Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sneak Preview of Day 7

This will post Sunday cuz I can't set up a post ahead of time on mom's phone. So pretend this is Monday. Me and Stanley have had so much fun on our GOTCHA holiday but today we are driving home. We have missed seeing what has been happening in Blogville!

Day Six - Adventure Continues

We climbed a mountain, played fetch in the desert, and swam in the river. We get tired! Mom says the bed we cuddle in is even smaller and now the little wheelie house is shrinking too. Dad says she's cracking!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Having Fun - Day Four

We are still having fun. Mom says the bed in the little wheelie house is getting smaller. How is that pawsible? We will go for our 6 mile run today and then go for a ride in the No Walking Amish Cruising Wagon in the afternoon.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting Wet - Day Three

Yesterday afternoon it started raining and rained all night. It is supposed to be dry today though. Mom says she sure goes so!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Having Fun Day 2

Last night when we are all cuddled in bed in the little wheelie house, Murphy's tummy sounded like there were kitties in it. No worries,  he wasn't sick, it  just kept meowing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gotta Tell You

Thank you for all the GOTCHA Day wishes!  I need to tell you something so I will just show some photos from our younger years to entertain you in the meantime . . . 

OK, mom gave me permission to tell you something but I have to do it in hints in case any criminals read our blog.  Mom said it is called Internet Security.

We are going to be off-line for awhile and it has to do with our GOTCHA week Day celebration.

Mom and Dad have been going in and out of the little wheelie house.  They even put some food and toys for us in it!

Dad loaded the No Walkin' Amish Cruising Wagon into the back of the truck too.

Mom keeps saying "warm" and "fun" over and over.  What can THAT mean?

Mom said to tell you "Catch ya on the flip side".  What the heck is a flip side??  Oh, it means . . . 
Later taters!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - If pawsible I will borrow mom's phone and send you all a picture but mom did NOT put Stanley's or my computers in the little wheelie house.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

See No Monkey

For the first day of Spring (Thursday) we went on a walk and did some exploring!  Me and Stanley LOVE to go exploring cuz you NEVER know what you will find!

It was a wonderful walk but we never did find a good log.  Oh, and I am SURE that was monkey poop!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Master & Video Proof

I mentioned the other day that there was "something" going on and that I was gonna have to tell our furiend Bert to "take a note". That's how us dogs do our "smack talk". Well, that thing happened and we have VIDEO PROOF of it!

First I have to remind you of Goose's post about Bert and the K-9 Kannon.  Bert just could not figure it out and Goose thought it was hilarious. When me and Stanley read that on our computers I told Stanley that I could do it!  I just knew I could!  Unfortunately, I did NOT have a K-9 Kannon.  Well guess what?  Last Sunday Goose's mom gave me and Stanley our very own K-9 Kannon (in addition to all that bacon)!  Can you believe that?  Yes, she did and it's a beauty!  Thank you so much Goose and Michelle!!

Anyway, I think most of you probably know about Bert and his love of the BALL.  What you might not know is that when I was a youngster pup, Bert was the one who told me all about the glorious aspects of "the BALL".  Yes, it's true.  Every week we would go to the Fort and Goose's mom would throw a ball (she has a pitching arm that belongs in the Guinness World Book of Records and is quite famous for it in the doggie community). So when Michelle would throw the ball, Bert would shout, Let's go Murphy" and I would TRY with my little boy puppy legs to keep up with him.  Although I would sometimes get close, Bert always beat me to it and grabbed the ball.  But I was taking notes.  I noted the joy in his heart from fetching and how he returned the BALL pawfectly, no chasing around.  "These are the fetching rules," he would say to me over and over.  And I was a good student.  I was a VERY good student.
Goose's mom getting ready to throw the ball.  I was trying to get it before Bert but Bert was acting all cool and waiting for the pitch.

Bert teaching me about fetching at the Fort.
Bert was teaching me and Stanley all about the finer points of being a good dog.

So now me and Stanley are all growed up and I have turned into a wonderful fetching dog (Stanley fetches but hasn't "caught the fever" like I have.  I think he paid more attention to Bert's swimming lessons than the fetching lessons).  Mom calls me "The Master".  So without further ado, I, The Master, offer the following video of the first time with our K-9 Kannon.

