Saturday, November 29, 2014

We Feel Terrible!!

Oh nooooo!!  A terrible thing has happened!  We have our blog mail stuffs go to a certain email account ( and it automatically forwards to mom's main account.  BUTT something has gone wrong and some of the emails did NOT forward!  We just found some emails and entries to the Aroooo Ball that we NEVER received!  We are sooooo sorry!!!  So we changed the email account on our blog sidebar so please, please, please change your records to send the email to MSN.COM not Q.COM!!!  Thank you and once again we are sorry for any emails that weren't received!

Thanksgiving Day Hike

First we want to tell everybody thanks for the blog hops these past two days.  It was wonderful reading how impawtent Blogville has been (and still is) to everyone!

On Thanksgiving Day we decided to go on a hike.  It was a beautiful day.

The skies were overcast.

But it was a beautiful trail.

Eventually it got icy and once we came to a part that was steep AND icy we had to turn back cuz it got too dangerous.

Mom never noticed the smudge on her lens until we got home but she loves this picture of me and Stanley.

I posed by myself cuz Stanley was with dad by the creek.

 Mom says we can go back but next time she and dad will wear Yak Trax!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks Blogville - We Had No Idea

Today is the day we have selected to say "thank you" to Blogville!

When we first heard of Blogville, we weren't totally sure what it was.  Once we found out, we were pretty sure that a person had to be a little bit nutty to even want to belong.  But for some reason, mom decided that it would be a good place for us to grow up.  Now that we have been here for a few years, we think it was a good place for our ancient mom to grow up too.

 We started  our bloggy when we were tiny puppy dogs.  We were only 2 weeks old and our eyes had just opened that day when we met our furever mom and dad.  Mom said her heart was bursting and she had to let some of it seep out so that was when she decided we'd all live in Blogville.  You see, the thing is, mom doesn't find it easy to let love seep out of her heart in a public way.

When we were 7 weeks old, me and Stanley moved in with mom and dad, into Blogville FUR real! In no time at all you welcomed us with open paws.  Over these past few years we have made more and more friend/furiends.  We have learned many things over this time but most important was to learn to care about each other!

We had no idea we would meet so many friends and come to care so deeply about YOU!  We had no idea that we would share in the pain of losing furiends to the Rainbow Bridge!  You made us happy, you made us laugh, we joined you and shed our tears with you when you had your hearts broken.  We crossed our paws for you when you needed it. And we know you would do the same for us.

When you entered our lives we had no idea what an impact you were going to make on us.  We never suspected that you would be part of our every day thoughts and discussions!  We never suspected that you would change us - for the better!

So we want to say thank you to Blogville.  Thank you for being so loving and caring.  Thank you for being a constant in our world.  Thank you for showing us that there are MANY, MANY good people in this world who don't hesitate a moment to reach out a hand or paw to another.

We love you Blogville.  Thank you for loving us back!

Murphy & Stanley & Pawrents

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Tomorrow is our official  . . .

So get your posts ready (saying why you are thankful for Blogville) and be sure to jump on the blog hop.  If you have ANY questions about the blog hop, Oz is your fella to get you squared away.  He's given you full instructions HERE.

To all our furiends in the USA neighborhood of Blogville, we also want to wish you . . .

Remember, Friday is FFHT!  For details, click HERE!

We know we haven't said much these past few days cuz mom said she HAD to clean the WHOLE house before me and Stanley could put up our Christmas tree.  Of course we were her biggest helpers to get the job done and it is finally done!  Mom said we can't put it up until after Thanksgiving but we think when she sees the post we fixed up for FFHT on Friday that it will REALLY put her in the mood!  Thanks for stopping by and we love you all!!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Appointments - Round Four!

Yes, we have more appointments to make!  It takes many paws to run an effective administration!  In case you can't remember who is serving in which pawsition, or what pawsitions are still open, you can always look at our Administration page (see tab on blog).  And if you are not serving in a pawsition and want to be shown as a citizen on the census, just give us that info with your link and we'll add you!

