Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chewy Hits It Out Of The Park!

OMD!! OMD!!  You will NOT believe what happened today!  We were just sitting around and then we got a delivery.  Our pawrents were NOT surprised cuz mom ordered new running shoes (3 pairs, they buy bulk).  So dad brings in a big box with the shoes and then another box from Mr. Chewy.  We weren't surprised to see the Chewy box cuz dad put in an order and was thinking it was coming tomorrow anyway.  So nobody got too surprised and mom finished what she was doing.  

Finally mom went to check out the Chewy box and when she opened it she knew right away it was NOT what we ordered!  No it definitely was NOT!!  The first thing we noticed was blue confetti.  Then there was a card with our names on it!

Mom read the card to us.  Of course we thought it was wonderful!  We had no idea and it was a total surprise.  Mr. Andrew is so thoughtful!!

So then we started checking out the stuffs in the box.

It had all kinds of treats, sunglasses, cup holders, pens that have a stylus on the end (mom was very happy cuz she and dad needed those), a beach ball, a giant towel, a coffee travel mug, a mouse pad and more foodables!  That box was STUFFED!

We just cannot thank Mr. Andrew and Chewy enough for their thoughtfulness.  Mom says, "No doubt about it, Chewy rocks!

Murphy, Stanley, and mom

Pee Ess - I told mom she could BORROW the sunglasses for the picture but really they were mine.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All Because of an Umbrella

OMD, you will NOT believe what happened to us!  I will start at the beginning.  Last week dad won a giant umbrella from one of our TV news channels.  Not as good as the plasma TV he won last December from the OTHER news channel but as dad says "Free is free".  Anyway, we went to go pick it up this morning.  And of course me and Stanley went with our pawrents.

So we get to the building and me and Stanley wait outside with mom while dad goes into get it.  After a LONG time dad comes out with NO umbrella.  Mom asked what happened and dad said he could NOT find anyone who could help him.  You see, the security is VERY tight and you cannot even go into the station without someone letting you in through locked doors.  You have to use a phone and call and then they are supposed to come let you in but no one would even answer the phone!  The man working in the lobby was no help either.  He said, "I don't know what they do."

So all this time people are stopping to pet us and tell us how handsome we are.  Then mom decides she will go in and see if she has any luck.  So mom goes in and gets nowhere.  After about 10 minutes she comes back outside the building and it had just started raining.  She told dad, "I bet you wish you had an umbrella!"  Then she sees a guy with dad (he stopped to pet us too) and he says to follow him, he will get us the umbrella.  So mom said the lobby guy said doggies were not allowed in the building and the nice man just said if anyone said anything we will just tell them they are filming a pet segment.  Me and Stanley did High Five Paws with the nice man.

So then we went in the building and the lobby man said nothing.  The man swiped his secret badge and the doors opened.  Then he said we could have a seat and he would find the umbrellas.

This is where we were waiting for the umbrella.  As you can probably tell no one was paying attention to us we were almost discovered as movie stars!  See the camera on the other side of the glass doors?  If it turned our direction we would have been famous and on TV in seconds!  I told mom she should be taking more pictures but she said she was busy making sure we were on our best manners.
Pretty soon the nice man came out with another man and handed dad an umbrella.  While dad was signing a paper, probably an autograph for me and Stanley, the nice man was giving us pets so he would always remember the day he met me and Stanley.

Just when we thought it was going to be a regular day it turned out to be quite an adventure!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Chores and Duties

Over the weekend mom said all us guys needed to do our "chores and duties".  So we jumped in the truck and headed to Lowe's.  We always like doing "guy stuff" with Dad.

I was checking out some cool stuffs I could use for a building project and then I noticed . . . 

(I don't know why half my tail was missing in this photo.)

So we left Lowe's and decided we needed to do some other shopping at another place me and Stanley really like . . .

All-in-all it was a very successful morning of doing our "chores and duties".

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, July 26, 2014


We wanted to thank everyone who pawticipated in yesterday's first ever Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!  It was so much fun seeing how all the different stories took one line (we called it an "inclusion") and made a whole story around it!  So we're going to start doing it the LAST Friday of every month.  And each month there will be a DIFFERENT line (inclusion) to build your story around.  If you want to know what the special inclusion is for each month, just check the tab at the top of our bloggy!  And you can even make a suggestion for the one in December!

