Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caution: Dirty Post!

One of the things me and Stanley like about summer is when our peeps leave our pool out for us to play in.  The other thing we like to do is dig.  But the perfect way to start a morning is to combine them!  So this morning we did that very thing.  

"I'm ready to come in Dad, open the door."

"Hurry, I'm sort of dripping all over."

Murphy did not want to be questioned about his appearance.  His motto is: Just Act Normal!

So Dad had to don a pair of coveralls and hose us down.

Ah - a great start to a new day!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soccer Pup

Today we went to the park to watch our grand-peep JC play soccer.  I wanted to get out there with that ball soooooo bad!!  I kept a sharp eye on that ball in case they needed me to play!

Our other grandpeep promised me she would come over and play ball with me.

She was even petting Stanley and she was always too afraid of him before.

Petting the both of us at once is a huge stride in her adjustment to us pups.  

OK, who took the photo of me sitting in the Princess chair????


Friday, August 24, 2012

Fetching At The River

Last night we went to the river to fetch sticks.  Stanley is really good at it, a real pro.  I'm good too but he usually beat me to the sticks.  Unfortunately, our peeps didn't catch the pictures of us in deeper water or with our heads under the water.  They get kind of excited at these times and say it's hard to take a photo.  But we're still trying to train them.

Bringing back the stick

Stanley went in the deep water to get the stick.

Stanley is really good.

OMD - where did my leg go?

Where is it?

Did ya throw it yet?

Come on - hurry!

Dang, Stanley beats me again!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raccoon Tail & Snake Butt

You can't believe what happened to me and Stanley today.  We're very embarrassed about the whole thing.  This afternoon mom and dad took us to the spa.  Now we don't mind the spa.  I know I'm not supposed to like smelling pretty but if I told the truth, and I always do try to tell the truth, (except for saying I was hang gliding last week), I like looking handsome.  I think I am quite handsome and mom says I am, so I know it's true.  Stanley is handsome too and always likes to primp in the mirror, so we're on the same page with this.  We just can't help it, we're handsome Doods.

Anyway, one of the benefits of going to the spa is that I get trimmed and it shows off my fit physique and long legs.  I work really hard to look fit.  I eat a healthy diet and get lots of exercise.  When my hairs get long sometimes I even look chubby, but the truth is I am not chubby at all.  So I was looking forward to showing off my body and was even thinking of asking mom for a muscle shirt.  But that was before the disaster.

So we got dropped off, bathed, and then it happened . . . the spa lady cut off my tail!!!!!  Well, not actually my tail, but all the hair on my tail!  All the fringe that has been growing so nicely . . . the very fringe that my mom croons over, GONE!  Yes, gone, gone, gone!!!!  And she didn't even apologize!  Nope, she finished me off and then grabbed Stanley. Then, she did the same thing to Stanley!!  Both of us had our tails cut off!! This is a nightmare!  

Although all the fringe is gone, the spa lady left more hair on Stanley's tail than mine.  Dad says he looks like he has a raccoon's tail.  But me . . .  it looks like there's a snake stuck to my butt!  So now we are trying to figure out how we're going to get by while waiting for it all to grow back.  We had a meeting and decided the best thing was to try and blend in.    

So I'll just stay on the couch.

And Stanley will stay on the kitchen floor.

We only hope that our tails will grow back quickly and this never happens again!

Raccoon Tail & Snake Butt

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We're In BIG Trouble!!!

 OK friends, before you read about this in the newspapers or see it on 60 Minutes, we want to tell you our side of it.  You see, we're teenagers now.  We're going to be 7 months old pretty soon!  And you know how teenagers test limits and experiment with things they aren't supposed to.  Well, it seems we are no exception. What started it all was when Stanley got tall enough to reach for dad's truck keys.  He grabbed them off the hook and said, "Come on Murphy, let's go to the park!"

So I am ashamed to say I was a bit excited to do something so forbidden but I followed him and jumped into the passenger side of the truck and made myself comfortable on mom's seat.

Then, before I knew what was happening, Stanley whipped out a beer!  At first I was shocked but then I let him talk me into trying it.

Stanley started drinking before we even got out of the driveway!

So then he put on his cap, started the engine and barked, "Let's go bro . . . it's party time!"

I knew no good could come from this but I just kept on drinking my beer.

Pretty soon I started feeling woozy and got really sleepy.   

I really don't remember what happened after that.  The next thing I knew was Dad opened the driver side door.  I woke up and Stanley was passed out.  We got in a lot of trouble!  Now we are grounded and sentenced to do community work for 37 years!

We are so sorry that we made such dumb decisions.  Especially since after we got into the house and mom washed all the beer off us she found out we both had matching tattoos of cats on our paws!  It must have been one crazy night but we learned our lesson!!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, August 20, 2012

Help A Pup

Mason is trying to reach 50 followers by midnight tonight and only needs 2 more.  So can ya do a pup a favor and pop over there and sign on?  Just click here!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road-trip Video

I hope you enjoy this video of our vacation to Northern California.


Friday, August 17, 2012

First Family Vacation

Hey everybody - we're home!  We had the best time on our first family vacation!  We went to the ocean, hiked the redwoods, and played together for a whole week!  We took so many pictures that dad is going to put them in a video.  Most of them are posted on our Facebook page (link on sidebar).  But here are a few to give you an idea of  what we did.

When we first got to the ocean I was just so amazed I had to stop and ponder it a moment.

I liked the driftwood.  It was fun to climb on.

How am I going to get out of here??

I kept digging in the sand and sticking my head in the holes.  Mom said peeps have an expression for that.

Trying to decide which way to go on our hike.

Stanley got a bunch of sticker-seeds in his head.

We found some great sticks for Goose!

The redwoods make me feel so alive!

Sometimes the most beauty is up!

Mom keeps posing me on trees and rocks.  I guess it's her thing so I humor her most of the time.

Seriously, you have no idea how much fun we had!

We didn't mind wearing our seat belts.  

Stanley really ripped into this piece of driftwood.  He said it tasted delicious.  We wished Goose was there because he would have loved it too!

We heard the strangest noise and it turned out to be sea lions on this buoy!  We also saw our first cow and Stanley decided he liked cows.

Come on, let's go!

Me hang gliding.  Really . . . I would not lie . . . 

Let's go swimming!

"Ocean water - Yum!  Wait, no . . . Yuck!"

Farewell . . . until next time!

It took us 2 days in the truck to get there and 2 days back.  Mom and dad said we were perfect travelers.  Seriously, that is what they said!  We can't wait for our next vacation but for now we are happy to be home!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life Is Good Here In Cali!

Hi Friends!  I just wanted to let you know that after a car ride of  two17 days we finally got to northern California.  The weather is perfect, mostly in the upper 60's.  And guess what . . . we went to the ocean!  Yes, we did, and I even pooped there!  I was hoping my poop would float to China but mom picked it up. I guess I'm glad she did that.  Anyway, mom said the Internet connection is too slow to do much but I wanted to show you a couple photos.

Hey everybody . . . this is the Specific Ocean!  Mom calls it the Pacific Ocean but me and Stanley are pretty sure it is really the Specific Ocean but we don't want to hurt her feelings.
Notice how the tide is coming in?  Well, we didn't . . . 

Never had the water come to me before!

Sometimes a pup just has to look for high ground, even if it isn't really ground!

Anyway, we are having a wonderful time on our first family vacation.  I have lots of photos to share when I get home!