Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Learning to Retrieve

Me and Murphy are learning all kinds of things.  We learned to retrieve one our toys.  Of course, sometimes it is more fun to wrestle with each other, but eventually we get the toy back  to whoever threw it.

We are starting to sleep better at night.  The last three nights we didn't wake up until about 6 in the morning.  Mom was really happy.

Murphy is still having problems peeing in the house.  I haven't peed in the house for a long time.  I still don't know how to tell mom and dad I need to go out though.  I think that they should notice that I am looking real hard through the window in the door and they should immediately open the door to let me out.  Or they can read  my mind waves going out to them.  One of these days we will work out a system that we all understand.



Berts Blog said...

YOu two are so popular. I was at the hospital today doing my "Thinkg" and I came into this room with all these cool people in it and guess who they were talking about? Yep, you and Stanley. Can you beleive it, I meet friends of yours everywhere. When do I get to meet you in person......

bichonpawz said...

It is kind of hard to learn to go outside...but you two will get it! We are sure of it! Looks like you are having fun learning new things! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You two are REALLY learning a LOT... and QUICKLY too.

When my Ernie was a puppy ... I had him on a Cheese fur Pees plan. When he Peed OUTSIDE.. we gave him Cheese. You might want to try that. It REALLY worked fur Ernie.

GOOSE said...

I think you are doing great with retrieve. Very good indeed. And yea my MOM told me that she met peeps who knew you while she was at the hosptial with Bert and Big Murphy. These people were talking and talking about these two pups and then my MOM said, "Are you talking about Murphy and Stanley?" And they were!

Bassetmomma said...

Boy you are sure are smart! Your learning so much so fast it's great! Your Momma has got to be so happy that you're sleeping through the night. Murphy's accidents in the house will eventually stop, some just take longer than others! :-)

Anonymous said...

You're gettin the hang of that real early on! Good for you two! :) You sure do have fun together :D

Waggin at ya,