Oh, we wanted to explain that it isn't a blog hop like you might be used to seeing cuz mom is too cheap to pay for the Linky Tools, it is more of a list of all the links that is found on the hosting blog.  So for anyone who tried to get the links on their own blog we think cuz mom really doesn't know how the free cheapies work it just won't do it.

So we hope everyone else enjoyed it too and we'll do it again the last Friday of August!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, July 24, 2014

FFHT - Worst Day Ever

[NOTE:  We decided to publish early for our furiends across the pond.]

It was probably the worst day of my life.  Oh, wait a minute.  I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  Let me explain . . .

Me and Stanley had just graduated from PSU and received our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Degree.  We were almost a year old, just a few days short of it.  Anyway, our teacher passed out a pamphlet to all the graduates and told us that since we were special trained doggies who passed this difficult test, we were qualified to go to an elite camp called the  "Okie Dokie Doggie Dude Ranch".  The minute Stanley got a look at that pamphlet his eyes lit up.  "Brother, it's for Doods!" he exclaimed.  I looked at at it closer and pointed out that it said "Dude" not "Dood".  Stanley didn't care, he just knew it was the place he HAD to go.

I have to admit, that pamphlet was enticing.  It listed all the stuff the doggies would be doing.  There would be horseback riding, dock diving, camping under the stars (just like when our ancestors, the ancient Goldendoodles ran wild!), and a whole bunch of other stuff.  But the problem I had with it was that it was for 2 weeks!  I could NOT be away from my mom for 2 whole weeks.  I didn't understand how Stanley thought he could be away from ME for 2 weeks either!  I tried to talk him out of it it but he had tunnel vision.

Stanley begged and begged our pawrents for permission and the green papers to pay for the registration.  Finally mom gave in and said he could go if he promised to be very careful and to call her every night before he went to bed.  Stanley promised that he would.

The day we took Stanley to catch the bus to the camp was probably the saddest day of my life.  We have ALWAYS been together, even before we were born we were together!  I was going to miss him like crazy!!  But he just kept talking on and on about all the fun stuffs he was going to do.  When Stanley got on that bus I had to wipe the tears from my eyes with my paw.

That night, when we got ready to go to bed, I looked up at the stars and wondered if Stanley was looking at the same stars I was.  My eyes got leaky.  When we got in bed Stanley wasn't in his regular spot.  I just snuggled closer to mom.  I think I heard dad crying during the night.

The next day I did the stuffs I usually do.  I got up and had breakfast, played fetch, took a nap, played some more fetch, took another nap, played more fetch, drank some water, played fetch again, and then it was supper time.  We never got any calls from Stanley.  It was like he was having too much fun to even call us!  After supper mom brushed my teeth and after another game of fetch we all decided to go to bed early.

The next day, as soon as I got out of bed I started putting "X" on the calendar to mark off the days until Stanley would be home again.  I was really suffering and mom and dad just kept walking around the house with their heads hanging down.  I tried my best to cheer them up by playing more fetch with them but it wasn't working.  Our hearts were breaking all at once.  Our family was not complete.

In the afternoon, the big delivery truck pulled in front of the house.  Usually me and Stanley go to the window and bark like crazy when we see the big truck.  We get pretty excited because the delivery man brings packages and they are always for me and Stanley.  So I went to the window and let out a few "woofs".  It sounded so hollow, almost like my barks just echoed in the room.  I guess my heart just wasn't in it.

Dad pulled himself out of his saddened and depressed state and went and got the package.  When he brought it into the house I was surprised at how BIG it was.  There must be LOTS and LOTS of treats in this package!  If only Stanley was here to share them with me!  He was probably dock diving this very minute! Dad set the big box down in the entry way and told mom she could open it if she wanted to.  So mom took her scissors to cut off the tape and I reached my paw out to pull open the flap.