We are proud to announce that Easy has agreed to be the Master of the Blogville Academy of Comportment.  We think he has the pawfect set of skills to be able to make this a huge success.  We have never met Easy in the furs but we are just pawsitive that he has impeccable manners. He will be a great influence on anyone who might need to brush up on theirs manners a bit!

Taffy has accepted an appointment as Director of Blogger Technology as well as a member of the Blogville Community Choir.  (Also, if we have any parolees who are working in our office in order to learn how to become upstanding members of society then Taffy has agreed to supervise those doggies too.)

Fi & Abby have accepted the pawsition of the Undersecretaries of Photography.  We are confident that their intense study of photography and its relation to capturing the inner essence of doggies will be a huge asset to our administration.


Again, be sure to check out our Administration page (let us know if there is a problem with any of the links).  Remember that our "Thanks Blogville" blog hop is this Thursday and Oz is your Director of Transportation for getting on the blog hop.  And the next day is FFHT !

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Run

Stanley's leg is cured so mom and dad said we could go running today.  We missed our run last week cuz Stanley's leg was broken down.  It was a sunny morning and mom said we stopped to sniff a million times we had a good time.  And guess what . . . for the second time ever I lifted my leg to pee!  Stanley said he is proud of me.  But now we need a little nap while mom and dad take showers.

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two Wonderful Thingies

OMD, we have TWO fantastic thingies to tell you!  BUTT they both will require that you follow directions!

Our first is something that is VERY exciting and a big SURPRISE!  You might get shocked so we definitely recommend that our furiend Ernie goes pee first before proceeding any further. To find out, you need to go to Angel Jazzi's blog and see her announcement.  Then you MUST follow the links she gives you to take you to the final page that will tell you something wonderful that you did NOT EVER suspect!


Our second thingie is that our furiend Oz, who will be the Director of Transportation in our new administration in 2015, is giving us a preview of his transportation services by doing the Blog Hop for our "Thanks Blogville" posts on November 27th!  He will make it easy peasy to get on a blog hop with full directions!  And since he already has a Linky subscription, he can do it all for us so we don't miss a thing!

For those of you who are NOT familiar with a blog hop, it is a way to link up all the blogs that are posting about a common topic (in this case it is "Thanks Blogville".  Just remember there are two parts to it.  The first part is when you "jump on" the blog hop so your bloggy is shown with all the others. The second part is when you add the top-secret-code to your blog post so that when your post shows up it will automatically show all the other blogs on the hop!  That makes it REALLY EASY to hop from blog to blog.  And we KNOW fur sure that everyone is gonna want to read all the posts on this one!

So, when you put your post together, you can do the second part ahead of time and pop over to Oz's place and grab the top-secret-code and add it to your post (make sure you put it on the HTML section, not the regular composing section). Then on the official day of the hop, when your blog posts, you can jump on (the first part) right from your own bloggy!  And Oz is gonna set this up for us for every blog hop!  We want to give him and his assistant a huge THANK YOU for that!

OK, you have plenty of time to get ready for the 27th.  And anytime you are ready, you can pop over to see Oz and he will have full instructions and the link to the top-secret-code.  Even if you are not ready, you can pop over and check it out. All you have to do is click HERE!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Appointments - Third Round & Reminders

We are continuing to work hard to put our administration together and are proud to announce a few more appointments:

Goose has graciously agreed to continue on as our Blogville Chaplain.  He is available for all services.

Also returning will be our most excellent Directors of Social Media, Shasta and Shiloh, formally known as the Beaglebratz.

Our next appointment is to a new member of our administration.  She has been doing this work for a few years now and no one can do it better so it was quite natural that when we needed someone to fill our Director of Wildlife Studies pawsition we selected Shyla!

Please welcome these additions to our administration which will take effect on Inauguration Day, January 9, 2015!  If you are interested in an appointment please contact us right away.  Also remember that we are looking for Blogville citizens interested in joining the Blogville Community Choir and the Blogville Pawlice Department.  If you are interested in any of these pawsitions, please contact Susie & Sidebites respectively!

