Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Saved By New Furiend

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween!  Last year we were just babies and we did not have our lights on for trick or treaters but this year we are all growed up so I asked mom if we could . . . and she said "No".

When I heard that word, my head spun around.  I actually think I never heard it before so Stanley had to look it up in the dictionary, I was shocked!   Mom never says no.  But she did cuz she said we would go crazy at the door and it would be impawsible.  She thought of putting a baby gate up in the hallway but when she tried it once we got too "wild with joy" and tore it down when we heard the doorbell.  Then . . . we met a new furiend and everything changed!

So you are probably wondering how a new furiend could change everything?  Well I tell you it did!  We saw this post and it saved the day for us! His name is Spencer and he is new to Blogville!  He is so very handsome and has curls just like me!  And his mom is very clever too! Here are some photos of him.  You can tell he is a swell guy and guess what??  He is a Goldendoodle too!

I think me and Spencer are even the same color!

Spencer likes to go hiking in the wilds, just like our ancient ancestors did millions of years ago.

Isn't he wonderful?

Wow, Spencer likes to go through tunnels just like me and Stanley!
And in case you are wondering if he could be a superhero or something . . .

So furiends, please go over to Spencer's bloggy and show him that here in Blogville we love new citizens and welcome them with open paws!  All you have to do is click HERE.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fun Times Before The Ball!

It seems like we were waiting forever but the time for the Blogville Howl-o-ween Ball finally came!  My date was the beautiful Lily.  She doesn't have a bloggy but I know her and her handsome brother Putter from Facebook.  Stanley's date was the lovely Taffy, whom many of you already know.  We considered ourselves lucky Doods for scoring such pretty girls as dates.

Stanley went to Taffy's house to pick her up and I went to Lily's.  We had plans to have fun before we left for the Ball.  We blew up the air balloon again because Lily and Taffy live in other states from us.

Stanley arrived at Taffy's
Mom taught us that gentledoods bring a gift for a young lady.

We invited Putter to go with us cuz he is a Dood and Doods take care of Doods. The first place we went to was a corn maze.

Then we went for a hay ride.

Me and Lily went for a walk and look what we found!   

Then we went to the pumpkin patch.

After that it was time to leave for the Ball.  We had planned on taking the air balloon across the pond and then this happened . . .

So Putter flew us all across the big pond.  He said he wanted to hang out at the airport and talk to the British pilots so we went ahead to the Ball with plans to meet back up after for the flight home.  He sure is a swell Dood!  The rest of us went ahead to the castle where the Howl-o-ween Ball was taking place.! 
For a report on the Ball, you have to go to Mollie's blog.  Click HERE.

After the Ball we were all exhausted.  We had so much fun we could NOT believe it!  So we waited in the reception room for Putter.

We think this must be the bestest Howl-o-ween EVER!  Thank you to Lily and Taffy for being our dates and to Putter for providing transportation.  You all rock!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, October 28, 2013

Odd Jobs

We're still doing odd jobs to try and get more green papers for Christmas shopping.  I got a job this weekend.

Make sure you come back tomorrow and you will see the things me and Stanley did with our beautiful dates before we went to the Howl-o-ween Ball!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Doodle Brothers - On The Job

Holy cow, have you pups checked a calendar lately??

Anybody know where we can get some more jobs?

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, October 25, 2013

These Paws Are Made For Walking

Before we get to our post, we wanted to pay tribute to the life of our furiend Benny who lost his battle to liver cancer yesterday.  He Fought Like A Frenchie and all of Blogville had his back.  We will miss him a lot and our prayers go out to his mom and sister Lily.  Leave them a message HERE.


 We went for a 5 mile walkie on Tuesday. You might think we've been doing extra walkies lately and you would be right.  Mom says we need to walk for 2 reasons.  First of all it is beautiful weather and mom says we are on "borrowed time".  I don't know what that means.  And secondly, mom is on ANOTHER diet.

So we don't mind the walkies at all.  We usually get to put our paws in the river so there are benefits.  We also like the smells.  And of course Stanley is still practicing lifting his leg to mark.  He is still figuring it out.

And you know mom always poses us for a Doodle Brothers photo.  

This time I made mom post for a Doodle mom and son photo.

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Examining the Possibilities

As you know, mom and I are arguing over me wearing a Halloween costume.  I am willing to wear one for the Howl-o-ween Ball but nothing more!  So I agreed to try some one.  I already showed you the Bee but will show it again in case anyone missed it.

Mom thought it looked really cute on me but I don't think it captured my machoness and I want my date Lily to think I'm sort of macho as opposed to the cuddly love bug that mom says I really am.  Again, I hate wearing clothes.  I hate the feel of something on my back.  And when I said that to mom, she did this . . .

Yup, can you believe she did that to me???  I had to get that off fast!  But mom doesn't give up easily.

And of course Stanley, being the clown that he is, doesn't really care.

But mom always likes us to match . . . like we're twins or something . . .

How will I survive this?

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Scoop On Poop & An Update

Today we join Sugar and others to get the word out to Scoop That Poop!  So me and Stanley put our heads together and wrote a poem.  We hope you like it and will share it with all your pooping friends.

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - An Update in case you were wondering whatever happened to the bad neighbors who live below us.  All three dogs left the home, one way or another.  We ASSUME that the Mayas were placed with other family members (but most likely not together).  We also assume Blackie was euthanized due to his age and poor health.  So the summer months were full of complaints to Animal Control and the police concerning care of the dogs.  All the dogs were absent only days when we discovered a more horrible development.

Due to the depth problems of taking these photos, you cannot tell but this house is much lower (est. 70 feet - 31+ meters -  or more) than our house.  The weeds in their yard are 4-5 feet tall in places.  The rock ledge near the deck where T-bone is sitting actually drops down about 4 feet and we can't view what occurs in that area.  This house and its occupants is the neighborhood eyesore.

We don't know if T-bone is a male or female, we assume male only because his collar is blue.  We don't know his age but he is still young, we are guessing maybe 6-7 months old.  Right now we don't have a legitimate reason to call authorities but expect there will be one in the near future since we are positive these people did NOT learn a damn thing.