When I opened the box I was startled to find Stanley!  My brother was in the box!  Yippee!  I was so happy I started dancing!  Mom and dad cried tears of joy!  Finally Stanley barked out to help him out of the box.  He said he was so cramped up in there he couldn't even move!  So we grabbed Stanley and hugged and kissed him.  He told our pawrents that once he got off the bus he realized he couldn't stand to be away from us so he mailed himself back to us.  It was the best day of my life cuz I got my brother back!

Murphy & Stanley

Too Hot

Our weather has been crazy hot.  So we just lay around the house.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

That Time of Month

Me and Stanley were just napping on the big bed.  These hot summer days are taking their toll on us.  Suddenly, Stanley alerted . . .

We don't like people catching us being all cuddly cuz after all we're macho doods, so we quickly went to opposite sides of the bed.  I whispered to Stanley to "act natural"

When our pawrents walked in they asked if we were being cuddle bugs.  Sheesh, cuddle bugs, how macho is that?

So then dad puts a box on the bed.  right away we recognized that Chewy logo!  YAY!!  We love the Chewy time of month that we get to test treats!

It didn't take Stanley long to rip the box open.  And of course the first thing we see is the stuffs they use to keep the treats safe during shipping.  They have wonderful shipping!

This is what we found . . . can we say YAY!!

Mom checked it out carefully.  Of course it was made in the USA!  Here is what it said:

Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Recipes are here! With Pure Essentials, Nature's Recipe starts with a few, pure, core ingredients, and simply leaves them alone. Their “hands off” approach is about celebrating the most honest-to-goodness, super-nutritious ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. No artificial preservatives and nothing that may typically cause sensitivities. Real ingredients for the best tasting and most nutritious food to help your pet thrive. Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dental Chews are treats your four-legged friend will adore and give him something to sink his teeth into!

And here are the ingredients: Potato Flour, Rice Flour, Water, Glycerin, Peas, Gelatin, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Flaxseed, Zinc Propionate, Citric Acid (used as a preservative)

So me and Stanley are hollering, "Rip that baby open mom!!" "May we have one now mother dear?" They are supposed to be mini size for smaller doggies but we thought they were pretty big!

So I made off with mine to the middle of the room.

And then I got comfy . . .

 Stanley likes to take his to our bed.  (He's never figured out that he is the only food stealing dog in the house.)

Mom was quite surprised how quickly Stanley ate his.  She thought with it being a dental chew it might take a minute or two but his big ol' choppers munched it down in no time.  And it only took me a minute or two and mine was history too.  Me and Stanley thought they were delicious!!  Thanks Chewy for another great treat!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't Forget!

Just wanted to remind everyone to get those creative juices flowing for our first ever Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales!!  To pawticipate is very simple.  All you have to do is write a story (long or short, your choice) and SOMEWHERE in the story include the words “When I opened the box I was startled to find . . .”  Make sure you BOLD the lettering on that sentence so we will easily notice it too. Doesn't that sound easy?
Feel free to copy this badge.

Remember, it's THIS FRYDAY!  We're looking forward to seeing what our furiends are finding!!  

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, July 20, 2014

All Good Things Must End

On Friday evening, we went to the rim of Bryce Canyon and just absorbed the beauty of everything before us.  Me and Stanley never saw anything like it before!  We had so much fun there and hiking in Red Canyon.

Then the next morning dad started taking stuff apart again.

And in no time at all we were on the road again!  Mom says me and Stanley are easy riders.  We tried to tell her that our furiend Easy Rider lived in France and was Goose's brother but she said we were easy riders with lower case letters.  I don't understand that stuff butt if she is comparing us to our furiend Easy then it must be a good thing.

We got home after a long drive.  At least this time no one hit our mailbox while we were gone!  Now we need to get caught up with everybody!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chunky or Not?

One time we went to the groomer and our hair was long and the groomer fluffed us all up.  Mom said we looked obese!

That's why we asked mom to keep our hair short . . . so the ladies could see our muscles!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, July 18, 2014

Last Day

Today was our last day so we will drive home tomorrow. Good thing cuz me and Stanley are pooped!  We can't wait to catch up with everyone and meet all our new bloggy furiends too!

Murphy and Stanley
Pooped Pups