Saturday, March 31, 2012

Power of Cute

The little people came over again today.  The last time they were here they were both pretty nervous to be around me and Stanley.  It's like they thought we were going to bite them or something.  I guess they might have been worried we might chew on them.  So we tried really hard not to chew on them and even though it was really hard to resist, for the most part we succeeded. 

Mom took pictures of us with them.  I think it was just a secret way mom planned to get them to interact with us.  It must have worked because after that they were acting really friendly.  They even played with our toys.
  Or maybe it was just my cuteness working its magic.


Friday, March 30, 2012

8 weeks old!

I can't believe it!  Me and Murphy are 8 weeks old today.  The last week has gone so fast.  It seems like  we just came to our forever home.  Yesterday mom and dad brought out some toys that we hadn't seen before.  Me and Murphy had a lot fun playing tug-of-war.  I tried to show Murphy how to squeak the toys but he just couldn't figure it out.  I think his mouth is too small to push the squeaker thing.

I really like to carry flowers

This is the way you make it squeak
This dragon squeaks real loud

Sometimes I let Murphy get the best of me 
Murphy likes it when he is on top

I can't believe I have all these toys 

Peace at last

Murphy is a real pain sometimes

   Me and Murphy are really lucky to be together and having a good life.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Week Anniversary

 In the past week we've learned how to climb up and down the hill, how to climb rocks, and how to go up and down the stairs (3 steps).  We've started to recognize our names (sometimes), learned how to sit (unless too distracted), and most the time will follow mom and dad when they run across the yard.  We've gotten used to our kennels at night so we (OK mostly me) don't cry anymore.  Now I just gotta get these toys to squeak like Stanley can!    


Rock Climbing Pups

Wednesday was another fun day in our back yard.  Our yard has a strip of grass, then it slopes down on a hill.  At the end of the hill is a steep drop off.  Today I explored the steep drop off part.  I found a path that let me slide to the bottom but then I had to figure out how to get back up.

This is me at the bottom.  Am I big enough to make it up these big rocks?  Mom reminded me I was still a baby.

I might be a baby but I'm a rock climbing baby.  I dug my paws into the crevasse and pulled myself up through the rocks.

When Stanley saw what I was doing, he went to the bottom too.  I had to tell him where to climb back up.
Stanley pulled himself up the rocks too.

YAY!  We both made it to the top of the drop off.  Mom was astonished at our skill and strength.  She told dad, "We have amazing boys!"
Me and Stanley running up the hill to the grassy area.

When we got to the yard, we saw that our neighbor Benson had come to visit.

We told Benson where we went climbing.  He was impressed!
We chased with Benson for a little bit.  Mom thinks the expression on my face is funny.
Me and Stanley ganged up on Benson but then Benson had to go home.

Stanley and I like to chew and pull on the branches of this bush.  We keep hoping one day we'll break off a stick.
Mom keeps googling to find out if things are toxic to me and Stanley.  This bush was OK.

We followed dad down the hill to help him blow off some leaves.  We like helping  mom and dad.  (Tuesday day we helped mom with laundry so we thought it was fair to help dad today.)

I like climbing through the branches of the grape vines.  But then mom told dad we needed to rip them out because grapes are bad for dogs and she was sure we would eat a grape or two.  Mom's probably right.

Being a pup is so much fun.  I sure love my family!



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Much Better Night

Brotherly Love
Murphy finally got used to being in his crate and we all had a much better night. I think of my crate as a bachelor pad.  I chew on my toys and really like stretching out on the soft warm pad Mom made for each of us. We only woke up twice to make a potty call outside.    Me and Murphy slept so well, and were so full of energy that Dad took us outside to romp for about an hour. Dad put a fence around the roses, so we would not chew on them.

I taught Murphy how to go up and down the stairs.  Now he doesn't have to be carried as much.  There are a lot of other things that I want to teach Murphy, but first I need to learn them.  After our exercise time, me and Murphy were ready for more napping.  I really love Mom, Dad, and Murphy.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It was a long night

Murphy is finally letting me sleep

It has been a while since I posted.  With the excitement of moving in with Mom & Dad, visiting the vet, and just having fun, I haven't been able to post.  When I tried to post, I found that my feet have gotten too big for the keys on the keyboard, so after much heavy thinking (I think better during naps), I asked Dad if he could help me.  He said if I would tell him my thoughts, he would transfer them to everyone else.

Last night was really long.  Our kennels were moved into Mom & Dad's bedroom, and a certain brother of mine kept everyone awake with his crying. He finally let us go to sleep about 2 AM.  Was I glad!  Because I'm bigger, stronger, and braver, I didn't cry.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Poked, Prodded & Chipped

Today was another busy day.  We started off by hearing our first thunder, feeling our first rain, and then our first snow.  I didn't care for the snow and wind, it was much too cold.  I much prefer warm sunny days.  So most of the morning Stanley and I just wrestled.  We wrestled outside for a short while then came in the house and wrestled.  We were able to wrestle all over the house (Dad is much more permissive than Mom) but then Stanley ruined it for us when he peed in the piano room.  Mom said, "So much for that experiment."

After lunch we got in our crates and went in the big red truck again.  We were surprised that we were both in one crate.  It was nice being together so we napped while Dad drove the truck.  Stanley didn't cry because he wants mom to move our crates to the bedroom.  When we stopped they took us into a place that was not very much fun.  The lady poked, prodded, and even stuck a thing in my butt.  Then she shot us with a HUGE needle, then a smaller one.  "Enough already" I begged.  Then to finish us off she stuck a thing in our noses that sprayed and made us sneeze.  The lady told mom and dad we were very healthy, had strong hearts, and called us "micro-chipped".  This is a picture of Stanley wearing his tag that says he is micro-chipped.  I have one too.
 So after that we went home and wrestled some more.  Notice that I am on top.  Just because I'm small doesn't mean I can't throw down big ol' Stanley.

