Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi Friends!  Our pawrents are out doing a long run today (in the freezing cold weather).  So me and Stanley are just hanging out.

Stanley is trying to destroy Mr. Porcupine - but he got stuck.
"Gimme a break Murph, I have the bottom torn open ya know . . . "

Me? I'm just trying to keep everything under control.  It's New Years Eve ya know!

 We don't know what to expect since me and Stanley never had a New Year before.  Actually, we never had an old year before either.  But whatever happens, I just hope some fetching is involved.

"Somebody wanna throw this ball?"

"Hurry home mom . . . I'm ready to play ball!"
Thank you to all of you who have come along with us on our journey this year with Murphy and Stanley.  It has been nothing short of fantastic!  We look forward to the new year with new adventures as the boys grow into adult Doodles.

Murphy, Stanley & Pawrents

Pee Ess - Be Safe Everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

B&W Sunday

Beautiful comes in many colors - even black & white!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Surprise Package!

OMD!!!  You cannot believe what happened today!  We were in the piano room helping mom play piano (she needs LOTS of help) and the doorbell rang.  The FedEx guy brought in a giant box and dad said, "It's for Murphy & Stanley".  We could NOT believe it!  Then mom looked at the label and said it was the prize we won from a contest on Oskar's blog, a gift from Iams!

"Yup Murphy, it has our names on it!"
"Come on mom, let's get this thing ripped open!"
"I could cut it with my teeth faster than you can cut with scissors!"
"Wow, brother . . . look at all that stuff!"
A ball, a Frisbee, 2 bandannas, a water bottle  . . .
A food dish, a measuring cup & spoon, 2 leashes, a ball thrower, a dog bed, 2 poop bag carriers, and 2 coupons for FREE Iams dog food!
"Hey mom, do you think I'll fit?"
"We were amazed with all these pressies!"

Thank you Oskar and thank you Iams!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Death of Christmas Pressies

I knew he'd do it . . . I just knew he'd do it.  Dang it . . . IT ISN'T FAIR!  Look what Stanley (AKA Dr. Destruction) did:

He removed a squeaker from my favorite skunk Santa Paws brought, tore open the crinkle paw stuffie, and chewed apart the rope on the Kong ball toy that Remington sent him (that I loved)!

I was so mad at him that I could spit fire.  But then, something wonderful happened . . . it snowed!

I love to pee in the snow!
This snow is pretty deep mom!
I don't mind getting it all over me, it's fun! (BTW, I told mom I was finally big enough that I would NOT slip between the slats on the fence but she hasn't told dad to take down that TACKY chicken wire yet!)
Stanley likes to try and blend in with the snow.
We like to wrestle in the snow.  We played extra for our friend Roo who does not have snow.
It has been snowing all day and is supposed to snow through tomorrow too!
Mom doesn't like the snow much since she can't run on messy snow packed roads. (But sometimes she still does even though it is dangerously slippery.)
Mom wondered where Stanley got the glove in his mouth, then noticed her glove was missing . . . 
I like snow on my nose.  I always stick my head in the snow.
I think I look just like Santa Paws with my white beard, don't you?
OK Mom, we're ready to go in the house now.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas Day!

Our first Christmas was so much fun!  

Stanley finally got to open the pressie Remington sent him!
There were treats and two Kong toys.
You can see me eyeing the one with the ball . . . 
I decided that Stanley wouldn't mind . . . 
So Stanley checked out the pressie Uncle Puppy sent me.
He called me over to check it out.
Wow, he sent a ball, a softie, a poop bag holder, a Pet ID tag, and a kit to make a paw print ornament!
Then we started opening the wrapped boxes . . .
We just kept opening them and getting more and more toys!
You can see I was still keeping my eyes on the ball toy!
"Here's another one boys!"  Santa Paws thought we were REAL good!
This was a really big one!
"OMD - agility poles!"
Then we looked in our stockings.
More balls and chewies!
OMD - we got Himalayan Dog Chews!!  They are the best!!!
We got more elk horns too!
Let's check the other stocking!
OMD - look at this!
Did something explode?
Nom, nom, nom . . . love this Himalayan Dog Chew!
I can't decide between my elk horn and the Himalayan Dog Chew!
I think I am in heaven!
We sure had a fun Christmas!
Which one should I play with first?
This is so much fun!
I sort of got possessive of my Himalayan Dog Chew and mom thought I needed to talk to Dr. Phil.
Yum - elk horn!
Final Count Cards for us: 53 + 14 e-cards = 67, Peeps - 17 . . .  NO CONTEST!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Christmas!

Murphy & Stanley