Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hats For Treats - Chewy

It seems like the days are so long now since our Christmas stockings were hung up (and started smelling like antlers).  So we were REALLY glad when the big truck came and brought us a treat from Chewy!

When mom opened up the package, it was the first time I wasn't sniffing and pawing at my Christmas stocking!  And Stanley's big ol' nose immediately whipped into "vacuum high" gear.

As a #chewyinfluencer we get to test a FREE treat just to see if we like it!  All we have to do is say what we thought of it!

We picked the True Chews Premium Grillers to test this month.  And dog oh dog, was it ever a good choice!  

We were so crazy to get some that we even agreed to wear the stoopid red hats and pose in front of the Christmas tree!  

That is just how delish these slabs of real steaks smelled!

Mom made us WAIT while she did a commercial about this great treat (actually she copied it from the Chewy web page) . . . 

Key Benefits
  • 100% U.S.-sourced beef, including sirloin steak, is the very first ingredient in this high-protein snack.
  • Natural flavors and spices add a smoky, savory flavor to the meaty, slow-roasted texture that your pooch is sure to love.
  • Soft, chewy strips make a perfect snack any time as well as an ideal training treat when broken into smaller pieces.
  • Made in the USA with absolutely no corn, soy, wheat, animal by-products or artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Comes in a convenient resealable pack so you can take them along to give your pup a tasty reward or energizing pick-me-up while on the go.

 Finally, after 87 hours, she said TAKE IT!

We gulped those down FAST!  Then Stanley gave mom his best smile and asked, "Thank you mother, may we have another?" And she said "YES!"

Thanks Chewy for sending us this delicious treat!  Our official rating is 8 paws and 2 hats - our highest rating EVER!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, December 11, 2017

Keeping Watch

Me and Stanley brought the Christmas tree up on Saturday.

We know it can't be too long before Santa Paws comes and brings us new toys (we only have 87 toys left from prior years).

Yesterday, when I walked past our stockings, I detected something . . . 

It's gonna be a too many days before Christmas gets here.

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Being Prepared!

I've been making plans to deal with this BAD air inversion.  

I do NOT want it to interfere with my Wilson time!

The air is unhealthy so I gotta take precautions!

You can see the layer of YUCK from yesterday (today is worse). 

So I got a gas mask for Wilson to keep him safe.

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - In case you didn't know, our inversion season (Dec - Feb) is caused when the sun is on a lower angle, the upper-level temps are warmer than the temps close to the ground, and a high pressure is parked over the top of our state.  With our mountains, it creates a bowl effect and the inversion acts like a lid, not allowing emissions to escape into the atmosphere.  So we are stuck breathing bad air until a storm comes through (meaning the high pressure is no longer present) and the bad air is replaced by fresh air.  This isn't predicted to happen for quite some time so it is gonna get MUCH worse!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

More Action

It's really cold here these days - just like me and Stanley like it!  BUTT somehow the snow mostly melted in our backyard.  Anyway, it is never too cold for me and Wilson!

The bad news is that an inversion is setting in.  When a high parks over our state, the mountains trap in all the pollution.  It takes a storm (the high moving out and allowing the air to mix) for us to get clean air again.  And the weather forecasters say the first shot we have for that to happen is on the 21st (and it looks weak)!  We are gonna need gas masks by them!

I will get on the computer to see if anyone sells a gas mask to fit Wilson.

And I will practice my moves while holding my breath.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Guess What Happened???

Our new running day is Monday.  So yesterday we got up and guess what happened???

Yup, it snowed!!  Me and Stanley LOVED it!  We can't wait until we get really deep snow so we can hop around in it like kangaroos!  BUTT it was our running day so we had to head out.  

We had to put it in all-paw drive sometimes cuz the roads were too icy for our pawrents (that's why we were on the sidewalk)

Stanley wanted to stop and build a snowman but dad said not today.

Stanley kept going rogue.  Mom didn't take pictures of us running cuz she had to be careful not to slip.  But we ran 5 miles!

Then we walked back home (up the hill).  Our street was nice and clean cuz it is a high priority for the plow crews.  In real life our house doesn't look anything like the one next door.

Across the street . . .

Looking up the street . . .

Stanley and dad are putting in the secret code to open the garage door.

I still needed to sniff the snow!

Murphy & Stanley