Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Agility Course In Progress

My best friends, you do NOT know what we got in the mail on Monday.  If you are on Facebook with us you already know but if you aren't then you will NOT believe it . . . a tunnel!  Yes, our furiends Gracie and Schatzie from My Girlz Got Paws had one they no longer used and since they are moving to Hawaii they gave us their tunnel!!    So their mom Val sent it to us.  Thanks ever so much!!!  So on Tuesday we set up our course.  We still need more stuffs but we have a good start.


Here I am on step 1.  Mom is NOT fast with the camera so she did NOT ONCE get a picture of me or Stanley jumping through the hoop and we jumped through it a million times. (BTW, we got the hoop from Goose awhile back - thanks again).  Dad says he is going to make us some jumps out of PVC "one day".

After the hoop we went through the weave poles.  Now I am gonna cut mom some slack on this cuz when one of us is weaving, the other needs to be held back (in a STAY that we keep trying to break) so mom wasn't able to get a photo.  Then onto the new tunnel!  It is VERY long, about 18 feet one or two miles I think.  Here comes Stanley!

Here I come.  You can tell we already did this 87 times and I am getting tired and thirsty!
Sometimes we like to go together too.

We had lots of fun and will have even more fun as we get better and better. Mom and dad are figuring out how to include a pool jump in our course - YAY!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cool Shades & A Surprise!

Our furiend Ranger is hosting "Wear Your Sunglasses Day" for today.  So we grabbed 'em and got a few shots . . .

So we were just playing around, being cool in our shades, when dad came in the door with a package . . .

Murphy & Stanley
Cool Doods in Shades

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bike Ride

On Saturday mom asked if we wanted to go for a bike ride . . . 

We went just over 23 miles!


Sunday, June 23, 2013


We're just a few weeks away from hooking the little wheelie house up to the truck and hitting the road for vacation. Stanley heard swimming will be involved so he's in a hurry.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


After we finish our 6 mile runs on Fridays we still have to walk about half a mile to get back to the big red truck.  When we are almost there, we go past an Auto Zone store and practice on the weave poles they have at the front of the store.  


Friday, June 21, 2013

Fight Like A Frenchie

Today is a special day that we show support for our pal Benny of Two French Bulldogs.  Benny is fighting liver cancer.  If you haven't met him you should go to his bloggy here.

Yesterday, we went on a picnic with our friend Stella Rose Long.  (We picked her up in our new No Walkin' Amish Cruising Wagon.)  While she was setting up our picnic (she brought delicious chicken sandwiches) me and Stanley were just goofing around.

Thank you for such a wonderful picnic Stella!!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Before we went swimming last Saturday, our pawrents took us on a little hike to show us where they went cross country skiing last winter.

Mom said it was full of groomed trails. But now it is a campground.

I thought it smelled good.

There were lots of flowers in bloom.

After we explored and hiked a bit mom said it was time to go swimming - YAY! 

Murphy & Stanley
Explorer Doods

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Walkin' Amish Cruising Wagon

It came! It came!  Today the man in the big brown truck brought us a giant package!  Dad opened the package and we just looked at it and wondered what the heck it was????
Then dad put a couple parts together and Ta-Da!

It's a "No Walkin'  Amish Cruising Wagon" !  (Yeah, we sort of stole half the name from Frankie and Ernie so we hope they don't mind.)

  It is a trailer that hooks up to dad's bike and/or can be used as a stroller!

We took it for a test run (walk) tonight, just to see how me and Stanley would do.  We had the option of leaving the front open but then we'd need our safety leashes on.  But with the front screen zipped close we could just move around easier without a safety leash.

We are going to hook it up for a bike ride tomorrow!

We decided we'd leave the screen zipped for bike rides.  

See ya on the open road fellas!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murphy's Photos of Stanley

Last Friday, during our 6 mile run, I snapped a couple pictures of Stanley.  Mom lets me borrow her cell phone to do this as long as I promise to be careful.    We stopped for a second so me and Stanley could cool off our paws in a puddle and he looked so handsome I had to take his picture.