So Bert, did you take notes?  Hee . . . hee . . . hee.

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Fling Story

Today we are pawticipating in Madi's Spring Fling by telling the story of how mom and dad two forever anonymous people met.   Here is the story:

Once upon a time there was this girl.  She was what they called a Hoosier.  

Then there was also a boy, but he was not a Hoosier.

The girl graduated high school and decided she wanted to move west.  She wanted to go to California but life brought her to Utah.  She got married and divorced lived in Utah quite awhile before she met the boy.

  The girl grew up and worked for a city office with a man who was the Captain of the Sheriff's Posse (they rode in parades, did search/rescue operations, and pawformed in rodeos).  The girl used to do little favors for the Captain, like type up stuffs he used for the posse.  The girl would add funny things to the stuffs she typed up.  Before the  Captain took the papers to give to the posse, the girl always gave him a corrected copy without the funny stuffs on it.

This is the girl and her pup named Leroy.  Leroy was a city slicker.

One day the girl was VERY busy at work when she gave the Captain a paper with the funny words on it.  The Captain passed out the paper to all the men in the posse without having mom give him the corrected copy.  Mom didn't even realize the Captain never asked for a corrected copy until the next day.  By then it was too late, he already passed out the paper to the whole Sherrif's posse.   The boy was one of the members of the posse and he received a copy of the paper with the funny stuffs on it.  

The boy riding in a parade.

The paper was a uniform list.  The posse was going to pawform in the rodeo and the paper told them what uniform to wear.  It said things like:  Blue shirt, black pants, black hat, etc.  (Sometimes the girl would add "clean underwear" and  funny stuffs like that).

But this pawticular paper said something very silly.  It said: "This list was prepared by (girl's name) who is an attractive single female now accepting applications for dates.  To apply, please call (number listed)."

 When mom realized everyone in the posse got a copy of this paper she told the Captain, "*&^%$#@  YIKES!"

The next day, the Captain told the girl that one of the guys in the posse asked about her.  He wondered if she was crazy or had a screw loose nice.  The Captain told the man that the girl was having more fun than any self respecting single gal ought to be having very nice.  Then the girl asked the Captain if the guy was a lying, cheating, womanizing drunkard ax murder nice person.  The Captain said he was nice.

So the boy, now all growed up into a man, called the girl and asked if she wanted to meet him.

When the girl met the man she thought he was very nice but thought they didn't have anything in common.  But the man kept asking her out to dinner and mom was a broke single girl who had to eat so she kept saying yes.  And finally one day they both fell in love.

The REAL Eiffel Tower in Paris.

And they lived happily ever after . . .

Don't forget our band BDA (Bad Dawg Agency) is also pawforming a special song for this event so make sure you stop in and give it a listen.

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, March 17, 2014

Paws In Pews

Yesterday was Paws In Pews (formerly known as dog church).  When we got there we did our "usual" and attacked Goose's mom.  She is the only hooman we are allowed to greet like two crazy animals.  Mom says it is all Goose's mom's fault that we act like that cuz she encourages it.  Anyway, you will NOT believe what she did! 

But alas, it never fails . . .

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Goose and his mom gave me and Stanley, well, mostly me, the most wonderful thingie yesterday.  I can't say anything about it right now but I will tell you all about it later in the week.  If everything goes the way I plan then I will also tell our furiend Bert to "take a note".  Hee . . . hee . . .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Raw Food Diet Made Easy

The folks at Sojos asked us if we would be interested in reviewing their dog food.  When we told them we would, we ASSUMED that they would send us some kibble and we would just test it out.  Boy were we wrong!  When mom opened up the box and took out the bag, me and Stanley looked at each other in shock!  This was taking dog food to a whole other level!

This was a whole new thing we NEVER even heard of before!  The food they sent us had freeze-dried RAW BEEF!  All you have to do is reconstitute it by adding water!  It was a raw food diet made easy! This is what it looks like in the bag:

But when you add water, a miracle happens! 

