Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mysterious Pawrental Actions

We want to tell Oreo thanks for an amazing Demolition Derby!  We were so surprised to see our dad driving one of the cars out in the field!  We think next year we need to do a huge Blogville County Fair with rides, entertainment, etc. in addition to the Demolition Derby!  But for now we have to report strange things going on at our house.  First of all, our pawrents left the house Thursday morning and did NOT come home until the nighttime!  Mom took her camera so I sneaked a peek at what she took pictures of . . .

There were lots more but you get my drift.  (BTW, the ones with 2cDart are ones mom touched up.  Most of the pics are still "as is".)  Where did they go that these animals were there?

So then after that, the next day, they started taking all our stuffs out of the little wheelie house.  I told mom to wait cuz we needed that stuff when we go back to Bryce Canyon in a few weeks.  Mom just said the trip was CANCELLED!  Me and Stanley looked at each other in shock!  How can that be? What happened?

Then we were just listening to mom and dad talking and the next thing we hear is that they are selling our little wheelie house!  WHAT?  How can they do that?  What will we do when we want to take an adventure?

Me and Stanley do NOT know what is going on!  We were going to take the little wheelie house to the BAR in June!  (Mom says those who read the boring diet blog already know what's going on.) We are sneaking around the house trying to pick up some more clues!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Demolition Derby Day!

It's Demolition Derby Day!!  Make sure you pop over to Oreo's place to see the demolition derby!  After that, make sure you pop over to Dory's place to see the King & Queen of the Derby pageant!

Me and Stanley were really excited to see our cars and get in them and do some crashing!  Of course mom made us wear our helmets and fire-proof uniforms!

Love us some crash ups!

Stanley's focused on his furst target!

I'm gonna back this right into a crash!

After we get done with that we'll clean up and head over to the King & Queen pageant.  Oh, here's my Boo now!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, August 28, 2015

FFHT - Bad Hair Days

This month's inclusion is: "It would be really embarrassing if everyone knew . . ."

For information on participating in FFHT click here.  (We are considering discontinuing FFHT after next month's inclusion.)

Me and Stanley always knew it would be really embarrassing if everyone knew that before we grew into the handsome doods we are today we had some especially awkward hair stages . . .

This was when mom kept our hairs long and I wore it parted down the middle.

This is when Stanley wanted the Rod Stewart look.

This is my Rod Stewart look.  Who wore it better BOL!!??!!

I must have been trying to get in touch with my inner poodle during this stage.

My curls were getting out of control and everyone asked if my hair was permed.

Stanley looked like a giant marshmallow.

I had so much hair that I looked obese when I actually was a skinny fella.  You had to look deep in the hair to even see my eyes!
I snuck this picture in to remind you how handsome I was under all the hair.
This is Stanley's Don King hairdo.
In this picture we grew our ears out to capture an early Beatles look.

We hope you liked us sharing our "Awkward Hair" albums with you.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our Furend Easy

The best thing about Blogville is knowing that friends all over the world are praying for you when times are tough.  

Easy and his staff are always one of those blogs who are quick to respond whenever anyone is sick or hurting.  We send our thoughts and prayers to Easy and his mom Katy with wishes of a full and quick recovery to his dad Mark.  Details here.

Murphy, Stanley & mom

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Worthy Repeat

Do you remember when we went here last year?  Our pawrents told us we could go back next month!  High 5 paws!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Still Here

Just in case you thought we fell off the earth we thought we better tell you we did not.  Mom says the trouble is that "She's got nothing".  I don't know what that means but here is a picture to prove that me and Stanley had to learn to be the great posers we are today.  This was taken on our very first ever vacation to northern California (by Dory's house) in August of 2012.  We were 6 months old.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paws In Pews

Sunday was Paws in Pews at church again.  Lately Stanley has started singing as soon as we get into the narthex.  His loud booming voice nearly breaks my eardrums so mom said we could bring furends to help distract him from singing.

Mom said it helped some so we will be able to bring them again next time!

Poor Van Gogh, he is now totally deaf cuz his other ear fell off!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, August 17, 2015

Launch Of BAR Blog

Hey everyone, guess what?  We are kicking off the OFFICIAL blog for the 2016 Blogville Awesome Retreat (BAR)!

Yup, this is the blog you can go to and get the latest information (we moved it off our individual blogs) and where you will find photos of the actual retreat next year!  So you will fur sure want to go there and follow it!  That way you can get all the updates hot off the press!

You can get there a several different ways.  From our blog you can:
  • click on the suitcase on the sidebar, OR . . .
  • Click on the BAR tab and find a link there, OR . . .
  • Click HERE!

Once you get there, make sure you follow it!  And you will notice that we are setting up tabs right under the header to give you an easy-to-find method of getting the information you need!  So get on over there and check it out!

Once you decide that you will attend, let us know so you can be added to the photo!

Murphy & Stanley
BAR Headquarters

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Was That The Garage Door?

Stanley (OK, and maybe me just a little) never totally relaxes whenever mom or dad is not home.  

The minute we hear the truck pull into the garage we are at at the door in lightening speed (186,000 miles per second in case you were wondering).

Once they are back in the house then it's time to relax.

BTW, did you notice the cross stitch on the wall of the Lord's Supper?  Our dad did that!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, August 14, 2015

Taking Care of Business

Mom and I play this silly game.  She takes all our toys and puts them on the rug downstairs.

Then I bring them back upstairs.  Sometimes Stanley helps but mostly I do it.

In our downtime, we do this:

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Picture Imperfect

Our church is putting together a new photo directory.  This is impawtent so that the members can identify and contact one another.  Our appointment was Tuesday.

It will take a few weeks before we receive the finished photos.

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, August 10, 2015

Highly Specialized Scientific Testing

As part of the Chewy family of bloggers, we were provided with the following treat (free of charge) in exchange for our scientific testing and opinion of the product.  However, we have to say we had a few troubles with the scientific testing cuz we cannot hold onto the scientific tools with our paws.  So we had to rely on our noses and mouth Specialized Canine Science Lab.

This is the product we tested in our highly sophisticated Specialized Canine Science Lab:

If you want to read about it, just click HERE.

BOL! Did you like that joke?  Stanley thought of it. OK, being serious . . . the furst thing we did was measure the treats so you had an idea of the size.  Mom liked the size cuz she said she wants to make sure we don't turn into chubbos.

Then we subjected it to the Olfactory Test.  It is very scientific.

Having passed that scientific test, we further subjected the treats to the Gustation Test.

Then we carefully studied the ingredient list:  Beef, Dried Chicory Root, Cultured Whey, Salt, Lecithin, Garlic, Mixed Tocopherols (a natural preservative).  We liked that they were grain free for pups with tummy troubles.

Then we subjected it to the Ball Test.  Sorry but it failed on this one.

We further scrutinized the value and usefulness of the product.

And our final test was whether we felt comfortable recommending it to our furends.

 Congratulations, it passed our highly scientific testing!  Thanks Chewy for another quality treat that is made in the USA!

Murphy & Stanley