Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good News!


Do you notice anything different?  We didn't put our warning at the top of our post!  Yup, the thieve's site was taken down!  It turned out that they weren't hosted by Godaddy but just made it look that way.  But thanks to the expertise of Shyla's mom we identified the domain and got it shut down (we hope furever)!  Thank you so much for helping us Shyla!

We haven't been around to blogs yet cuz mom was sick yesterday (she feels much better today).  BUTT I just had to tell you about the most wonderfullest thing EVER!  When we got the mail today we got a Happy Birfday card from our furend Madi.  Thank you Madi! We love our card with the personal touch! Then the mailman left.  So we were in the office and just happened to look out the window and the mailman came BACK!  And then he brought us a package!  It was from my true love CHERRY BOMB Ruby!  So mom opened it and showed us the card.  Then . . .

Can you believe it??  Ruby sent me a REAL Cherry Bomb!!  NOT an imitation butt a REAL one!  Can you tell how happy I was?  ('cept I was mad cuz mom got a weird angle and made my legs look 2 inches long.)

I couldn't wait to try it out . . . 

It works pawfectly!  And I think Ruby put a kiss on it just for me!  She also sent me and Stanley our very own dinosaurs!  We LOVE them!  I named mine Dino and Stanley named his Steve,

Thank you Ruby!  You really "get" me!  (I told mom we were soul-mates!)  You are the bestest!  

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - For Ruby's Eyes Only!  I will be looking at the stars at 9:00pm MST and thinking of you.  Then at 10:00 MST, I will throw a kiss to the moon and let it bounce off to you!  CHERRY BOMB XOXOXOX

Thursday, January 29, 2015

FFHT - Muddy Choices

Note:  If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page then please know it was STOLEN!  This is especially true for the site at "".  No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.

This month's inclusion is:  "It was the worst New Years resolution that I ever made!"  For information about Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales, see the tab on our blog.


Me and Stanley did NOT make new years resolutions this year because of what happened to us last time.  Last year we BOTH made a resolution to NOT get muddy paws.  Then just a couple days after New Year's Day, we had a bit of a warm spell.  It got warm, the snow melted, and then the holes that we spent all spring, summer and autumn digging the year before filled with mud.

We didn't know it happened until we went outside to go pee just before bed time.  I saw them first and hollered to Stanley, "Brother, come here . . . quickly . . . it's an emergency!"  Stanley could hear the urgency in my bark so he came running over right away.

He stopped where I was standing.  It was an area of the yard that was well lit by the flood light that is in our back yard.  He took a long look at the hole,  It was the biggest of all of them.  We spent a lot of time perfecting it.  He dropped his nose down to smell it.  Then he slowly lifted his head and looked at me.  We both knew what the other was thinking.  We promised mom with our New Year's Resolution but this was clearly the worse New Year's Resolution that we ever made!

We wanted to get in the mud hole and we wanted it bad!  We remembered back when we were little puppies, how much fun it was to play in the mud.  We have a long history of getting in the mud.  How could we make such a stoopid resolution that stood against everything we stood for and believed in?

So after staring at the mud hole for what felt like an eternity.  Stanley said it out loud . . . "Brother" he barked, "This really was the worse New Year's Resolution that we ever made!"  And then he made his decision.

But he never did get mud on his paws.

Murphy & Stanley

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Few Things For Thursday

Note: If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page ( then please know it was STOLEN! This is especially true for the site at "". No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.

As you can see, our posts are still being exported to the evil site.  We suggest everyone change their settings for your feeds (located under Settings, then Other) to "short" so if it happens to you the thieves can only get a little bit of the post as opposed to the whole thing.  Don't change it to "NONE" cuz then your posts won't show up on your Follower's readers.  OK, look at this picture:

Mom did the presentation for the Dog Park on Tuesday evening and the council, after saying her presentation was really good, tabled it without a vote cuz they want off-street parking.  And since there is NO place to put in off street parking this is a problem.  So this story continues.

Have you been over to Dory's place?  Jakey gave an excellent lesson on how to make a Valentine for your mom using PicMonkey.  They will save all their instructional posts to a Photo Class page.  Keep an eye out for classes so you can learn how easy it is to do digital editing of photos!  OK, now look at this picture, it was done with photo editing:
Ruby sure looks hot doesn't she?  It really isn't hard to do, you just have to want to learn it and not be scared to try!