Also, make sure you checked out yesterday's post for "Thanks Blogville" day (worldwide) on November 27th.  Our FFHT will be on Friday the 28th so you can easily set up both posts ahead of time.  This month's special phrase to include in your story is "Things would never be the same after . . . "

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks Blogville!

On Thursday, November 27th, (in the USA) we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Now, we know that everybody has LOTS of things to be thankful for so we wanted something to include ALL our furiends in ALL the countries and over ALL the continents of Blogville! So we are going to have a huge, world-wide "Thanks Blogville Day" on Thursday, November 27th!

Here's how it will work:  Everyone in the Blogville universe can put up a post saying why they are thankful for Blogville.  You can say ANYTHING!  Remember that advice another Blogville citizen gave you, or some support, or encouragement?  How about the furiends you made?  Have you ever been sad, bored, scared, or lonely and Blogville came to the rescue?  Did you ever start out your day with a laugh from reading another bloggy? Now you can say "Thanks Blogville"!

We'll set it up as a blog hop.  For those USA Blogvillites who might be traveling, you can easily set it up ahead of time to post while you are driving to grandma's or making the turkey.  If anyone needs info on how to set that up ahead of time let us KNOW!!

We think it is the PAWFECT day to remember why we love Blogville and to say "Thanks Blogville" for making our days better!  So grab the beautiful badge that Dory made for us and help SPREAD THE WORD!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Speaking of Dory, make sure you check her blog for details on her upcoming Birthday and Christmas Gala on December 26th!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Please remember to check the POTP tab for additions or updates.

First Snow!

Me and Stanley were so excited to see we had snow!  It must have been magical snow too cuz it made Stanley's leg feel a lot better . . . NOT totally better but MUCH better!

We were playing fetch and Stanley was even chasing the ball!

We were waiting for mom to throw the ball!

Sometimes it would get covered in snow but we knew how to find it!

Stanley likes me to chase him when he has the ball.  He has his own fetching rules.  I call him ROGUE!

Sometimes I say, "Pretty please" so I can get the ball and take it back to mom.

Stanley was VERY happy that he was feeling better!  So was mom, dad, I!

Stanley sure is handsome!

We just got groomed the other day so our tails are real fluffy!

We can't wait until it snows some more!  Remember, only 2 weeks until the next FFHT!!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Thursday

First of all we want to say that we are very sorry that our very own  Blogville Chef Sasha lost her daddy yesterday.  Mom says no one in Blogville cries alone so we want to show her lots of love and support.


Some furiends who follow us on Facebook already know that Stanley hurted his leg yesterday when he jumped off mom's recliner.  Mom and dad were having a "do we taken him to the dogtur" disagreement discussion cuz he would NOT put ANY weight on his leg.  I was very worried cuz he would NOT even play with me!  I told them last night if Stanley wasn't better today I was going to take him to the dogtur myself!  

When we woke up this morning Stanley said he felt better and has been putting SOME weight on his leg.  He even played with me a little bit when we discovered there was snow in our yard!  Mom took lots of pictures of us playing in the snow but then she said a *&%$#@ corrupt memory card lost them.  We are against corruption!  So right now we are in the office with mom so she can see if her reformatted card is going to act up. 

 This is our ying-yang pose.

Then I checked with mom to see if the camera took the picture or if we should pose again.

It took her awhile to check.  I kept trying to lick the camera to help it but mom said that was NOT helping.

Stanley said he was bored by the whole process.

Me and Stanley like to hug our toys when we nap.

Leo and Van Gogh were coming into the office to see if we wanted to play.

