Saturday, June 30, 2012

What We Been Doin'

I just thought I'd post a bunch of pictures so you can see what me and Stanley have been doing the past few days.

Thursday we walked the lower parkway and went to the Weber River.  The water is much lower than earlier this spring.

We went to the spot where the little boy drowned this spring.  It was very sad and we could still feel the sadness in the air.

Friday we went to the Fort to meet our friends.  "Hey guys!"

Bert was showing us about balls and how to properly handle them.

We were helping Goose find his contact lens.  We never did find it.

We love to run in the ball field.

We chased a flying toy someone threw.

I met a new friend.  He was very nice.

We have 2 of these at home but never realized what fun they are!

Big Murphy came on scene.  It was confusing because mom kept calling my name and Big Murphy thought she was talking to him.  Finally I told mom to quit saying my name so much!

Big Murphy - he is a therapy dog and a giant Goldendoodle!

Me and Stanley had to cool off our paws.

I was running trying to chase the ball but Bert was way faster than me!

Everybody got to go swimming down by the river.  Stanley went into REALLY deep water and I said, "Hey Stanley, you're really swimming!"

After swimming, we walked around the fort and got muddy dried off.

I had to take an extra dip.  "Hey everybody, wait for me!"

This Ms. Baci, (Logan & Big Murphy) she is very playful.  She smiles all the time. She and Stanley are almost the same color.

"I see a rock!"
"Come on Stanley!"

Everybody was practicing jumping the fence.  Me and Stanley were too short to jump it so we watched.

Dogs training peeps how to jump the fence.  Peeps picked it up quickly but were much slower than the dogs.

Bert's mom took a nap.

"Jump Logan, jump!"  Logan had to be quiet so he didn't wake up Bert's mom.

Bert ran to his mom to make sure she was OK (he is a therapy dog).  He brought Big Murphy with him cuz he is a therapy dog too.  They asked her, "How are you feeling?"

Bert's mom explained she wasn't sleeping, just trying to get a good shot of a dog jumping.  So Murphy said he would jump over her so she could get a good shot.

Time to go again.

Hmmm . . . how can I get this rock in my mouth?

"There's something under this rock . . . "

"I'm not sure but I think I found Goose's contact lens!"

Shaking my groove thing.




Berts Blog said...

Oh My Vickie sure does hate seeing butt shots of herself. But she really loved the one you got of Big Murphy jumping over her.

I had so much fun Friday night with you two. You two are like, my most favorite little guys.

We got some fun pictures of you too and My Vickie will send them to your peeps.


Millie and Walter said...

You guys sure are doing good running with the big dogs. That looked like a lot of fun for you and the humans.


Oreo said...

Oh wow!! You and Murphy have been super doper busy. What fun you have been having though!!


NanaNor's said...

Hey Doods, Love seeing your time together with friends. You are so lucky, we don't have that many doggy friends here. I did wonder if you have to be careful with Giardhea, from the water? I'm pretty careful with Hunter because it is rampant in Colorado and pretty nasty. Loved seeing all the athletes jumping the fences; how fun.
Have a tail-wagging Saturday.
Noreen & Hunter

Finn said...

It is so cool that you have so many friends nearby! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Unknown said...

Simples guys can I come next time. What a lark.
Best wishes Molly

Duncan said...

I gottta find me some doods to hang out with here in my neighborhood ... you all really know how to have a good time!!!

Sankissjuice said...

Ohhhh..I am a little jealous. Wish I could join in the fun too. I read somewhere that Stanley is quite a water dog. He must love swimming. Can't wait for the Olympics.

Stay cute, you two.

I'll be back,

Stewey said...

How fun to play with all of your friends!

KSO said...

Looks like y'all have been super busy! Wow, swimming and running and playing so much--what lucky dogs you are!

GOOSE said...

Friday was tons of fun. Don't worry I be ya all will be jumping fence real soon. Everyone loves hanging with you guys. Thanks for trying to help me find my lens.

Unknown said...

That is cool that yous guys get to all goes for a walk together! My hairy slobbery sisters is a little jealous.

Unknown said...

Wow guys it looks like you had an amazing time! You are so lucky to have that many cool doggy friends!
Lots of slobber,
Indigo the Great Dane!

Cotton said...

Haha awesome! I cooled of too today with a bath!:) Looks like fun!
Licks, Cotton

Anonymous said...

Wow! You made me tired with all your doins :) That is so great you two get to play with Bert and Big Murphy and Goose. What a super gang to hang out with! I think you two are getting a most pawsome upbringing :D

Waggin at ya,