Sunday, April 29, 2018


Hi everyone! We got a reminder that it has been a long time since our last post so we forced mom to help us do one!  Dog oh dog, if we had thumbs we wouldn't have to rely on her to help us!  Anyway, we asked her why she has been slacking and here are her excuses:

First, we went to the Grand Canyon.  Some of you saw the pictures on that other boring blog (that updates even less than this one) or Facebook but in case you missed it here are a few pictures we are making her show as proof.

We took our little wheelie house.  The Grand Canyon has what mom calls "full hookups".  We don't know what those are but it makes mom really happy.

This was in our campground.  There were elk everywhere!  This one's name is Nigel.  Stanley was shocked when he furst met Nigel.

Since Nigel seemed to be kinda chill, I said hello too.

One day Nigel tried to drive our truck.  See him hiding?

Nigel had a furend keeping a lookout on the other side.  We didn't catch his name though.

Mom made us pose like she always does.

We had to keep dad on a string so he didn't fall into the canyon!

Dogs aren't allowed on the trails that go into the canyon but our pawrents went on a hike and showed us this picture.

Dogs are allowed on the paved trails around the rim so we did get tuckered out on those cuz there were lots of them.

There were so many new smells!

There are some ruins too.

It's a pretty big place.

The weather was really good.  When we left there and stayed in Southern Utah for a few days (no pictures).

After we got home mom gave dad a piece of paper.  We asked what it was and dad looked sad and just said "It's the Honey-Do list from hell boys".  Then dad started working.  Remember the garden box he made mom last year?

Mom started digging in the dirt and dad made this one.

Can you believe she wanted another one?  Her excuse was that this one is smaller and just for squash & melons so it's okay.  Oh wait, we love cantaloupe so maybe it is okay.  BUTT we had to do lots of snoopervision!

Then mom got this other thingie.  Me and Stanley just wondered "what's next"?

It was a Greenhouse! She put these little pots in it with seeds in them.  She said when it was warm enough we can dig holes in the garden boxes and plant the little plants!

Sometimes we think mom is causing so much trouble for dad and us!

You won't believe the next thing that has been happening . . . 

Mom said she was aggravated to the point of action so she's been doing this thing called politics.  Furst she went to a County Convention and was the leader of a meeting cuz she is something called a Precinct Captain.  Then they both went to this thing called a State Convention.  At least this time mom stayed in her seat, except when she was standing.

I know this is a long post BUTT there's still more!

Remember how we get those inversions in the winter time and our air pollution gets really bad?  Well mom got what she calls "fed up" and she went to a City Council meeting and now our town has a clean air committee.  Mom is organizing the first meeting now.

And she is still trying to find time to finish making the bed runners for me and Stanley to have on the foot of the bed.  She said she might have to dust it off!

Now in case you think that is all, you are wrong.  Mom and dad also bought new bikes and have been bike riding.  They went 41 miles the furst week (and they have only had them less than 2 weeks).  Mom named her bike Lila.

And they also invite friends!

And there is STILL more . . . Do you remember the wonderful bag our furend Abby sent us (we filled it with toys & treats for the Grand Canyon and it holds tons!)? Well, we will need to use it again cuz now our pawrents are talking about a trip to the Redwoods (likely June)!

Usually, we don't take our big trip until August but mom said we needed to get it done earlier because . . . and you will not believe this . . . even though they graduated decades ago mom and dad are going back to school!  

It turns out that there is a program that allows really, really, really old people to audit REAL university classes for only a $10 administration fee!  As long as the class doesn't fill up (and the professor says it likely won't) they are going to take a class in Meteorology starting the Fall Semester!

So you can see why all of this has been exhausting for me and Stanley.  Mom's excuses are a real burden for us!

Mom said she will take us around Blogville to say hello and catch up a bit.  We hope everyone is doing well!

Murphy & Stanley