Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crazy Squirrel

OMD! We had NO idea how crazy the squirrels were in California (when we went to meet Dory)!  Ruby has been telling us BUTT we think sometimes hoomans might think she is exaggerating.  BUTT now we have TRUE evidence!  This crazy nut case did this non stop for 2 days!  He kept lunging at us like he wanted to kill us - all day long!  

Thanks for the interest in a 2016 Blogville Retreat.  Let's keep the conversation going so we can do some organizing once we find out who all is interested!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, June 29, 2015

We're Home!

We are FINALLY home!  We had a most wonderful time on our vacation to the coast of Oregon. The weather was pawfect, nice and cool.  It was 40 degrees cooler there than when we got home! And of course meeting Dory and her mama was a thrill for us!  

It took us 2 LONG days of riding in the truck to get home.  Mom says it is a good thing me and Stanley are . . . 

Our time at the ocean refreshed our minds and spirits.  Of course mom went nuts last night when she got to lay down in the big bed instead of the tight snuggle on the little bed in the wheelie house.  She kept calling me and Stanley Bed Hogs!

And when we met Dory and her mama, they gave us special pressies!  When Dory's mom and dad were deep sea diving they caught a shark and octopus especially for me and Stanley!  Is that cool or what?  Thank you so much, we LOVE them!   Here I am snuggled to Ocho (that is the name I gave the octopus).

When mom got home she kept dragging in all this dirty laundry.  With all the complaining she did about it me and Stanley just don't understand why hoomans just don't go naked like doggies and kitties?

Anyway, when we met with Dory, we put our heads together and talked about something that she mentioned on her bloggy today too.  A Blogville Retreat!  How cool would that be to meet others in the furs?

So we think that everybody needs to be thinking about this!  We can do it next summer.  And depending on how many are interested in meeting we can figure out where and when to meet.  So if you are interested (and willing to travel a bit as may be necessary) LET US KNOW!  In the meantime, mom is doing laundry and we're trying to get ketchup.  (I told mom the ketchup was in the fridge but she just rolled her eyes.)

We will talk more about our meeting Dory in a few days (after ketchup).  BUTT for now I will say mom kept saying Dory was a love and I can't believe how good she smells (Ruby, it was only platonic I assure you).

So let's get the conversation started about a retreat and in the next few days we will be catching up on everyone's blogs!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - TOMORROW is the dead lion for the rodeo barrel racing event.  Check to make sure your name is on the list cuz mom says it would be EASY for her to have lost track of someone while we were gone!

So far we have:

Princess Leah
Sally Ann

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015


This month's special prompt is: "I knew I needed a good excuse for . . . "

For more information on how FFHT works and what it is, please click HERE.

Please note that we are posting this ahead of time while we are at the Better Cities Convention so it is possible things might go haywire or we might not be on the blog hop correctly.

Me and Stanley love the beach.  We also love the ocean.  And we hate hot temperatures!  When we were at the dog park the other day I got so hot I had to get into the pool and roll around in order to cool myself off.  So me and Stanley devised a plan . . . a plan to go someplace cooler with plenty of beach.

Now we know that it costs green papers to go to these sort of places.  And we knew we needed a good excuse for going to the ocean.  So we saw a brochure about Tillamook Ice Cream the Better Cities Convention and since it is fake and made up being held in the most dog friendly state, we knew we could convince mom the ice cream addict and dad who never met an ice cream he didn't like to take us there!  And that is REALLY why we are out of the office.  BUTT wait!  Wait and see who we will meet in the furs - tomorrow!

Your Mayorz On Vacation,

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Saw A Whale!

We saw a whale and we are exhausted. In a few days we meet our Blogville Pals in the furs. We need sleep!