After awhile, we came up on these Magpies learning how to fly.  This one was just walking on the sidewalk. I think he was looking for the bus stop since his wings weren't working yet.  I tried to get mom to let me chase talk to him but she wouldn't let me.  But when dad wasn't watching, Stanley tried to sneak up on the birdie. He said he was going to "help" the birdie.  I thought I better snap a picture "just in case".

Yep, just what I thought . . . 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Furrend Casey

Today we want to honor a special friend.  His name is Casey R. Doodle.  He doesn't have a bloggy but he is one of our Facebook furrends.  If you are on Facebook, you can find him here.
He sure is a handsome fella, isn't he?
But the fact he is handsome isn't what makes him special.  He has the most amazing heart.  He is so full of joy, goodness and love. Well, he is a Doodle after all!  And his lady (he calls her goddess) is the same way.  Casey and goddess are a team.  You could say they're "joined at the hip".  Casey even goes to work with goddess EVERY day!

Casey and goddess work at a food bank in the Seattle area.  He posts about some of the things he does there as well as some of the friendships he makes with the folks who depend on the food bank.  In case there is any doubt that Casey is a valuable asset, just read a portion of a post he wrote one day:  
"Something very sad happened at work today when an old man (he used to be a fisherman), a friend of mine, came to get his mail. He always tells me about his dog an' how much he lubs her, an' how they've been together for a long, long time. He visits with me every week an' gives me scritches while he's waiting, an' he did today, too, but today, his pets were slower an' deeper, an' I could tell by his voice, if not his words, that something was wrong. He said something to me like, "now you're all the dog I've got."  
On a recent occasion, Casey got the opportunity to get out of the office.

Because Casey is a pawfect example of how dogs make this world a better place, it broke our hearts when we read that Casey has not been able to pass any tests.  When he wanted to train to be a therapy dog we were saddened to read his report of how things went:
" I FAILED my eval--and I failed spectacularly--as if I'd been raised by MONKEYS! It was like I'd never seen goddess before in my life...I was WILD wif joy to meet the two ladies wif clipboards--jumped, twisted, spun from one to the other...would not sit or come to goddess, did not even acknowledge her for a second . . . "

So recently we were excited to hear that Casey was now going to try and pass his CGC.  Goddess enrolled him in bootcamp and he worked tirelessly with a "drill sergeant" in an effort to contain his "wild wif joy".  He updated his Facebook friends and the last session before the test he reported:
"I'm off to my last class before tomorrow's test...gotta say that between my drill sergeant an' goddess, I feel like I've been honed an' shaped to a fine precision edge. Goddess said I shouldn't be too cocky though until after the test. 

Ya left!
Ya left!
Ya left right left!  "

You just CANNOT help but fall in love with Casey.  It is IMPOSSIBLE!  So many days after reading his posts all we could do is smile.  At dinner time we would talk about what Casey was up to.  So we were all on pins and needles, just praying he would be able to pass his test.
Casey wrote:  " w00t! w00t! w00t!!! I did it! I did it! I DID IT!!!

We just came in the door, an' I couldn't wait to tell you--I'm a GOOD CITIZEN!!! Thanks to every one of you for your support in believing I could do it, even when goddess had her doubts. 

Thank you to my drill sergeant, Sylvia Eberlei, to the Li'l Outlaw for the Bob a Lot that I lub, an' to Cookie for the coolest parrot in the WURL'!"

Casey never forgets to say thank you.  So we not only welcome Casey as a fellow member of the Canine Good Citizen Corps but we want to announce to all of Blogville!

Congratulations Casey!  We are so proud of you!! 

We hope all our Blogville furrends will join us in congratulating Casey!  And remember, you can find him on Facebook.

We wrap up this post with Casey's own words:  "Goodnight everybody. Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. I lub every one of you."