The other thingie we wanted to tell you is that tomorrow is Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!  (See tab for details.) We'll actually put our post up later this evening to help out folks on the east side of Blogville, (across the great pond). They get Friday before we get Friday!

And lastly, don't forget we're working on 2 events, Heart 2 Heart Dance and Mayorz Marathon.  You can see who is already signed up and in training under the tab for the event on our bloggy.  Send photos to cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com.  And we still need blogs to volunteer to host some Mile Markers.  It will require some easy photo editing but we can help you learn if you don't already know.  OK, here's another picture for you (mom showed it at the council meeting, it said "poop: BOL!

OK, that's all from us today.  Remember, no matter what they throw at you just keep fetching the ball and it will all work out!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Pressie!

Note: If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page ( then please know it was STOLEN! This is especially true for the site at "". No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.


We were so happy with the judgement we got yesterday at the Court of Common Fleas.  We recommend the Blogville legal system for anyone having any kind of troubles.  And special thanks to our excellent attorney, Ernie The Attorney!

Now, on a whole other matter . . . you might not know it BUTT me and Stanley have a special day coming up.  Our 3rd Birfday is only a week away (Feb. 3rd)!  So we were pretty excited when we got a surprise pressie from our furends Lassie & Benji, the handsome shelties from "back east".  First we got a wonderful card . . .

Then we got a special something that their mom made with her very own special paws!  (When mom saw it she squeaked cuz she said it was beautiful.)  We are modeling it for you . . .

We think our girlfurends might go crazy when they see us in our new bow ties.  Real dogs wear pink and the girls kinda swoon when they see a fella wearing pink so we are really liking these ties!

Thank you Lassie & Benji & Your Mom!

Now they told us that the reason they remember our birfday is cuz their mom was born the same day.  When our mom told us this we got kind of confused and thought maybe Lassi & Benji's mom might be part of our litter and maybe even one of our sisters!  Butt mom said that was not how things work even though we are quite sure she is wrong and we think she really is our sister.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Waiting on a Verdict!

Note: If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page ( then please know it was STOLEN! This is especially true for the site at "". No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.

We thought court went well yesterday.  Our lawyer, Ernie the Attorney, is excellent!  We highly recommend him for all your legal troubles!  He does civil and criminal cases.  He specializes in corporate securities, real estate, tax and contract law too.  No case is too big or too small.

Read the verdict HERE!

Murphy & Stanley - Plaintiffs

Pee Ess - Get your photos in for the Heart 2 Heart Valentine's Day Dance and the Mayorz Marathon too! And remember that Friday is FFHT! (See the tabs on our blog for more info.)  Oh, and one more thing . . . remember to stop by and tell Blogville's Top Cop Sidebites Happy Birfday!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Court In Session

Note: If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page ( then please know it was STOLEN! This is especially true for the site at "". No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.


We do not have much time today since we will be spending all day in court.  Today is mom's trial at the Court Of Common Fleas.  We had to bring charges against her cuz we could not resolve our sleeping situation.  In case you did not know, when mom and dad got a new adjustable bed, mom said that Stanley was a bed hog (she exaggerates, he just has to make sure his muscles don't cramp).  Then she said that I needed to start sleeping on an entire different side!  And then she said we could always sleep on the quilt at the foot of the bed (on the hope chest).  We have been sleepless ever since and asked the court to take our case and render justice!  Ernie the Attorney has done an excellent job in representing us.  Shhh . . . court is in session . . .

You can see the hearing as it unfolds HERE.

Murphy & Stanley - Plaintiffs

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Surprise!

Note:  If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page then please know it was STOLEN!  This is especially true for the site at "".  No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.

The other day the mailman brought a package to mom.  What? Mom never gets a package!  So we watched her open  it cuz it was from Chewy!  BUTT it was not the regular box that comes from Chewy.  She looked at the card. . .  

What? Sydney and the folks at Chewy sent a pressie to mom cuz they were excited to have the Mayorz of Blogville as part of the Chewy family!  Wow!  Is that cool or what?? Chewy rocks!!

Mom loves the pressie! It is a painting,  probably done by a famous artist! 

