Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mystery Kiss - Episode 5 of 6

It's hard to be running for political office and try to secretly do ANYTHING!  I wish we didn't have to be so discreet but my love is in a delicate situation and to expose our relationship to the world may have ramifications that I just do NOT want to expose her to!  I waited for her to arrive . . .

Ah!  The moment I dream about when we are together again!

We are lost in each other's eyes, totally oblivious to what is about to happen to us!

 And then suddenly, we are EXPOSED!

What does Dory & her campaign team say about this?  Click HERE!
What happens when Bailey finds out?  Click HERE!
And most of all . . . What is Taffy's Daddy gonna do???  Click HERE!

Come back tomorrow for our final episode when we'll fill in all the gaps in this story!

Murphy & Stanley
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mystery Kiss - Episode 4 of 6

First things first . . . 

Now back to the show . . . What is going on???  Murphy is panicked and fears the worst!

What does Dory say about this development?  Click HERE!
Is Taffy worried?  Click HERE!

Murphy & Stanley
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Pee Ess - To answer yesterday's questions:  Yes, me and Stanley BOTH got skunked and YES that stuffs really did work.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

An Unexpected & VERY Rude Visitor

Mom says I don't have to tell you how this story went down.

Murphy & Stanley

More Prizes!

THANK YOU to everyone who pawticipated in our FFHT on Friday!  We really enjoyed reading all your stories.  Our next one will be on HALLOWEEN!  It should be interesting to see if anyone comes up with a spooky story using the special inclusion phrase for October.  It is:   "I knew there was no turning back now."  (If you forget it, as always you can just check the FFHT tab at the top of our blog.)  We hope you are all having fun with it and of course we'd like to see even more!

We hope everyone enjoyed our Road To The Great Debate series as well as our current one, Mystery Kiss.  It has been so much fun corroborating with other bloggers to put these together!  We have been so busy with our Mystery Kiss episodes that we haven't been able to show you the other prizes we received from Sugar's Birthday Pawty.  We are having fun with this great prize!

Yes, it is a radio controlled treat dispenser!  And it's magic too!  All we have to do is obey the command our pawrents give us (we're really working on GO TO YOUR SPOT, (especially when the doorbell rings), and it gives us a treat!  

And then a couple days later, the mailman brought us these babies!  YUM!!  They are delish!

And then another day later the big, brown truck came again . . . 

Thank you Sugar!!

Now tomorrow we will be back with our 4th episode of the Mystery Kiss.  Then Tuesday we will reveal the mysterious female who is the object of Stanley's affections.  And the following day we will put it all together for you in case you didn't figure something out.  Then a few days after that, Saturday, October 4th, is an internal event!  Yes, it is Jazzi's Taco Day!  This is the day you will want to post a pic of you eating tacos.  It's a good time to be a citizen of Blogville!

Murphy & Stanley
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mystery Kiss - (Episode 3 of 6)

It's getting more and more dangerous to find a place where we can secretly meet.  Bailey tipped me off that Dory's Campaign Team has been spying on me, trying to expose our relationship!  But I'm careful to not risk being found out because the timing would be all wrong!  Oh dear, if they only knew!

Is Dory's Team figuring it out? Find out HERE!
Has Taffy heard any rumors?  Find out HERE!

Come back on Monday, (the 29th) to find out what happens next!

Murphy & Stanley
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Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's the last Friday of the month so you know what that means . . . Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!  This month we are telling stories that have the words "Just when I thought things couldn't get worse . . ." appearing somewhere in the story.  Write your story (or poem or whatever) and join us for the fun!

Now this is a VERY true story and it happened exactly like I am going to tell you.  Everybody knows that I am an expert ball player.  BUTT what you may not know is that I like balls of all kinds.  So when our pawrents take me and Stanley to watch the grand peeps play soccer, it is one of my favorite things.  The moment the game starts I am right there along the side of the field focusing intensely on the action.  I love watching the ball getting kicked and flying through the air.  My dream is that ONE DAY the coach will notice me and tell me to go in!

