

Murphy & Stanley