Sunday, February 26, 2012

Progress Report-Stanley

Today we had our pictures taken to be sent to our forever parents (at least  forever parents of one us).  We were all excited.  We have moved from pool to a puppy pen and have started to play.  This is an exciting world.  In two weeks Dad will have to decide between us.  The other Stanley has another forever home to go to, but our brother Murphy, will be going with me.  I think that my Dad will clearly see the different personalities that are evident in these photos.

Stanley Blue
Stanley Blue
Stanley G
Stanley G

Progress Report - Murphy

 This morning my foster mom and dad took us all out of our puppy pen and held us up for photos to send to our forever parents.  She told my mom and dad how much I've been growing and how I've started eating puppy food now.  I'm doing my best to get big and strong so I can play with all the toys my mom and dad have waiting for me and my brother Stanley.  I think she was even bragging a little bit about how good we're doing with our walking around.  She told me one day when I'm really big I'm going to be able to go running with my mom and dad.  I dream of that at night.
Hi Mom!  If this guy would let go of me I could show you how good I'm doing when I walk!
I'm dreaming of you Mom & Dad!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Decision in Two Weeks

In two weeks, Dad has to choose which of the two Stanleys will go to the forever home with Mom, Dad, and Murphy.  Tension is mounting in the litter. . . we hope it doesn't come to this. . .

The Stanleys

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Detective Report

The Stanleys got another report from the detective they hired.  Really, I am wondering where they got the money because we are still very little puppies and my pockets are empty.  But sometimes it is best not to ask questions.  I'm so curious about our life with our forever mom and dad that just listen with my ears wide open to find out everything I can.

The report didn't have much in it but it did say that mom is setting up a play date with Scruffy Waddell.  It included a background check on Scruffy and it appears that he is an adult male Cockapoo.  The report included references from people who know Scruffy and they all say he is an older, very gentle and loving dog.  Since we never met our birth father we're excited to meet a full grown male dog!  The detective snapped a photo of Scruffy.  I can't wait until we grow some more and finally meet Mom, Dad and Scruffy!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppy Supplies Investigation Results

 Mom told my regular person lady that she and Dad have been shopping for puppy supplies.  I'm not sure what she's talking about because the only thing I need is some milk from my birth mother and a cozy place to sleep.  My needs are pretty simple.  I asked the Stanleys if they had any idea what she was talking about and they didn't know either.  So we've had to do some further investigation to see what this "puppy supplies" thing was all about.

Holy mackerel!  Our new Mom and Dad must be crazy!  They sure like to play with toys!  I'm not sure what all of this is but the Stanleys said it's stuff that squeaks, stuff that rolls, things that are fetched, and things to chew on.  Huh?  Chew?  Oh, now that is sounding interesting!  I was worried about those toothbrushes I saw in the picture the Stanleys got, but they said that it was for a few months from now and that we wouldn't have to worry about it right away.  Whew - that was a close call!

 As I understand it, all the toys go in a toy box and it all belongs to me and one of the Stanleys!  Wow!  I am a lucky pup!  But I kind of feel sorry for the Stanley that doesn't get picked because that sure looks like a fun toy box.
 Wow - look at that bed!  I don't know how the Stanleys got these pictures but I have to say I am loving how soft and cozy that bed is looking.  I think it might be a king size!  Stanley and I are going to love snuggling up on that bed!

 Oh, wait, we each get our own bed?  Right now I share a bed  with the two Stanleys and a bunch of girls.  We have 4 sisters.  Us guys rule the blanket though because girls are dumb.
 Our toy box is sitting next to the grandfather clock . . . just waiting for us.
 Wait a minute, what is this?  I checked with the Stanleys to be sure this photo belonged in our file and they said it did.  I'm not sure what these are for but I guess mom told someone that we needed to be in these "car seats" when we take trips because it's safer than running around and getting our heads stuck in the steering wheel.  She said me and Stanley could share one for awhile but when we got big we'd want our own.  I suppose she's right.  I also heard she bought a baby gate.  I'm not sure what that is but I suppose me and the lucky Stanley will find out.
I think when me and Stanley move to our forever home with Mom and Dad we're gonna have a lot of fun.  We can't wait until we're old enough to make the trip to North Ogden.