Just 2 weeks ago we went to watch our grand peep girl play soccer.  We went to the boy's games before but the girl just started playing.  When we got there, I couldn't wait for the game to start.  I love the excitement of a REAL game!  As usual, I was sitting on the side, ready to spring into action! The game was delayed in starting and I asked mom what the holdup was.  She said the team was short a player and they were trying to decide if they should forfeit.  "Short a player!" I exclaimed. "This is my chance."  So I ran over to the coach and with a look of desperation I asked, "You wanna put me in coach?" 

 He thought about it for a second and then said, "Sure, why not?"  WOW!  I could NOT believe I was actually going to play a REAL soccer game!  So I joined the team in the huddle.  The coach was giving us our instructions.  I couldn't help but notice that one of my teammates was just jabbering away to another, not really paying attention.  I think they were talking about nail polish!  I couldn't believe such insubordination!  "Pay attention to the coach", I whispered loudly.  So when the coach was ready to break the huddle everyone put their hand in and I put my paw in.  As the coach counted down " "3-2-1 . . ." I realized I didn't know our team name!  Shoot, what was I gonna say?  I thought maybe it was something really pawfessional sounding like Sharks.  Or maybe really intimidating like Tigers.  To my total dismay the team shouted "Grasshoppers".  

What??  Grasshoppers?  How threatening is a grasshopper? Can a grasshopper even growl?  Then I heard the other team getting ready to break their huddle, "3-2-1 Red Barrettes!"  Red Barrettes?  That is a hair accessory NOT a team name!  Suddenly I felt pretty good about being a Grasshopper!

Within moments my dreams were coming true!  I was on the field and the ball was in sight.  I kept trying to get over to give it a paw BUTT my own Grasshoppers kept blocking me!  What the heck? 
Did they even know the rules?  I tried once again to get in a bicycle kick.  (I'd been practicing in in my back yard.)  I finally got over to the ball and was ready to kick when one of my Grasshoppers squealed, "My mom is gonna let me wear makeup to school!"  At that point the Grasshopper I was trying to pass to was distracted by this startling news and the ball went right past her to a Red Barrett!  I charged at the Red Barrett and tried for a Block Tackle.  Success!  I was on the way to make a goal.  I shouted to my Grasshoppers and made a breakaway for the Goalie.  The Goalie was tying her shoelace and I pawed the ball hard as I could and I scored!  Yes I did!  I couldn't help it, I danced!  I heard the crowd applauding and shouting. I heard my mom loud and proud, "Way to go Murphy!"   Stanley was barking up a storm with his special "Woo-woo-woo-woo" bark.  In that moment it was great being a Grasshopper!

So the game went back and forth between me and this other player on the Red Barrettes.  Mostly, I was finding that the team members on both sides were easily distracted by things like dress up, hair ribbons, nail polish, and glitter. 

Finally, we were in the final quarter and there were only 45 seconds left on the clock. Believe it or not, in these final moments we were tied!  Yes we were, 86 to 86.  (I was surprised that it was such a high scoring game but these goalies were very easily distracted.)  I was maneuvering so one of the Grasshoppers could pass the ball to me and I could make the final goal that would push us into victory.  I was dead-eye focused on the ball and just hoping against all odds that the Grasshoppers understood how crucial it was to remain focused and make this last pass.  I quickly eyed the Red Barrett goalie.  She was staring at me.  I curled my top lip a bit just so she knew I was serious.  

I scanned my Grasshoppers.  They were all over the place.  I'm not sure they even knew the game was still going!  I was shouting for the Grasshopper in possession to pass me the ball so I could make that final victory goal.  She was ready to kick it to me.  Then, just when I thought things couldn't get worse, one of the Grasshoppers screeched, "My mom is letting me have a princess party!"  At that very moment, the Grasshopper had just kicked the ball.  It was mid-air, and every girl on the field from BOTH teams was running towards the Grasshopper Princess Party girl. 

I bounced the ball off my head and scored the final victory goal!  The crowd went crazy!  There was screaming, shouting, and the coach came running out.  We were giving each other high-fives as the Grasshoppers and Red Barrettes huddled together to talk about the princess party.  And that is the story of how I finally played a REAL soccer game.