When mom gets done testing her memory card we'll probably work on some more appointments for our new administration.  We already have a few that we will announce in a few days.  Let us know if you are interested in anything!  Oh, and another impawtent thing . . . if you want to become a pawlice officer with the Blogville Pawlice Department, you need to let Top Cop Sidebites know.  They are going to be doing a bunch of fun stuffs in the future!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Round of Appointments

Me and Stanley continue to work hard getting the pawfect appointments to our new administration (in January). You might notice that these appointments are REAL ones!  We are trying to make them all so that they serve a purpose such as:
  • Provide a basis for creativity and continuing story lines to renew enthusiasm of assistants.
  • Provide a service to help the citizens of Blogville.
  • Help citizens put on events to have more fun and know each other better.
  • Answer technical questions or navigation for an easier (more fun) blogging experience.
  • Provide information and education to improve the lives of all pets.

And now, without further ado we want to announce this next round of appointments . . .

**drum roll**

Casey & Cinderella are appointed to be the Directors of All Furiends in Furever Homes.  This is their passion so we know they will do an excellent job bringing awareness to the needs of homeless pets.

Our beloved furiend Sasha has accepted the appointment as Master Executive Chef de Cuisine.  She will continue to offer her excellent services to all in need to make their events just pawfect with the right foodables, prepared just pawfectly!  

For those who want to make sure they are wearing all the newest fashions seen on the runways in Paris, you'll appreciate the appointment of Westies Whitney and Finley.  The can help with not only what-to-wear but with sewing tips from their personal designers!

 Never again will you miss out on events and posts for everything happening in Blogville!  With the appointment of Oz as our Director of Transportation he will drive you to the best of Blogville's events via blog hop. You can find all upcoming Blogville event hop codes on his new "Blogville Tours" page on his blog.

Wyatt has accepted an appointment as our Director of Agriculture.  He can answer your questions as well as share tips and advice on how to grow your own delicious produce!

You'll never feel left out again and the need for a date will no longer prevent anyone from attending a pawty!  We are please to announce that Ruby has accepted the appointment  to run our Office of Yente Services.

We are also forming an official Blogville City Choir to pawform at city functions and other events.  The beautiful and talented Susie has been appointed as Choir Director!  We need other members to join the choir so if singing (barking) is your thing, let us know and we will sign you up!

Also, we have been advised by Top Cop Bites that due to additional funding (Home Security has been very generous) and the expectation of an increased need for Pawlice Presence and Protection, he is recruiting new pawlice officers.  If you are interested in serving on the Blogville Pawlice Department, please contact him at btracing55 [AT] att [DOT] net (use same email for Susie Choir Director)

Our appointments are NOT complete so you will still see more in the coming days.  If you are interested in serving Blogville in our administration, please let us know.  We would like to know what your area of interest is so we can best match you with a pawsition you will enjoy as a citizen of Blogville!  If you are interested in retaining an existing pawsition, you must let us know ASAP!

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz Elect 2015

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's Chewy Time!

 As part of Chewy's blogger program, a few days ago we got a delivery.  The minute we saw that Chewy box we started salivating!  Mom called us Pavlov's Dogs.  We don't even know who that is!

Stanley was already licking his lips!

"OMD Brother, this is some good foodables!"

"I'm trying to rip this bag open with my sharp teeth.  Keep an eye out for mom!"

"Mom, come here and bring some scissors!"

"You see that?  She just tore it right open with her bare hands.  Dang I wish I had thumbs!!"

We saw the package and the words "tender cuts" and we thought we'd better not get excited cuz it was probably dried out.  But dog oh dog were we wrong!

They were nice sized too and could easily be shared for a small doggie.
This was Natural Balance Delectable Delights Tender Cuts, venison formula.  The benefits were listed:

Key Benefits:
  • Made with high-quality venison
  • No corn, wheat, artificial flavors or colors
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Great for puppies and adult dogs
  • Made in the USA
Mom always loves the fact that at Chewy she can get plenty of treats that are made in the USA.  And the best thing is that they opened a warehouse in Reno so now their fast delivery service (right to your door) is even faster!

Me and Stanley found these treats moist and tender and give them our full recommendation.  And we also highly recommend the folks at Chewy!  Their prices are really good and their service is great. Thanks Chewy, you did it again!

Murphy & Stanley

[We were not paid nor obligated to give our endorsement to Chewy or this product.  We were provided this treat at no charge for our honest evaluation.]