Murphy & The Stanleys

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I was minding my own business and my regular person lady put me in a bowl.  I heard of bowling before but I never thought I'd be doing it.  After all, I'm just over 2 weeks old!  I must have done a good job though because she took my picture and sent it to my new people who I will live with next month.  I think I'll call them Mom and Dad.  My regular person lady said they already love me!  My new Mom must like to bowl too because she thinks I look very handsome bowling.  I think she's crazy about me! 
 Just when I thought I was the only bowler in the litter, one of the Stanleys got picked up and he was bowling too.  I guess this must be a team sport.  My Mom and Dad were trying to figure out if this Stanley was number one or two.  Mom thinks it's #1 and Dad thinks it's #2.   They are confused.  I'm glad they know which one of us is Murphy!
 The second Stanley joined our bowling team too.  I was starting to worry that everyone was going to be on the team but after the other Stanley, no one else went bowling.
Bowling was fun but it really tired me and the Stanleys out.  We need a nap.  It takes a lot of energy to grow into a playful puppy.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Changes Are Coming

Last night some new people came over to touch us.  We opened our eyes a couple times to look at them and after talking with Stanley we are positive they have never been around here before.  They seem nice and the lady people held me real close and talked real softly as she stroked me.  She stroked me and both my other brothers.  We really liked it but pretended that we didn't.  The man people seems nice too but he didn't stroke us since the regular people said they didn't want us handled too much since we were such tiny babies.  After the people left, we heard the regular people talking and they said that we are going to live with the new man and lady people.  We're not sure when this is supposed to happen because we don't know what March 23rd means.  Frankly I'm a little worried about it but it makes me feel better knowing that Stanley and I will be going together.  But I think it will probably be okay because when the new lady people was holding and stroking me it made me feel real warm and fuzzy inside.  And I think I was making her feel warm and fuzzy too.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


I finally talked Murphy into opening his eyes and you cannot believe what we saw!  The world is NOTHING like we thought it was when our eyes were closed.  It is so overwhelming that we had to quickly snap our eyelids shut again but there's no changing the fact that we've seen the world around us.  As much as we try to resist, our eyes keep opening again.  Little by little we've been peaking at our surroundings.  It turns out that the strange smelling dogs are people!  They are huge giants!  Although they are so much bigger than us, and even our mom, it is obvious we are superior to them because their bodies are not covered in hair like ours are.  


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Other Dogs

The past few days are even more confusing.  Me and Stanley talked about it and near as we can figure out there is this other strange type of dog that keeps coming around.  Sometimes they just touch us and other times they grip our bodies and balance us in the air.  And they smell weird!  Their odor is so different from everyone else on the blanket!  We talked about this and we're thinking of opening our eyes to check this out a bit more.  I told Stanley we should open our eyes and he said we shouldn't because he was afraid that everything would change again.  Maybe he's right.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Since me and my brothers and sisters were born, things have been quite interesting.  Sometimes we feel a warm "something" grip around us and we are magically lifted into the air.  This is scary and doesn't make much sense.  It is so scary that we all just keep our eyes closed all the time.  But it isn't as dark as it was before we were born.  I can sense some sort of light on the other side of my tightly closed eyelids.  I can feel my brothers and sisters lying next to me as we nurse from our mother.  She is a great mother too!  She is very gentle with us.  This life of being born is great so far!


Friday, February 3, 2012

What Happened?

This was a very confusing day.  I was all curled up, all warm and snugly, when suddenly weird things started happening.  I felt strange pressures and my brothers and sisters started disappearing.  "What's going on here?" I shouted.  It was totally dark, I could see nothing, but that wasn't unusual since I had never seen light before. Then there was this weird, very tight, squeezing feeling.  Suddenly I started feeling all these strange sensations that I never felt before.  I think I was born!