Friday, February 15, 2019

A Pressie From My Love!

I had the most wonderfulest surprise today!  My true and only love, my fiance Ruby with the fabulous furs, sent me a love package!  Yes she did!

Does she know how to shop or what??  These are real cookies from 3 Dog Bakery.  Me and Stanley have been dying to try their stuff!

And she sent 2 brand new Cherry Bombs!  She knows how I love my Cherry Bomb! It is great to have a backup in case I get into a situation like last time when my original Cherry Bomb was ballnapped!

And she also sent a GoDog Furball!

And can you believe it, she sent me a cuddle buddy Muppett too!

Of course me and Ruby secretly know why she picked a "cuddle buddy" hee . . . hee . . . 

I had decisions to make right away . . .  what to play with?  Since Stanley stole my Muppett right off the bat, that narrowed it down to 2 choices.

I knew Cherry Bomb would wait for me.

In the meantime, Stanley was preparing to cuddle . . . 

I told him NOT to think of Ruby while he cuddled the Muppett!  I knew Ruby would want me to share my pressies.

Pssst . . . I have to tell you a secret . . . don't tell Stanley I told you BUTT we went to the dogtur today and they told him he was borderline chunky.  Can you believe that?  Of course, they said I was pawfect cuz I am an athlete with all my fetching.  And Stanley . . . he watches too much TV!

Thank you so much my sweet, hawt fiance Ruby!!  I love you so much!  You are so good to me!  I will bark my love to you tonight again!

Murphy (and Stanley)