Thursday, June 21, 2012

Olympic Events

Fri. July 27th:
Posey          Parade of Athletes   
Roo             OPENING Extravaganza  

Sat. July 28th:  
Frankie furter      Olympic Committee     
Jazzi            Window Nose Art   
Sarge          Swimming

Sun. July 29th:    
Bertie          Bouncing

Oscar          Crazy Sleeping Singles and Synchronized Sleepers

Mon. July 30th   
Corbin           Cross Neighborhood Walkabout   (Catch me IF you Can is Cancelled)     
Benny and Lily    Beach Ball    

Tues. July 31st:

Madi           Gymnastics   
Lily Bell and Muffin    Couch Potato Peeling  

Wed. Aug. 1st: 
Mona and Weenie    Tongue Curling/Raspberry  and   Critter Stalking    
Pip              Discus / Frisbee  

Thur. Aug 2nd:
Goose        Stick(s)    
Bert             Pole Jumping 

Fri. Aug. 3rd:  
Murphy and Stanley   Marathon Chewing   
Puddles      Digging  

Sat. Aug 4th:  
Declan        Tuneful Farting  
Casey          Keep Away  

Sun. Aug. 5th: 
Rubie and Poots    Equestrian  
Mayzie         Camera Avoidance Kae Kwon Do   

Mon. Aug 6th:
Shasta and Shiloh    Synchronized Peeing    
Ruthie           DE-Stuffing  

The. Aug 7th:  
Susie and Sidebite   Free Style Zoomies     
Ruby and Penny   Roaching and Rolling  

Wed. Aug. 8th: 
Bailey and Katy    Squirrel Hurdles   
Indigo            DRAW your Peeple   

Lulu               Snack Sack Race 

Thur. Aug 9th:  
Sasha           Boxing   
Frank the Tank    EXTREME Weather Sports   

Fri. Aug 10th:
Max               Turbo Track     
Luna and Cynder    Snoopendous SniffAthon  

Sat. Aug 11th: 
Mollie Jo        The Great Tennis Ball Tournament   
Uji and Izzy..    Bathtub Wrestling 

Sun. Aug 12th:    
Finn                 CLOSING CEREMONY   


Oreo said...

Oh boy!! This is gonna be FUN with a capital "F"


Finn said...


GOOSE said...

Oh you guys are so smart. I put up the events but seems the MOM forgot to make the names a "link". Silly MOM. This indeed will be fun.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I can hardly stand the wait... the comPAWtitions are all gonna be GRRRRRRRRRREAT. We are trainin for EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.

Duncan said...

Oh. My. Dog. I am so excited about this I almost did a puppy pee!!!!!! I am going to start training this weekend. Yipee, yippee, yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Bassetmomma said...

We can't wait to watch!