The minute mom started measuring it out (1 cup dehydrated is mixed with 1.5 cups warm water), our noses started going CRAZY!  Mom yelled at dad to turn off the vacuum and then when she looked at Stanley she realized Dad wasn't vacuuming, Stanley was trying to sniff so hard at the food mom was mixing that he was nearly causing a wind tunnel!!

Now we know dog food is a highly controversial thing and mom always says it is impawtent to read the labels.  So we checked the label and the ingredients:   sweet potato, USDA beef, celery, carrots, cabbage, whole egg, flax meal, tricalcium phosphate, cranberries, papaya, pumpkin, rosemary, parsley, ginger root, dried alfalfa, dried kelp, zinc sulfate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin D3, vitamin A palmitate.

The other thing we discovered is that 1 pound  dehydrated makes 4 pounds of fresh raw food.  And the reason they call it fresh is because it is made and then the package is stamped with a birthday!  The bag we received was only 5 days old!

Mom decided to check into the cost of the Sojos Complete dog food and to be honest, the price was so shocking that me and Stanley had to jump on her chest to make her heart start beating again.  So we did some checking on their web site and (addressing that very issue) they said (from their website):  Our food contains no fillers, so you feed less than what you would with traditional pet food. As a result, the price per day is about the same or less than most premium commercial pet foods. In the long run feeding your pets fresh, wholesome pet food can also save you money on vet bills.

These are DRY measurements BEFORE it is reconstituted with water.

The 8 pound bag they sent us sold for $94.90 on their website  but you could find it for $72.11 on Amazon and $69.99 at  The other thing we checked out was to see how this food compared to what we normally ate.  Mom and Dad buy our food at Costco, the Kirkland Rice & Vegetable made by Diamond but we like to compare against Hills' Science Diet (Adult Advanced Fitness, Small Bites Lamb and Rice) because so many people think that is the best in the universe (we disagree but that is a whole other blog post).

Protein:  Kirkland 26%, Science Diet 24.2%, Sojos 22% (all minimum values)
Fat:  Sojos 8%, Kirkland 16%, Science Diet 16.4% (minimum values)
Fiber:  Sojos 8%, Kirkland 4%, Science Diet 2%
Calories:  Sojos 333, Science Diet 367, Kirkland 393 (per cup)

We liked the fact that Sojos had the lowest calories and less fat and thought that would be good for dogs who needed to watch their weight or weren't real active.  The other thing that stood out was that Sojos had a much higher fiber content than the other two.  

The manufacturer suggests slowly introducing the raw diet to dogs.  Considering the increased fiber, mom thought it was a good idea so she has been using the Sojos for supper and we eat our regular kibble otherwise.  Mom was concerned that we might have some bad poops from the additional fiber so she has been "watching".  When we were on our regular 6 mile run Friday, both Stanley and me stopped for a poop (not unusual).  When mom and dad went to pick it up they noticed that it was shiny.  Stanley looked at my poops and gave it a good sniff (I pooped first) and said, "Brother, your poops are glistening in the sunlight".  He must have really liked it cuz then a mile later he had some glistening poop too.  But mom said it was normal otherwise.  Actually, I think she called it "nice poop".

When we see that mom is putting the Sojos Complete in a bowl for us, we get excited and Stanley cranks up his "vacuum" again.  We LOVE the raw diet.  Mom says it's not too much of a hassle since it can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days.  Mom likes the idea that it is a low calorie, clean food too.  We think it would be a good alternative for doggies with allergies since it is such a "clean" food.  The ingredients are human grade and it is all made in the USA!

We think this is a great dog food.  The only drawback would be for those who free-feed since you cannot let raw meat sit in a bowl all day long.  Stanley and I free feed (we know, against everybody's advice but it works for us) but we have a definite time we like to eat in the evenings and that is when mom gives us the Sojos Complete dog food.  It is working out well for us.  

If you want to try this food out for yourselves, you can always purchase a smaller bag.  It also comes in a 2 pound bag.  But if you do, don't blame us if your doggie's nose turns into a vacuum cuz we warned you!  Mom asked me and Stanley if we gave this food a paws up and we said:

This product is endorsed by Murphy and Stanley.  We were not paid a fee for our honest opinion but the product was supplied free of charge.

Murphy & Stanley