Friday, February 28, 2014

Pawty Time!

OMD, this is it . . . we're goin' LIVE!  Get your dancing shoes on and get your butt over to the pawty NOW!

Click HERE!!!

See you there!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wanted: Suggestions For a Plan B

Guess we need a better plan . . . 

Don't forget to come back for the link to the TOP SECRET pawty on Friday!!!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Up A Tree

Gee, we have been so busy lately.  The weather has been PAWFECT,  just like spring!  So we been doing a lot of walkies.  And there's something else I am learning to do too . . .

Yup, this tree is about 87 feet, or miles I can't remember which, off the ground.  Stanley is learning how to climb trees too!

So I was just practicing climbing trees when this happened . . .

Don't worry, I wasn't hurt.  Also, just so you know, there is going to be a special pawty on Friday.  I can't say anything more cuz it is TOP SECRET but make sure you stop by to get the link!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where I Sleep

This is where I sleep.  This is MY spot.  Sometimes I scoot over a little bit and make room for mom and dad and Murphy.  Other times I make them balance on the edge.  A Dood needs some stretching room during the night.


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Mom decided she needed some new blinds in the living room so she told all us boys to go with her to Lowe's to order them.  Me and Stanley got excited.  We like going to Lowe's cuz everybody there loves to pet us!  Unfortunately, this time it took a LONG time and was REALLY boring.  (Mom said we had to practice our "STAY" with distractions.)

After about 87 hours we got to get up and mom and dad said we did real good.


Sad News:  It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that our band-mate Roxy, lost her sister Daisy today.  Daisy was a wonderful sister and was well loved by Roxy, Bella, her mom and all her other peeps. One of the beautiful things about Blogville is that when a heart is shattered by the loss of a family member, it is easy for everyone to reach across the world and offer love and support.  Please stop by and let Daisy's family know they are loved and we share in their grief.  Their blog is HERE.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scenes From Paws In Pews

Sunday was dog church.  It has now appropriately been renamed Paws In Pews.  Of course we were there.  We have only missed church 1 time since we were 4 months old!

I hope Goose doesn't get mad at Stanley . . .

I tried to stay awake but that band music was just too soothing and Stanley's singing voice is just like a lullaby!

I even changed positions.

Then when Goose's mom started the sermon I decided I better pay attention!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, February 17, 2014


Probably most of you know that mom and dad are runners.  They LOVE running.  Mondays are their long run day and NOTHING gets in the way of that!  So since they are out running today and me and Stanley are at home (it's too far for us 13-15 miles), I thought I'd post the photos from our 6 mile rainy day run last Friday.

Murphy & Stanley
Running Doods

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Package From Taffy

Wow, this Valentine's Day was the best ever!  We are still trying to recover from it!  It was great playing in the band for Madi's Queen of Hearts Dance, and all the other special things going on,  but the bestest thing was spending time with my girl Taffy!  When I got home I saw that she sent me a package.  

Manley Stanley

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Treat Review - Sojos

OMD - guess what happened! Yup, that's right, we got another visit from Chewy! I was borrowing mom's computer (don't tell her we are NOT supposed to use it since me and Stanley have our own) and I saw an email from Mr. Chewy.  Stanley made me open it! Mr. Chewy said we can try another one of their treats and see what we think.  So mom emailed him back and said which one we thought might be a good one and then before we could even think if we should confess to using mom's computer . . .

Their delivery service is very fast!

Wait until you hear what mom thinks it smells like!

Before Stanley could start eating the wonderfully smelling biscuits (and sharing with me) Dad came and took the box.  No fair!  But then he gave us one to taste.

We LOVED,  LOVED,  LOVED these biscuits!  Mom liked that they had good ingredients (what's that?) and were made in the USA, but me and Stanley loved the peanut-butter taste - YUM!  They might even be my new favorite! So then I tried to trick mom to see if it would work . . .

Mom said she learned that it is impawtent to read the labels to see what things go in our food.  She REALLY liked this label cuz it was all natural stuffs with no preservatives.  And the other thing mom liked was that it listed the calories!  Mom makes sure me and Stanley stay at a good weight so she wants to know whether a treat will make us fat or if we can enjoy it more liberally.

So we reviewed our results:

  1. Healthy, natural ingredients.
  2. Made in the U.S.A
  3. Less than 15 calories/biscuit
  4. We loved the taste
  5. Mom said not to tell on this one but I HAVE to tell the truth and the truth is mom said they smelled like peanut-butter cookies she bought from the Girl Scouts!  We did not see mom eat one but we are keeping an eye on her cuz she had a funny smile.

These treats come in 3 flavors.  We tested the peanut-butter and honey.  We give them a full 8 paws up (we would give them more but all we have is 8 paws with both me and Stanley).  So if you are looking for a great treat we highly recommend you check these out a Chewy.
We were not paid for our review but we did receive the product free of charge.  We were under no obligation to give a favorable review.

The folks at Chewy are having another giveaway this month!  For anyone who does NOT have social media (ie: Facebook) you can still enter.  All you have to do is go to the "Contact Us" on our sidebar, enter your information, and for comments just say you want to enter the Chewy giveaway.  We will forward the information to Mr. Chewy and they will enter you into the contest.  (We are so glad that Chewy made this possible!)  For everyone else, on to the Rafflecopter!

Murphy & Stanley

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