Yes,  it is a beautiful painting! Thank you Chewy! Mom loves it and so do we! 

And now in other news . . . as you may recall, a few days back we told you that mom was trying to get us to give her a couple inches of bed space to sleep at the foot of the bed on the quilt.  We were FORCED to bring her up on charges to get some justice!  Ernie the Attorney has been working very hard on our case and we are glad to tell you it is moving through the court system toward a full trial at the Court of Common Fleas!  Today is the pre-trial and tomorrow will be the actual trial!  Yes, in front of Judge Frankie Furter himself!  Check out the proceedings HERE but make sure you abide by all the rules of the court (meaning you have to pee before entering the court).

Murphy and Stanley - Plaintiffs

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Letter To My Dog

Note:  If this post appears anywhere other than Murphy and Stanley's official page then please know it was STOLEN!  This is especially true for the site at "".  No permission has been granted to copy content from this blog in whole or part.

We have two letters.  Mom wrote a letter to me and Dad wrote a letter to Stanley.

Dear Bug,

I have written this letter to you many times in the (almost) 3 years that we have been together.  I have written it with my voice, my touch, and my eyes.  You already know what is in my heart but today I share it with everyone else.

The day we met, when you were only 2 weeks old, I knew that you would have a special place in my heart.  Although I've had other dogs, none of them have so wholly taken up my heart like you.

My sweet boy, you have the kindest, most gentle heart I have ever met.  You have such a sweet spirit and cuddly nature.  When I've worked too long at the computer and you put your paws on my chair to look into my eyes, I sense that you are telling me, "Mom, I'm missing you."  I can't help but stop what I'm doing to let you know that I miss you too.

At night when I can feel you lying beside me, I wonder what it is that makes you have the need for such closeness.  And then I wonder the same thing about myself.  So many times I have just watched you sleeping and been in awe of the changes I've seen in myself that are a direct result of our relationship.  You make me a better person.  You never have been, nor could you ever be "just a dog".

My sweet Murphy, you are a gift to me and I thank God for you.


Your Mom


Dear Stanley,

In less than 3 weeks you will be 3 years old.  We first met when you were only 2 weeks old.  Time has passed quickly.

You have been a comfort to me since coming into my life.  You are the smartest dog I've ever had.  Your constant "Elvis smile" always makes me chuckle.  Sometimes I think you can read minds, because I think something and you start doing it.

It’s a comfort to just have you sit in my lap and let me talk to you.  I like to watch you interact with new people.  You don’t know what a stranger is, everyone is just a friend waiting to be met.

I like it when we go to church together and we sit side by side with my arm around you, like the best buds that we are.  Sometimes you just lay with your head in my lap and I feel that you realize I would never let anything harm you.

Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Eat More Pork - YUM!

NOTICE: If this post appears anywhere other than then be aware it was illegally stolen. No permission is granted to copy this post. This notice especially applies to the blog at They absolutely do NOT have permission to use any of our photos or content!

OK Furends, this is a test post.  Unfortunately it will NOT show up in any of your feeders but the flip side is that if my theory is correct then it will not show up on the thieve's blog either!

If this works and your blog posts are being stolen, change the setting for news-feeds to "NONE".  Then once Blogger or godaddy gets this site shut down we can change back.  In the meantime PLEASE check in on us for all posts!

M&S and Mom

UPDATE:  OK, I tested it and it seems to work.  But we want to be on YOUR feeders so we changed it to "SHORT" so they can't get the whole post.  Maybe they will just get the red letters hee . . . hee!

This Blog Stealing Posts!

NOTICE:  If this post appears anywhere other than then be aware it was illegal stolen.  No permission is granted to copy this post.  This notice especially applies to the blog at  They absolutely do NOT have permission to use any of our photos or content!

Important Announcement

Friends, it has come to our attention that someone is stealing our posts as well as the posts of others.  In looking over the stats I receive showing blog activity I think it might be coming from Pakistan.  My thought right off is that someone is trying to make their blog appear authentic by stealing from others.  So far I am aware of 2 posts they stole.  The post from the other day when the Doods asked our their dates for the date was stolen as was today's post with the marathon runners.

My gut feeling is that they will continue stealing posts and that it is more than just a poor excuse of a person trying to look like they are more creative than they really are.  I think this is someone trying to get accepted into the dog blog community.

