About Us

  • We are mini Goldendoodles.  Our mother Daisey was a mini Goldendoodle and our father was a miniature poodle.  We are F1B's.  We do not shed.
  • We were born on February 3, 2012 and came to live with our pawrents at the age of 7 weeks.
  • Although we are litter mates, Stanley is quite a bit bigger than Murphy (right now 13 pounds bigger).
  • Stanley weighs 36 pounds and Murphy weighs 23 pounds.
  • We  graduated from Puppy School, Intermediate Class, Advanced Class and passed our CGC (Canine Good Citizen).
  • We both love to swim.
  • Murphy's favorite toy is a ball.  Stanley's favorite toy is Murphy. Stanley likes to destroy toys.
  • Murphy is the more easy going of the two.  He's pretty relaxed about almost everything.  Stanley is a bit more emotional.  But both are very attached to their humans.
  • Murphy often barks like a rooster.  He has a Barking Chair in the Piano Room where he sits in front of the big picture window.
  • We love ice cubes.
  • We both get their teeth brushed every night.  
  • We are very well socialized.

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