Murphy & Stanley

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Mystery Kiss - Episode 2 (of 6)

Stanley realizes that the odds of someone seeing the lipstick marks on his cheek were pretty good.  And considering the circumstances, he knows they must be discreet.  He awaits her arrival . . .

Who is it?

See what BH&G have to say HERE.
See what Dory & her Campaign Team have to say HERE.
See if Taffy has heard anything of this news HERE.

Tomorrow is FFHT so come back on Saturday (the 27th) and see if the mystery female is revealed!

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Murphy & Stanley
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time To Relax - Or Not (Mystery Kiss Episode 1 of 6)

 Whew . . . the Great Debate was magnificent wasn't it?  It was such an honor to be involved in such a wonderful, historical event!  And Mr. Frankie Furter knocked it out of the park!  What a fancy tux!  He did a great job of moderating too.  It's obvious why he was the first ever Mayor of Blogville!

It has been such an intense week.  Just getting to the Great Debate was stressful!  That whole thing with getting pulled over by police, getting lost, and then having the bus breakdown - whew!  Dory was the pawfect hostess but still, she IS the opposition!  And NOT to be trusted!

At this point me and Stanley just felt like we needed to decompress a bit.  So we headed to the bar that was in the same facility as the debate.  We needed some bro-to-bro time!  We no sooner sat down when Stanley started screaming . . .

He scared me to death!  He jumped out of his chair and ran over to the side wall and started staring in the mirror.

Then he got all smiley and got this really goofy look on his face.  "Brother", I shouted, "What is it?"  Stanley wiped his face with his paw and replied, "Oh, nothing . . . never mind . . ." and walked back over to the bar and ordered a margarita (Ruby got us going on those).

Wow! That was REALLY strange!  Is Stanley cracking under all the pressure?  What is going on?  I wonder if this has anything to do with Dory's campaign team?  I thought I saw Jakey, Bilbo, and Arty looking at him kind of funny at the debate.  Better sneak over there and see what they're up to in case they have anything to do with this!

Murphy & Stanley
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Monday, September 22, 2014

News Report

Check in with BFTB Netwoof Channel 7 News for news on the Great Debate!!

The Great Debate

Today history is in the making with the FIRST EVER Mayoral Debate in Blogville!!  It has been a long and interesting road for us to get to the Great Debate but the time is NOW!

And now, we present THE GREAT DEBATE!

Click HERE

Murphy & Stanley
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Road To The Great Debate - But First A BBQ!

When we got to Dory's house we were shocked to find out that Bailey and Gus were already there! Unfortunately, their meeting with Bilbo and Arty did NOT go as smoothly as ours with Dory and Jakey!  But Dory settled everything and everyone was happy. Since it was late we got a good night's sleep cuz Dory was planning to show us some southern hospitality with a BBQ the next day!

We had the best time getting to know one another.  Jakey is so funny and knows the bestest jokes!  And of course Dory is beautiful and the pawfect hostess!  Bilbo and Arty were really nice too.  I heard Stanley talking to them about going fishing one day soon!  For awhile we almost forgot we were political opponents!  We had no idea that Dory invited Mayoress Madi (those southern girls are TIGHT!) and Mayor Emeritus Frankie Furter but were VERY happy to see them walk in the door!

Tomorrow is the Great Debate!  The FIRST EVER debate between Blogville mayoral candidates! This is a historical event so be sure to come back so you don't miss it!!  Oh wait . . . what's this??

Check out BH&G
Check out Gussie
Check Out Dory
Check out Frankie
Check out Mayoress Madi

Murphy & Stanley
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Road To The Great Debate - Mysterious Helper Revealed

OMD, we were so nervous when the car pulled up and we heard someone come to the door of the bus and start knocking!  Then we heard a voice, somebody yelling, "Hello, anyone in there?"  We did NOT know who it was but we knew right away that was NOT the voice of a robber or a murder!  It sounded more like the voice of an angel coming to rescue us!  So we opened the door and were shocked at who we saw!

Yes, it was Dory!  Dory who is our opponent for the Blogville Mayoral Contest!  And Jakey too!  Dory recognized us right away.  We stared at each other in shock and they everybody started laughing and laughing!  What were the odds of Dory being the one to come to our assistance?

