Saturday, June 30, 2012

What We Been Doin'

I just thought I'd post a bunch of pictures so you can see what me and Stanley have been doing the past few days.

Thursday we walked the lower parkway and went to the Weber River.  The water is much lower than earlier this spring.

We went to the spot where the little boy drowned this spring.  It was very sad and we could still feel the sadness in the air.

Friday we went to the Fort to meet our friends.  "Hey guys!"

Bert was showing us about balls and how to properly handle them.

We were helping Goose find his contact lens.  We never did find it.

We love to run in the ball field.

We chased a flying toy someone threw.

I met a new friend.  He was very nice.

We have 2 of these at home but never realized what fun they are!

Big Murphy came on scene.  It was confusing because mom kept calling my name and Big Murphy thought she was talking to him.  Finally I told mom to quit saying my name so much!

Big Murphy - he is a therapy dog and a giant Goldendoodle!

Me and Stanley had to cool off our paws.

I was running trying to chase the ball but Bert was way faster than me!

Everybody got to go swimming down by the river.  Stanley went into REALLY deep water and I said, "Hey Stanley, you're really swimming!"

After swimming, we walked around the fort and got muddy dried off.

I had to take an extra dip.  "Hey everybody, wait for me!"

This Ms. Baci, (Logan & Big Murphy) she is very playful.  She smiles all the time. She and Stanley are almost the same color.

"I see a rock!"
"Come on Stanley!"

Everybody was practicing jumping the fence.  Me and Stanley were too short to jump it so we watched.

Dogs training peeps how to jump the fence.  Peeps picked it up quickly but were much slower than the dogs.

Bert's mom took a nap.

"Jump Logan, jump!"  Logan had to be quiet so he didn't wake up Bert's mom.

Bert ran to his mom to make sure she was OK (he is a therapy dog).  He brought Big Murphy with him cuz he is a therapy dog too.  They asked her, "How are you feeling?"

Bert's mom explained she wasn't sleeping, just trying to get a good shot of a dog jumping.  So Murphy said he would jump over her so she could get a good shot.

Time to go again.

Hmmm . . . how can I get this rock in my mouth?

"There's something under this rock . . . "

"I'm not sure but I think I found Goose's contact lens!"

Shaking my groove thing.



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Public Service Announcements

Just so everyone knows . . . there are two events that we want to announce.  The first is our own Blogville Olympics (see link on sidebar of this blog) and the other is the Olympics being held by the Cat Blogosphere. If you click on that link, it will take you to a blog that has ALL the events with the corresponding links.  Yep, it is a lot but we have a lot of good athletes out there.  So it should be a blast!

Secondly, there are many fires in the western US and with the current weather pattern, we suspect it will get worse before it gets better.

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging activities.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

School Daze

Last night was our third class in school.  Mom talked with our teacher (who is an Animal Behaviorist) about the trouble some dogs have when they meet me.  She asked if I was emitting "alpha waves".  My teacher laughed and said, "No way!".  She explained that Stanley and I are both middle-of-the-pack dogs (the best place to be she said) and that the reason some dogs responded negatively to me was that there may be some hesitation in my greeting and it made other dogs defensive.  (She even demonstrated how this is even true with peeps.)  She said Stanley is so over exuberant that new dogs are not suspicious of him.  She said with continued socialization things will improve.  Whew!  Me and mom are so glad to hear that!

We are learning some behavior modification things that will make us more polite as well as more of the "Leave It" command (with greater distraction and temptation).  This week we also are learning "Wait" which is different from "Stay".  But the big surprise was with my ex-girlfriend friend Marley!  Marley got bigger and went crazy!
This is during play time.  Stanley is talking to Charlie and I am talking to Marley.  Teacher is on the floor with Blackie.
When we were all let off leash the other pups didn't know what to do.  But me and Stanley did!
Charlie saw us and he came over to play too. Stanley tried to kiss our teacher!
Then Marley came over.  Notice she is on leash.
Blackie came to play.  She is very docile and her brother Blacky is so timid he just stares at the wall.
Me and Blackie with Teacher.
All of us pups with Teacher (except Blacky who was probably still staring at the wall).
Blackie farted so we got out of there!
Playing, notice Marley still on leash.
Teacher was telling me I was the cutest pup EVER!
Me and Charlie just shared a joke:  What did the 3 legged dog say when he walked in the bar?  "I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw - BOL!!!"
Marley (still on leash) talking to Charlie.  Notice I am no where around!
Marley reading me the riot act (no leash).
Marley jumping all over my case (no leash).  Stanley coming to "straighten her out".