In a worse case scenario we may be forced to change our blog to "PRIVATE".  If that is the case we will need you to send us your email so we can give you access to us.  If we might not recognize you, let us know what blog you are coming from.  We know this will be a hassle but once we okay you then it would work like normal.  We would only stay "PRIVATE" until this site is taken down or the problem is otherwise resolved.  So in case you come to see us and get stopped, PLEASE send us your email so we get approve you into our blog.

Murphy, Stanley & Mom


It would probably be best to not go to the offending blog.  I am sure they are tracking!

Marathon Runners

Because we are working on 2 events at once (Heart 2 Heart Dance & Mayorz Marathon), our assistants want to make sure everyone checks to make sure they are in the correct events, so be sure to check the tabs on the bloggy!  

Now, for those who have already registered for the marathon we have a bonus for you!  You can copy the badge if you want AND we have a picture of you wearing your official race bib!  You can copy anything to use during your training.

Deadline for dance February 6th!  Deadline for marathon March 15th!

Happy Training!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, January 22, 2015


We're still working on the sleeping arrangements . . .

Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone that they can check the tabs on the blog to make sure they are in the Heart 2 Heart Dance and the Marathon.  BTW, if you want to come to the Dance as a single that is A-OK!  BUTT if you want a date and need help, check with Ruby and her Yente services HERE

Also, make sure you are on the blog hop for Saturday's Letter To My Paw Pal!  Jump on the blog hop over at Oz's place HERE.

And finally, don't forget that the 30th is our Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails too (check tab for details)!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Asking Our Girls!

Stanley says that the bestest thing about having Taffy as our Office Manager is that he gets to start his day by seeing her.  Every morning she smiles big at him and says "Good Morning Stanley!" and he gets all goofy-eyed and smiles real big and says "Good Morning Taffy!" and then they start giggling like crazy.

So this morning after he sat down at our desk he just kept staring at his coffee cup.  I asked him what he was thinking and he jumped up and said he had to ask Taffy an impawtent question!

"Taffy, will you go to the Heart 2 Heart Dance with me?"

So I got to thinking that I better ask Ruby to the dance too.  She knows I want to take her but mom says a girl does NOT want to be taken for granted.  I would NEVER take my sweet CHERRY BOMB Ruby for granted!  Our relationship is special!  We are kindred souls!  We look at the stars every night and think of each other!

Ruby, will you take my paw and go to the Heart 2 Heart Dance with me?

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - You can send in your photos for the dance or for the marathon. Send them to cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com.  Once you are signed up your name will be added to the list on our bloggy (under the appropriate tab).

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Case For Justice?

Something very disturbing has been happening at our house.  First of all I have to tell you how it USED to be.  Then I will tell you what has happened.  Now if I start sounding all legal or something, it is because I am sending this information to my furend Ernie the Attorney.  I hope he will consider our case as being worthy of hearing at the Court of Common Fleas.  

This is how we have been sleeping for nearly 3 years:

As you can see, Stanley has to move around so he doesn't get a cramp and I am tight against my mom, where I SHOULD be!  BUTT mom decided that since her acid reflux was not getting better that she needed to follow a dumb doctor's advice and sleep with a "raised head".  What the dog is that anyway?  So . . . dad said he can't sleep with a "raised head" so mom said, "Fine, we need a new bed that I can adjust."  So they bought a split king adjustable bed with a memory foam mattress.  

Me and Stanley were fine with that.  Our old bed was a king size memory foam so we thought these changes would NOT affect us.  Then we started hearing mom talking about her wanting to "sleep on her side" and then she accused us of "hogging the bed".  These words burned my heart!  Then when we thought it couldn't get worse she did this:

Oh My Dog!!!  What is she thinking?    So we tried a couple nights with the "new rules and new bed".  I took a little nap on the quilt and it wasn't bad was horrible!  So Stanley tried balancing on the tiny edge of the bed that mom was allowing (cuz SHE was hogging all the space AND making the bed tilt so we'd slide off) and Stanley didn't sleep a wink for fear of falling to his death!

I spent all night staring at mom BEGGING her to move over so I could cuddle her and hear her heartbeat.  She said I could sleep on her other side BUTT that isn't MY side!  I tried balancing on the inch she left open on MY side but I couldn't even squeeze in there!

