Monday, January 14, 2019


Hi ever'body! We were wondering if you wanted to go on a run with us this morning?  It's a cool 24°F (-4°C) so you probably won't sweat too much.

We all run together and we're careful about ice in the streets.

Murphy spotted a lot of dangerous spots on this road so he sat down to warn mom.

Then mom made us both pose I sat down to warn dad.

We found a nice and dry road.  We're all about being safe!

Stanley jumped up here to get a better view of road conditions.  It was a couple feet higher than the street.

When we got home our pawrents hit the shower and me and Stanley did what we do!

We hope everyone had a great Monday!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year & More

We hope everyone had a good New Year's.  We pawtied like it was 1999!

Stanley lasted longer than me cuz he's bigger so he can drink more.

I think it's impawtent to know your limits.

And now that we're headed into a new year, we just want to acknowledge 2 people who were unable to make the journey with us.  Sarah Ricca and Frankie's & Ernie's dad Butch both went to Heaven right after Christmas.

It's a sad thing to happen and Frankie & Ernie decided to wait until the howl-i-daze were over before saying too much. Butt we bet the minute those newest angels got their wings that they flew over to the Rainbow Bridge and are playing with all the doggies and kitties there! Frankie & Ernie are crossing their paws that Madi is NOT twerking in front of their dad cuz they would be mortified! (We don't worry about Sarah cuz she is used to that stuff.)

Butt anyway, in the meantime . . .

Murphy & Stanley