Monday, November 30, 2015

Busy Doods

While mom and dad go on their long run today (in sub freezing temps), me and Stanley are getting out the decorations for Christmas.  First thing - our stockings!

Mom likes us to put the reindeer wreath on the closet in the entryway.  It has a motion detector and plays a Christmas song.  It usually doesn't take too long before mom removes the batteries BOL!

We added angels to the front door.  She used to put a wreath there but mom said it was getting too battered looking.  So for now the angels will go there.

We put up the manger too.  

We even put up the tree.  We think mom will be really surprised!

We already got 3 Christmas cards.  We sent out a bunch but not all of them yet.  We were working on them then had to stop to run errands so some got mailed before others.  We sure hope Santa Paws is watching!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, November 28, 2015


I don't watch too much TV but sometimes Stanley likes to sit on Dad's lap and watch TV. 

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, November 27, 2015


This month's special inclusion is:  "After I ate all that turkey . . . "  We chose to do ours in photos.  A picture is worth a thousand words right?
Here ya go . . .

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ancient Ruins

We are really fascinated by the ruins still present for us to explore today.  This is how our ancient goldendoodle ancestors lived with their people.

 You can see a grinding stone in the middle.

We got to go inside of one of the rooms!

Lots of connected rooms!

Dad was teaching us all about it!

You can also see some great Anasazi ruins in Colorado.

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sedona Photos

We wanted to share some more photos from our vacation.  Of course we have to start with a picture of us!  You can see I was still wearing my "ankle warmers".

Yes, the sky is that blue in the west!

 Utah has lots of red rock too but Sedona has much more green to offset it and the result is beautiful!

 We sniffed it all out!

These holes were used by ancient people for storage.

Ruins of housing of ancient people.

Montezuma's well provided water for ancient people.  Over a million gallons of water flows through here DAILY!  Those dots are actually ducks.

Part of the ruins from the ancients.  We'll have more of those next time. 

Murphy & Stanley

They fit but I couldn't get back far enough to get a whole picture lol!  BTW, color is actually white.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mama Ain't Happy

We HOPED to post pictures from our vacation just like mom HOPED to have her vacation laundry done.  But sometimes plans don't work out.  Mom started doing laundry and then the dryer stopped working.  Oh, those HBO words still burn our ears!  Anyway, some other suspicious things were happening so mom called the power company to have them check our electricity.  The man came out and immediately shut off our power!  He said it was UNSAFE!  Later on a crew came.  There were about 3 BIG trucks and a bunch of workers.

They ended up replacing our power line from the box to the house.  The man said it tested the worst he had ever seen!  So now dad said he is going to buy mom a new washer and dryer cuz she was suffering so much.  They went to the store and ordered a pair but now after doing some measurements they aren't sure it will fit in the laundry room.  It is VERY close and if it does fit mom will have to lose a few pounds in order to fit into the laundry room BOL! Me and Stanley are nervous as to whether mom will ever get all thet laundry done.  Cuz you know what they say:  "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Me and Stanley need to get the neighborhood back in shape today.  So we're gonna let mom post to OUR blog.  OK, mom, don't get used to it!

Thanks guys, now just go out and continue with your barking.  We got home late yesterday evening. It was a real eye opener when I about froze to death directing hubby in backing the trailer into the driveway (such fun in the dark especially since it is a narrow spot with the house on one side and a 4 foot dropoff on the other)!  Our time in Sedona was WONDERFUL!  It is such a beautiful place and we had lots of fun hiking.  Sedona has the best trails!

Anyway, when we came into the house the cutest thing happened.  Murphy & Stanley were ecstatic to be home!  They quickly grabbed a toy from their pile, ran up and down the hallway, and started to wrestle.  It was very obvious that they missed the freedom of running all over the house and their doggie door. It reminded me how much dogs like their routine! I guess we are similar like that, lol.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get through this huge pile of laundry and then we'll catch up on everyone's blogs.  We truly missed everyone!  

Thanks to Diana for coordinating the Christmas card (and gift exchange) list and to Kristen for putting it together. We are excited to plan out this year's Christmas cards.  It looks like quite a few got signed up!  And with Thanksgiving less than a week away, we just wanted to say that we are thankful for each one of you!

In a few days we'll post more photos of Sedona.  We hope you enjoy them. But for now, we'll post this video we shared on Facebook while we were gone.  Sorry but we had to shrink it up to post it so the resolution is VERY compromised - it is better if you don't bigify. Enjoy!

Murphy, Stanley & Mom 

Weird Trees

We got home from vacation last night.  We had a BLAST!  Mom and dad said that we will fur sure go back to Sedona again cuz it was so fun.  At the RV Park that we stayed, called Distant Drums, we had a REAL dog park!  So I got to play fetch the whole time.  Well, except a few times when I was too pooped from hiking.  But they have really weird trees in Arizona.  Look and see what I mean:

Me & Stanley in the park.  Looks normal, huh?
I'm just fetching my heart out when suddenly . . . 

It wasn't easy but I won the fight!

Mom said it might take a few days for us to catch up with everyone.  

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, November 20, 2015

Challenge So Far

As you might recall, me and Stanley accepted the Nutramax Cosequin 30 Day Challenge.  We have been taking the chews for two weeks.  We like taking the chews each day cuz they taste delicious. Dad just hands them to us and we munch them down.  I am always hoping I will get 2 of them cuz mine are smaller than Stanley's but so far that has not happened and mom said it won't.

Anyway, we decided if we are going to be pawticipating for a whole 30 days that we should really read the fine print.  I mean we don't want our tails to fall off or to start meowing like a cat (sorry Madi) or something!  But then we found out this:  Cosequin is the only glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement that has been shown safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies.  Whew, good thing!  BUTT we also noticed another thingie.  Look at the package, we drew an arrow to get your attention.

Yes, as part of the challenge we have to go running!  YAY!  We told mom it was a rule! We love running with mom and dad and we showed them this so they have been taking us running more while we are on adventure in the new little wheelie house!  We are sure these supplements are keeping our joints in tip top shape so we can run and hike on our adventure.  So now me and Stanley are wondering if we should slip mom and dad a few chews so their joints move as good as ours BOL!

Oops, mom didn't think that was funny . . . 

Anyway, so far these chews are working really good for us but we are not surprised cuz we were already taking another supplement (of the same thing) before we switched to this one. But we will keep testing and let you know our final results in 2 weeks!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - This product was provided to us free of charge in exchange for our pawticipation in the 30 day challenge.