Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beep! Beep!

OMD! OMD! I only have a second!  Dad is in the driveway beeping the horn and the little wheelie house has our food, treats, toys and beds all packed up.  Just wanted you to stop over to the BAR blog to see a new post!  Me and Stanley are ready to roll!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beating The Heat

Me and Stanley can't wait to get away from all these warm days.  It has been in the upper 80's and lower 90's for days now!  We think Autumn has totally passed us by!  But at 8,000 feet we know it will be nice and cool (actually cold at night) and we will love that.  We are counting the number of sleeps until we leave!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Little Wheelie House Is Home

Our pawrents have been so busy the past few days.  Furst of all they went to pick up our new wheelie house on Thursday.  Somehow that took all day.  Then they just barely started putting stuffs in it and there was a leak!  Yes, a leak in our brand new wheelie house! Good think mom already put a rubber liner under the sinks! 

So the next day they took the trailer back to the dealer and they fixed the leak.  Somehow that took all day again!  I was helping mom but Stanley just snoopervised with his eyes closed.

So today we worked on getting it all set up.  You can see our water and food dishes.  

Mom says we need to go through our treats and decide which ones to put in the trailer.  You can see that the trailer barely fit in the driveway.

Dad does a good job of backing up in the trailer.

So now we need to get things packed up so we can leave on our trip in a few days.  Mom says she needs a vacation but I think me and Stanley need it worse!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, September 25, 2015

FFHT - Purple Toes

This month's inclusion is:  "And that's why my toes turned purple . . ."   For more information about FFHT or how to join in, click HERE!


Our story:  When mom and dad told me and Stanley about the new wheelie house, they said we would be going on a lot of new adventures.  They said we would be seeing furends from all over.  So me and Stanley thought it would be a good idea to get passports just in case they wanted to drive the new wheelie house to see our furends Easy or Princess Leah.  We had to sign the passports and that's why our toes turned purple!

The End

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Just a couple reminders today.  Don't forget that Friday we have FFHT!

And in case you haven't followed the OFFICIAL blog that will be covering EVERYTHING for our upcoming Blogville Awesome Retreat (AKA BAR), make sure you pop over and do it.  Even if you can't come this is where we will be posting all our photos as the action takes place so you will want to keep an eye on it.  BUTT of course we hope you can come!

This is the current photo but it will be updated to add Hailey & Phod.  Plus, keep your eyes peeled because we found out today that 2 more bloggers are going to be joining us around the camp fire!  Any guesses who they are?

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wheelie House

As you know, our pawrents sold our little wheelie house and canceled our trip to Bryce Canyon.  Me and Stanley were VERY sad!  After all we were planning on taking it to the BAR next June! Then our pawrents started doing all kinds of things like looking at brochures, staring at things on the computer and visiting RV Dealers.  Finally last Thursday they went to a place called "RV Show". Mom said everything they were planning on got kind of twisted up and they had to change their plans a bit. (The full story is on the boring bloggy.)  BUTT they never changed their minds on the wheelie house they wanted me and Stanley to have, the one with room to wrestle.  That exact one was at the RV Show too!

This one had everything just like mom and dad wanted EXCEPT it did not have the free standing dinette that mom REALLY wanted (the original plan was to order the trailer with it).  And then something happened . . .

Yup, it is true.  It's official! This is our new wheelie house!  Mom said we'll pick it up sometime next week and me and Stanley can start figuring out where to put our food, our treats, our toys, our beds (for daytime) and which side of the big bed we will sleep on (probably both).  And just as we were giving each other High 5 paws mom told us that our Bryce Canyon trip is back on!  She said they need to get everything set up and then we are taking a road trip!  We're so happy to have a wheelie house again!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Ballgame

I think my brother has a strange habit.  There is a certain bush in our backyard and he likes to stand on it (and sometime lay on it).

He says it tickles his belly.  You can see he is torturing me by keeping my ball away from me.  I hate it when he does that but I humor him cuz he is my brother.

I asked him nice to give me the ball.

He just kept ignoring me and chewing on it.  He was chewing MY ball, the one mom throws for ME!

Finally I had to ask mom to give Stanley the "DROP IT" command.  It was my only hope to continue fetching before mom decided to quit!

He pretended he was deaf.

 Finally he got up and looked at me, brother to brother.

I knew he'd eventually give up.  Play ball!

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Friday Post

Somebody left a comment that we should just let mom take some pictures of us and a post would come from the pictures.  So we are testing that theory.

Here I am just napping with my pals.

Stanley likes to stretch out on the couch.

I was just looking at mom to see if she was looking at me.  She was.

Stanley has a good nose but it changes colors sometimes.

I was just watching it rain.  Van Gogh was helping me.  Mom says we might have to change his name to Beethoven cuz we tore off both his ears he is now totally deaf.

Today is our day to run with mom and dad so hopefully we won't be so bored today.  Mom and dad went to the RV show Thursday so I will have to find out what the final decision was on the new wheelie house (ordering now or in November).

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tough Love

Stanley loved his moose the moment mom and dad gave it to him.  Butt then . . .

Sometimes love hurts.

Murphy & Stanley