As I'm certain you can tell from this solid evidence we have gathered, this situation cannot go on!  We aren't getting any sleep at all!  Now I do love my mom but I think you will all agree that this case demands JUSTICE!  I just hope Ernie the Attorney finds our case worthy of the Court of Common Fleas!

The Very Tired Murphy & Stanley

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mom, Put A Title Here, OKAY?

Mom is getting ready for the final push on the new Dog Park location.  Next week she will present the plan to the city council and they will approve it.  Yes, we have been to this point before but then there was a problem and the city changed our location so we started over.  Anyway, then we SHOULD have our park open in the spring.  BUTT until then we are still playing in our little yard and running up and down our hill.

Now before you look at the next picture, remember that you can check the tabs on our bloggy to see if we have your pictures for the Heart 2 Heart Dance and the Mayorz Marathon.  You can sign up NOW before your assistants forget.  OK, now look at the picture, see how I peel out . . .

Keep your ears up, run fast, and don't take your eyes off the ball.  Yup, that's how I roll!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess:  Register for events by sending your photos to cecampbell [AT] msn [DOT] com.
Click for info:  DANCE  RACE

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Training Started

Did you see Friday's post where we announced the Mayorz Marathon this coming April?  We already have 2 registrations!  If you register and are wondering if we received your photos you can check the "Marathon" tab on our bloggy and it will show your name and your race bib number!  The same thing is for Valentine's Day Heart 2 Heart Dance too.  That way you can VERIFY!  Anyway, we already started our training.  We ran 6 miles today.  After we got home we were REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tired!

Better get your training started!!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Don't forget "Letter To My Paw Pal" is coming on Saturday the 24th and FFHT is on the 30th!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Official Announcement!! Mayorz Marathon!

Our first ever Mayorz Marathon will be held April 16, 2015

We will need a few assistants who are good at photo-shopping to help out.  We need folks who are willing to host the start, finish, and various mile markers along the way.  We already have hosts for "pit stops".  We have Frankie & Ernie manning one of the pit stops and Madi hosting a water stop.


Here's how it will work.  Just like a real marathon you must register (send in your photos) while you are still in training.  The dead lion for photos is March 15th.

Everyone will start at the starting line blog.  At the end of that post will be a link to take you to the next mile, and so on until we all get to the finish line.

All registrations (photos) will be sent in to the Mayorz (except for the ones F&E will use cuz they will be peeing photos).  PLEASE send in your best quality photos showing your pet's full body in a standing pawsition (see photography tips from Fi & Abby HERE).  The photo-shoppers will cut the dog/cat images out of the photo so they can be used at the various mile markers as the race moves along our 26.2 mile course.  Each host blog will have creative license to tell the story of what is happening at their particular mile marker.  This means the story can have some wild twists and turns!  So pawticipants will need to read all the posts to get the full story on their race!

This is going to be fun, fun, fun!  BUTT MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES!

  1. 1.  If you want to be In the RACE send a Picture with the Name of the Racer to the email below.
  2. If you are in the RACE and want to stop at the POTTY Station... Send a SEPARATE Picture DIRECTLY to Frankie (see link below).
  3. The only thing that is REQUIRED is the RACE.... Potty stops are for fun, water stop will be included. 
  4. You must be an official racer to pawticipate in any other activities.  No Bandits allowed!

Send your race photos to:  cecampbell [AT] msn [DOT] com
Check in with Frankie & Ernie for their rules/requirements! 
Check with Madi for her requirements!

LEGAL NOTICE:  Blogville Pawlice will be on the official race course and promptly remove and arrest any "bandits" (illegal runners who did not legally register)!!  In order to be legally registered for this race (meaning we received your photo) your name must appear on the list (shown under tab on blog).

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fetching Weather!

After a few warmer days most of our snow has melted.  That means it's "fetching weather"!

There's just a few piles of snow still around.

Stanley has been fetching the totally flat imposter Cherry Bomb (it's smaller and has a light inside). 

BUTT sometimes you HAVE to stop and chew on it or you'll go crazy!

 Meanwhile, I've been running all over the place fetching my tennis ball.

Murphy & Stanley