So here is what happened:  Teacher said we could play and Marley kept coming over and getting all over my case.  Teacher told Marley's peeps that if she acts like that with a big dog, she'll get her head bit off!  So they pulled her back and said not to do that again.  Then Marley comes in to play again and just like last time she started yelling at me and then she tried to hit me!  That was when Stanley had to step in!  "Enough of this Marley!  You mess with Murphy then you mess with me!" he shouted.  After that Teacher said Marley had to keep her leash on and her peeps had to pull her back every time she tried to yell.  So the rest of us played off-leash and Marley kept getting pulled back over and over again because she kept yelling at me!  Sheesh . . . women!  Anyway, now we're trying to hook up Marley with Charlie so me and Stanley can just play.  Hopefully that won't be too hard because Charlie humps likes everybody.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Rules

Here are the official rules for all Blogville Olympic Events.  In order to be consistent with all other hosts, and more importantly, to be fair, all rules will be strictly enforced.  Any and all complaints should be addressed to the Olympic Committee at:  frankiefurter(AT)wildblue(DOT)NET

  • Photos of your athlete participating in any event will be accepted ONLY from July 9th until  midnight July 18th (in the host's time zone - in this case Mountain Standard Time, USA). THE OLYMPIC Committee must insist that all athletes be entered by Midnight July 18th.  Complain to FRANKIE (above) if you have problems with the deadline. 

  • Do to space/handling considerations, no videos can be accepted. Please size your photos for easier handling. If you send more than 1 photo of your athlete, I cannot guarantee they will both be used, it depends on the number of athletes who participate in the event.

  • All pics must be emailed to the specific event host and all athletes in the photo must be identified.  Also give your email address (in case of problems or questions, it will not be published), and a link to your blog site (if applicable).

So really, those are some pretty easy rules, huh?  Mostly, we just want everyone to have fun, be creative, and participate in LOTS of events!  This is the official site for the Marathon Chewing event.  It will take place on August 3rd. In order to enter this event, email your photos within the above time frame to cecampbell(AT)msn(DOT)com.  There will be two categories:

Authorized Chewing:  In this category the athlete will be shown chewing a lawful object (any object permitted by the peeps: toys, ice, chews, bones, etc). 

Free Lance Chewing:  In this category, the photo must show the athlete in the process of chewing an unauthorized item OR (and more likely) the athlete in the photo with the already-been-chewed unauthorized item.  Example:  If the athlete chews up their peep's favorite shoes, the photo need not catch the action but would just show the athlete in the photo with the chewed up object (looking innocent, guilty, proud, contrite, etc.).  To be clear, you need not run for the camera when you catch the athlete in the process of eating your prized possessions (although that would make a great photo - LOL) but it is NOT required!  Just capture the result of the activity and that is fine.

Prizes & Awards:  All athletes will be winners but there are no prizes or awards.  Blogville Olympic events are for entertainment purposes only.

So start getting ready, get those cameras ready, and when it's time (July 9th), start sending the pics to the specific site hosts.  Remember, there is a list with links of all events on the right side of this blog.  Makes it easy, eh?

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, June 22, 2012

First Haircut!

Today me and Stanley got our first haircut!  Mom was very impressed with the lady who did it because she got us both done in under 2 hours.  Mom said she thought there would be at least an hour and a half worth of wiggling.  But the lady said we were good (if mom only knew - BOL!).  My hair had gotten VERY long.  It was cute but hard to care for and kind of hot too.  Besides, the other day we went on a hike and I got into some sand burrs.  That was a mess so I am glad I didn't have as many as Stanley did!  My hair WAS much longer than Stanleys.

I am definitely getting big dawg feet!

Mom says I am still cute as ever

Stanley looks much better all smoothed out.  I like him the same though.

Finally, without all that hair my long Doodle legs show!!

No fat, all muscle

My feet are still darker than my body.

Oh my dog . . . they cut off one of my legs!

I still have VERY long eye lashes.  Mom calls them "hooker lashes".  I don't know what that means but I think it means they are very long.

Stanley is showing off his long Doodle legs but I think he just wants everybody to look at his butt.

My hair is very soft and thick.  Mom loves petting me!

This is kind of blurry but my Doodle shape shows up real good in it.

I think dad might post some more photos of Stanley or maybe even a video of us.  So for now, we'll enjoy our summer crew cuts and just be cool.  Oh yeah, we're too very cool Doods!