Then we went to get our pictures taken.  Mom said we looked so handsome they had to buy some photos.    Now I think it's time for another nap.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Human Day

Today Stanley and I got to walk around the kitchen.  We've never done that before so it was quite fun.  Then we decided to cuddle up on a rug and take a nap.  I'm not sure how long we had been sleeping when we opened our eyes and saw 2 little humans.  Mom called them her grandkids.  They were nervous about me and Stanley, especially the girl they call Carly, but after a bit they started petting us.

Stanley pretty much ignored them but I let them pet me. Mom said they felt more comfortable with me because I was smaller and they were scared. I have no idea why they were scared!  Me and Stanley wouldn't hurt a flea!

After the grandkids left, we went to play in the yard.  We play in the yard off and on all day.  This particular time, we went to the side yard and there were 3 more little humans!  Mom said these were special little humans because they were 8 year old triplets.  I'm not sure why that is special since there were 7 in our litter so 3 doesn't seem too special.  But if Mom says it's special I'll just have to believe her.  We played with them for awhile too.
After all this playing, we were really tired so we took a nap.  I cuddled on the pillow on Mom's lap.

Add caption

And Stanley cuddled on the pillow on Dad's lap.  It's sure a lot of hard work being a puppy!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Singing The Prison Blues

Last night was our first night at home with Mom and Dad.  We were so excited to go to sleep in our own beds.  But then just before Mom turned out the lights, she put us in jail!  I did not like it one bit.

And neither did Stanley.

So we might have cried a little bit.  Well, maybe I cried a little bit and Stanley cried a lot. Sometimes I forgot which one of us was crying.  Mom said we had to have our jail cells in the kitchen until we stopped crying, then we could move them in the bedroom with her and dad.  Well . . . last night was not that night and mom thinks tonight probably won't be either.  She's probably right.

At 1:00 a.m., mom and dad came to our jail cells and got us out.  They were very surprised that neither of us went potty in our jail cells!  So they took us outside in the dark to go potty.  We've never seen the night before.  It was really pretty because we could see all the lights of the city.  So me and Stanley took care of business right away.  Then, when we thought we were finally free, they put us back in jail again!  So we might have cried some more.

At 4:00, they came back and did the same thing as before.  Again, they were very happy that we didn't go potty in our prisons.  Stanley and I talked about it and planned to cry some more when they put us back in our solitary confinement but to our surprise, they took us with them to lay down on the downstairs bed.  They sure looked tired. We didn't cry this time and we all slept until 6:00 a.m. because by this time Stanley and I thought it was time to play. So mom and dad took us out in the dark again and Stanley and I went potty and then wrestled for a bit.  We like to wrestle.

After that we all had breakfast.  Mom said she was still tired so she sat down in the recliner with me and we took a nap.

After our nap, we all went outside again and this time Stanley and I played really hard.  The sun was up and it was warm so we ran and chased, we wrestled, we chased a rubber ball, and we chased mom and dad as they ran around the yard.  It was so much fun!

Every now and again Stanley had to stop playing and chew on the dogwood tree for awhile.  Mom googled it and it didn't come up on the toxic plant list so she said it was okay.

Sometimes I had to stop and chew for a bit too.  We really like chewing on this dogwood and think that is why it was named dogwood.

Finally we had no more energy left and we crawled under the chair to take a nap.

Mom and Dad said it is a wonderful day.  Me and Stanley think they're right.


For the record:  I have only gone potty outside.  Stanley is another story.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Happy Day Ever!

Today was a special day, probably the most important day of my life.  Today Stanley and I came home to live with Mom and Dad!  When I saw my mom and dad walk in the house to pick us up I couldn't stop wagging my tail.  Mom noticed right away and picked me up.  I was so glad she noticed.  They loaded me and Stanley into the big red truck and drove us home.  It took quite awhile.  Stanley was crying for awhile but I didn't cry at all!

Once we got home, the first thing we did was go into the back yard.  Of course the first thing I did was go pee.  My mom was so happy when I started peeing.  She started petting me and telling me I was a good boy.  It made me feel so good that the whole time I was peeing I was wagging my tail.
The first time I went pee in my own yard!
The next thing we did was walk to the edge of the yard, where it goes down a steep hill.  The view is incredible!  Stanley started taking a step down the hill but backed up.  Then later on we both went down the hill.  Mom was surprised we went down the hill.  She told dad she thought it would be weeks before we went hill climbing.
Me and Stanley, seeing the whole world for the first time!
 We decided we'd better check out the lava rock by the bird bath.  We really liked climbing around it because it takes extra skill.
Me and Stanley go exploring on the lave rocks.
Stanley thought he was king of the hill when he decided to stand on top of the big turtle.
Stanley showing off his ability to climb turtles.
 When we started getting tired, we decided it might be a good idea to take a nap under the wheel barrow.
We like relaxing under the wheel barrow.
When mom saw I was getting tired she thought it might be better to take a nap on her lap.  I sure liked that!
Napping on Mom's lap
After awhile I woke up, all refreshed and ready to do it all over again.
On Mom's lap.
Me and Stanley talked it over and we think we're very lucky pups.  We have a great mom and dad and they think we are the most amazing dogs who ever lived!  We can tell we are going to have a wonderful life together.  Mom reminded me to thank everyone who looked forward to our arrival with her and dad.

Murphy & Stanley