Friday, June 1, 2012

Liebster Business

We are honored to have received an award for our blog!  Actually, this is the second one we received.  When we got the first one we didn't know what it was and now that we received a second one we understand a bit more.  Anyway, since we were clueless the first time around, we neglected to post anything.  But we'll fix that right now!

Thank you to Ros and Milo (and now Jet) at  Angus & Milo's Adventures for our first one.  And  another thank you to Betty and her mom at Betty The Bichon for our second one!  We have enjoyed following both these blogs.  Milo has a new brother Jet who is just starting puppy school and Betty is just as cute as can be and helps her mom in law school.

So as we understand it, we need to give 5 other blogs a shout out and pass the award on to them.  Of course there are many blogs that are worthy, but a few stand out.  The first one MUST go to Goose and his mom over at the Gospel of Goose.  Mom said this blog is responsible for "cracking her armor" (after losing 2 beloved pets 4 years prior) and softening her and dad's hearts so they decided to get me and Stanley.  So it changed all our lives for the wonderful. The second one is for Bert and Miss Vickie over at Four Legged Views.  Bert is a wonderful dog that showed my peeps what great potential dogs have if only their peeps will take the time to train them and bring out all the great things God put in them.  The third blog is Jazzi's World.  We like seeing what Jazzi is up to and the way her blog reflects her attitude.  The fourth blog is Duncan at The White Dog Blog.  He is a cute Westie who is full of personality.  The final blog is Roo over at Roo's Doins.  His blog is not only fun to read but we think he is an ambassador for his breed as well.

So hopefully we've done this like we were supposed to.  If not, somebody better tell us!  Tomorrow we'll post about the exciting adventure we'll be having later today!

Murphy & Stanley


GOOSE said...

Congratulations both of you! I love your blog. And I am so happy I had a paw in both you coming to a wonderful home. In just a few hours we will be romping and playing at the Fort. C/Ya soon.

Duncan said...

WOWZA, you gave us an award!!!! Thank you so much!!! We will figure out what to do next and get right on it. We love the adventures you two are having. I can't believe you got to go to church even. That's amazing!!!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!! And let me say that you were certainly RIGHT in your selection of Who to pass the award ON TO. ESP. what you said about Roo and another super ambassador fur Pittie BULLS is Corbin.

The Daily Pip said...

Hurray! Congrats on your award! We love all these blogs, too.

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

Wow! Me sure learned a lot about yous guys! Thanks yous for sharing and concatulations!

Oreo said...

Gee....thanks for the award. I am so glad that we are friends and I love reading your blog, you two are so cute and funny!! we will post the award too.


Bassetmomma said...