Monday, November 28, 2016

Life At Our House

SPECIAL NOTICE:  In case you didn't hear, our pal Easy is at home recovering.  We were worried all night long! Since he was at the Pawlice Academy when he got bloat the commission has decided he can finish the academy online so he can fully recover at home.


Me and Stanley have been working on our Christmas Cards.  Mom hardley helped at all!

She had the nerve to complain that we left a little toy in the office doorway!  She is crabby!

Did you hear the good news?  It snowed!  Me and Stanley love snow!

Here we are doing the Doodle Snow Dance!

Murphy & Stanley


UPDATE:  Easy is now home recovering!

Friends, please pray for Easy who is at the ER this minute getting surgery for bloat.  From Katty:

we are just back from er. the vet sent us home. he will place a tube now and then he will do surgery.
it's a westle for life and death this time and we are devastated.
it happened at 4 am that he tried to puke, but it didn't work, then suddenly he looked totally bloated and screamed with pains.
we acted immediately and there was not even an hour between the start of the attack and our arrival at the vet, we hope so much that we were fast enough and the vet can rescue him...
thanks for the prayers and the potp, together we are strong

Saturday, November 26, 2016

More Recruits!

We've added a couple more recruits to our Pawlice Academy.  Remember, you still can get in on this in time for the official graduation on December 5th!

Chester and Easy are deep into training with Lee & Phod

Easy is going to tackle the jumps, or else he is getting jumped on.  We're still not sure which way this is gonna go . . . 

Chester just nailed the tunnel!

For information on how YOU can be part of the team, just click HERE!

Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stanley
🐾🐾  🐾🐾

Pee Ess - Our pal Easy is feeling under the weather (severe colitis) so if you could send him some POTP that would be wonderful.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day of Thanks

Today is not only Thanksgiving here in the USA but it's the day that worldwide we say Thanks to Blogville for the many blessings we have received.

Blogville has added laughter (and tears) to our household.  It has also added some strange conversations and weird looks when we try to explain it to someone who has never been here before BOL!  But mostly it has added friends to our short list of friends.  Friends who know the joys and hurts that come with loving furry family members.  Friends that became more than just blogging friends. And we're thankful for those friends we were able to meet in the furs last June at the BAR!

So from the bottom of our hearts . . . 

Murphy & Stanley & Mom & Dad

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Member To The Team!

Welcome to our newest team member of law enforcement in Blogville.  Our dispatcher is Madi!

I stopped by the office to see how she was settling in.  Find out HERE!

Find out who's at the pawlice academy and how YOU can join our elite team of crime fighting pawfessionals in Blogville.  Just click HERE!

Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stanley 

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Happening!

We're pleased to announce that our furst 2 recruits have entered the Pawlice Academy!  They are learning all the skills necessary to be a cop in Blogville.  

Hailey is interested in joining SWAT once she graduates on December 5th.

Phod is looking to continue being a detective as a member of the Dec. 5th graduating class.

It is intense training fur sure!  Here they are learning all about doing searches without violating the 4th amendment rights!

And target practice too!

We like to start 'em young!

What are you waiting for? Get details HERE!

Pawlice Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stanley

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Be A Pawlice Officer!

The Blogville Pawlice and Sheriff Departments are now accepting applications for new recruits!  

The Divisions available are:

SWAT (Sheriff)
Detectives (Pawlice)
Patrol (Pawlice)
Strike Force (Sheriff, Deep Undercover)

To join our elite team of Law Enforcement officers you MUST successfully complete the Blogville Pawlice Academy.  To do that, follow these directions closely!

  • Send us a good quality photo of yourself (full body, forward facing would be best unless you are in Detectives then side facing is best). State your name and which division (listed above) you are interested in. Send it to
  • Our Art Department will create an official photo for you to use in your Academy post. (Save this photo for future use.)  We will also send you any other images you will need to complete your Pawlice Academy post.
  • Write a post and publish it on December 5th. It should include:
    • Why you want to be a pawlice officer in 20 words or less.
    • Which Division you are interested in.
    • A photo of you in training for that division. (If you are not able to do the photo our Art Department will assist.)  Depending on your division, you MUST include the corresponding symbol (our Art Department will supply you with the photo of the symbol associated with your division).

You will be evaluated by our Pawlice Academy personnel and we will put up a post showing which candidates successfully graduated, their Division and which Department they have been assigned to. We will try to give everyone their desired choice of Division/Departments (Pawlice or Sheriff) but might have to move you around if we get too many in any certain division/department.  You will also be issued your badge, weapons, and assigned a pawlice car.

Let us know if you have any questions!!

Pawlice Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stanley

Approved by Metro Pawlice Commissioner Sarge

** Please send us your photos ASAP so that our Art Department doesn't get swamped last minute!**

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pow Wow

We want to give a big thanks to our pals at for the surprise we received in the mail!

When we were on vacation we went to an Intertribal Pow Wow.  It was so cool! We took some video on mom's cell phone.  We hope you can see the AMAZING dress of the native people and hear the intensity of the drums.  Mom sure loved those drums!

Watch tomorrow for our post on how you can become a pawlice officer!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Busy Busy!

We're home!  Of course now that we had a vacay we have tons of work to do!  We haven't had a secretary for a year so the filing has piled up in the office and we MUST get it all cleaned up before Arty takes office!

And since Mayor Elect Arty has appointed us to his administration, we are also planning the revamp of the Pawlice Department as well as the new Sheriff's Office!  

We are ordering equipment, setting up training, and in just a little while we will be posting job announcements!

We will have 4 different divisions:

Strike Force

Once the recruits complete their training they will be assigned to either the Pawlice Department or the Sheriff's Office.  We will have full information coming in a few days!

Murphy & Stanley
Lame Duck Mayorz For All Paws
Pawlice Chief & Sheriff

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Even More Hiking!

Today we went on another hike. Seriously,  we have hiked almost 87 million miles! We were hiking all week long! We have read some blogs but not left comments cuz at our RV site there isn't good Internet. There's a pool,  hot tub, and dog park but the Internet is poor. We will catch up with everyone when we get home. We have lots to do with the transition of power to Mayor Elect Arty and getting the Pawlice and Sheriff Departments set up and ready to go.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fun at Sedona & Jerome

This is an old church we found in the living ghost town of Jerome. 

This picture got left off the hike post. 

Jerome is built on the mountain side . 

We have been staying really busy and having fun. We even went to a real Pow Wow but can't upload the video until we get home .