Tuesday, June 26, 2012

School Daze

Last night was our third class in school.  Mom talked with our teacher (who is an Animal Behaviorist) about the trouble some dogs have when they meet me.  She asked if I was emitting "alpha waves".  My teacher laughed and said, "No way!".  She explained that Stanley and I are both middle-of-the-pack dogs (the best place to be she said) and that the reason some dogs responded negatively to me was that there may be some hesitation in my greeting and it made other dogs defensive.  (She even demonstrated how this is even true with peeps.)  She said Stanley is so over exuberant that new dogs are not suspicious of him.  She said with continued socialization things will improve.  Whew!  Me and mom are so glad to hear that!

We are learning some behavior modification things that will make us more polite as well as more of the "Leave It" command (with greater distraction and temptation).  This week we also are learning "Wait" which is different from "Stay".  But the big surprise was with my ex-girlfriend friend Marley!  Marley got bigger and went crazy!
This is during play time.  Stanley is talking to Charlie and I am talking to Marley.  Teacher is on the floor with Blackie.
When we were all let off leash the other pups didn't know what to do.  But me and Stanley did!
Charlie saw us and he came over to play too. Stanley tried to kiss our teacher!
Then Marley came over.  Notice she is on leash.
Blackie came to play.  She is very docile and her brother Blacky is so timid he just stares at the wall.
Me and Blackie with Teacher.
All of us pups with Teacher (except Blacky who was probably still staring at the wall).
Blackie farted so we got out of there!
Playing, notice Marley still on leash.
Teacher was telling me I was the cutest pup EVER!
Me and Charlie just shared a joke:  What did the 3 legged dog say when he walked in the bar?  "I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw - BOL!!!"
Marley (still on leash) talking to Charlie.  Notice I am no where around!
Marley reading me the riot act (no leash).
Marley jumping all over my case (no leash).  Stanley coming to "straighten her out".

So here is what happened:  Teacher said we could play and Marley kept coming over and getting all over my case.  Teacher told Marley's peeps that if she acts like that with a big dog, she'll get her head bit off!  So they pulled her back and said not to do that again.  Then Marley comes in to play again and just like last time she started yelling at me and then she tried to hit me!  That was when Stanley had to step in!  "Enough of this Marley!  You mess with Murphy then you mess with me!" he shouted.  After that Teacher said Marley had to keep her leash on and her peeps had to pull her back every time she tried to yell.  So the rest of us played off-leash and Marley kept getting pulled back over and over again because she kept yelling at me!  Sheesh . . . women!  Anyway, now we're trying to hook up Marley with Charlie so me and Stanley can just play.  Hopefully that won't be too hard because Charlie humps likes everybody.



Beans4Biscuits said...

Yeesh, nothing works than a training-class gasser! Yous is lucky to still have working brains-must be 'cause yous got outta there FAST!

My mooseling brother Hannibal is a 'middle-of-the-pack' kinda guy too....iffin he is the last mooseling to arrive. Iffin a dog comes in after him then he acts like a fool!

Boys- can't live with 'em and the momma won't let ya lock 'em outta the house.

Sugar the Who

Sankissjuice said...

Hi my friends,

Sorry, I got up late today. Just have a chance to sit down and read. First of all, you are definitely the cutest pup so your teacher is right. Secondly, you're so lucky to have a protective brother, Stanley and being able to go to school to learn. I'm sure you two will grow up to be real gentledog and have many great adventures to come. I will be following your stories so keep them coming :) When I get a chance, I would like to send my Rich boy to school too. Hope it is not too late and he also had a really bad puppyhood before I adopted him at 10 months. Fingers crossed! Maybe you two can teach him a few tricks in the future :)

I'll be back,

NanaNor's said...

Hi boys, I loved hearing that you are both middle of the pack boys; great place to be! My Hunter is very timid & shy especially with people. At the groomers today another Bichon owner said he may just have the shy personality; it don't matter to me, I'll love him just the way he is but would like him to be friendly with pups & people. You guys are doing so great in your classes-way to go boys.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

GOOSE said...

You guys are doing great in school. I bet you are getting straight A's. That ex-girl of yours must not want to give you up.

Shawn said...

Hi Murphy,
Thanks for stopping by but you probably would like to meet me on MY blog not my Mom's dormant running blog!!

Or Chloe and Cecil's blog ( they are C A T S)
http:// chloeandcecil.blogspot.com

Your furiend,

Oreo said...

Oh, this all sounds way exciting!! I see how Stanley is.....kissing up to the teacher?? BOL


Bassetmomma said...

Your school sound awesome and your teacher is pretty smart! Boy farting and jokes.....how much more fun could you ask for. :)

Unknown said...

Hi guys , what a cool class. At least you guys are good unlike the naughty Marley. Give yourselves a gold start I say.
Best wishes Molly

KSO said...

Wow school looks really fun! So many doggies to socialize with

Amanda said...

You guys are clearly at the top of your class!

-Erik, Amanda, and Bosley

Oskar said...

That girl seems a little whack-a-doodle if ya ask me! I'm sure she'd be perfect for Charlie!

Nubbin wiggles,