So we made sure everyone knew each other and then explained what happened.  After that, Dory said we should all get in her car and go to her house since she didn't live too far away.  At that point we were all wide awake so even though it was still dark outside, we took off with Dory and Jakey in her car.

Before we left the bus we left a note in case Bailey and Gus came back.  Wait a minute, whatever happened to Bailey and Gus?

Come back tomorrow as the story continues!

See what happened according to Bailey, click HERE
See what happened according to Gus, click HERE
See Dory's version of events, click HERE

Murphy & Stanley
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Road To The Great Debate - Help!

Oh great . . . now the bus is broken down and we're too close to mountains and giant redwood trees so none of us could get a cell phone signal to call AAA!  And it's in the middle of the night!  Gus took off on paw to see if he could find some help, or at least locate a cell phone signal.  Bailey went along to make sure nothing happens to Gus.  Me and Stanley stayed on the bus in hopes of getting some rest and Greta and Hazel stayed with us cuz it isn't nice to send girls out wandering on paw in the middle of the night.

So we tried to entertain ourselves . . .

We weren't getting much sleep but we sure were having fun!  About the time we were wondering if Bailey and Gus were having any luck, we saw some headlights.  We looked out the window . . .

We couldn't tell who it was!  Was it furiend or foe?  Somebody to help us?  Somebody to rob us?  The girls got scared right away but me and Stanley wished our mom was there knew we could handle any problems.

Come back tomorrow as the story continues!

To see what happened according to Gus click HERE
To see what happened according to Bailey click HERE

Murphy & Stanley
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Road To The Great Debate - Trouble Strikes!

We're still traveling on the campaign bus to the place where Dory lives for our first ever historical Blogville Mayoral Debate.  It isn't real easy to get any rest with Gussie's crazy driving so much noise and commotion from everyone trying to take care of business.  But me and Stanley knew we had to be rested to pawform well at the debates so we tried to get sleep when we could.

Normally we would not drive through the night but we lost time and got off course so Gus was trying to make up for lost time.  Bailey was kind of stressed that the extra miles could even make us late for the debate!  But Gussie studied his maps and GPS and said he could take a short cut to get us back on schedule.  Suddenly we felt a jolt and the ride got real bumpy.

We're not sure what happened.  Bailey went running up front to see what in the world Gussie was doing!   Pretty soon the bus pulled back onto the road and we all decided we'd better try and get some sleep.  Hopefully there wouldn't be any more problems with the bus going smoothly down the road!

We hadn't slept too long when we woke up and knew something wasn't right.  The bus was no longer moving and Gussie had come in the back to tell us something . . .

Come back tomorrow as the story continues!

To find out what happened (Gussie) click HERE
To find out what Bailey did click HERE.

Murphy & Stanley
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Road To The Great Debate - Life On The Bus

Some furiends might think that life on our campaign bus is like touring with Willie Nelson but NOTHING could be further from the truth!  We spent all our  time going over strategy and business stuffs.  BH&G were on their mobile phones, faxes and lap tops taking care of everything for the campaign and all the last minute debate details.  Gussie handled all transportation issues.

We all have jobs to do to keep this campaign machine rolling and we were all taking care of it.  Until . . .

Dog oh dog were we glad to have Bailey with us to handle these matters!  We NEVER had the police pull us over and we were SCARED!  So Bailey went up front with Gussie.  It seemed like they were gone a long time and we wondered what was happening.  Finally we peaked out the widow.

Come back tomorrow as the story continues!

To find out what happened and what Gussie said go HERE.  To find out how Bailey handled this situation, go HERE.

Murphy & Stanley
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Road To The Great Debate - We're Off!

We don't have much time to get ready before we have to go.  Stanley and me have been cramming like crazy!

Finally it was time to get ready to head out.  Gussie beeped the horn to let us know he was out front with the bus.  

I gave mom a goodbye hug . . .
I thought we could take advantage of the long drive and read up on current events.  No telling what subjects will come up in the debate and Dory is no slouch!

So here we are, on the road and Gus is behind the wheel.  Cross your paws!

Check for On The Road To The Great Debate reports from:

Come back tomorrow as the story continues!

Murphy & Stanley
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