Thursday, December 8, 2016

We're Winning!

In case you need a cuteness fix we will share our 2013 photo with you.

Thanks for all the cards we have received so far.  We also got 4 e-cards for a grand total of 19-4!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Me and Stanley love to sit on mom's recliner with her.  But sometimes it gets a little crowded and I like to move over to the sofa where I can really stretch out.  Mom has been trying to capture this for several years.  It isn't a very good video but it does catch the action.


Yup, mom thinks I am part cat.

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, December 5, 2016

Pawlice Academy Graduation

When we last saw our Pawlice Academy cadets, they were hard at work, training to be Blogville Crime Fighters!  

The training has now been completed and they have tested to see if they met the requirements to be part of this elite team.  

The group nervously enters the Academy for the last time to see if they made the cut . . . 

They await the news to see if they passed and which badge they will wear, the Pawlice Department badge or the Sheriff Department badge.

We wait outside for them to emerge . . . one by one they exit the building . . . 

 OMD! Phod has been assigned to Detectives!

Wow! Here comes Abby! She's in Detectives too!  OMD - she smokes a pipe (is it a bubble pipe?)!

Our next Detective is Edward!

OMD, Gussie is back and he made Detective!

 Looks like Jakey was assigned to SWAT!
Wow! Hailey is looking bad in SWAT too!

Chester is ready for Patrol! Wait, it sounds like he's getting his furst dispatch from Madi!

 Chester is on Patrol!

And our last cadet Ruby is also assigned to SWAT!  OMD, she is already chasing those squirrels!

Please congratulate all our newest officers and hop over to their blogs for their graduation posts!

Pawlice Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stan

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter Days

We have gone into winter here.  Mom says she isn't adjusting well.  She says all she wants to do is hibernate.  Maybe she has a point.

Butt since we are now into December, me and Stanley have been thinking about Santa Paws.  Although only a small portion of our total toy collection is upstairs at any given time, you can see we are really desperate for more toys . . . and treats . . .

We don't know how much longer we can hang on . . .

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Be sure to come by Monday for the Pawlice Academy Class Graduation!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Calling All Blogville Citizens!

First of all, we want to recognize the loss of who would have been one of the finest SWAT officers in the history of SWAT.  A moment of silence please for Easy . . . 

Butt we know he would want us to carry on so here we go!

Calling all citizens who want to be in the December 5th graduating class of the pawlice academy to send in your photos now!  Take a sneak peak at those who have already been training hard . . . 

 These brave doggies are training night and day!

Once graduated they will be issued one of these highly crafted pawfessional badges!

Those in the Pawlice Department will be issued this sweet set of wheels!

Those in the Sheriff's Department will be issued one of these crime fighting machines!

They all start out wearing the same hat.

Butt after graduation they are issued new hats representing their assigned divisions!

They will be issued the finest weapons showing their department insignia to pawtect the citizens of Blogville!

The latest technology will help them stay in communication with their dispatcher Madi!

 Let's see who our newest recruits are!  
Welcome to the academy Gussie!
Welcome to the academy Edward!

Welcome to the academy Jakey!

They will join Hailey, Phod & Chester (announced earlier) in this rigorous training!  

Ut oh . . . is Gussie stuck?

Edward sure has great balance!

Jakey flew over that ramp!

Here they all are, training together on the field!

If you want to join our elite team, apply NOW by sending your photo to!!

Chief Murphy & Sheriff Stanley

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fundraiser For Easy Updated Amount!


Because of your overwhelming generosity, we reached our goal to help our friends!!  

We are preparing to transfer the money we received (through today) to Easy's staff.  We collected a total of $1,051.64 via PayPal.  We have now reached $1,200 via PayPal! There are more donations coming through the mail.

We think we can speak for everyone when we say it was our honor to be able to help during this sad time.  

We loved Easy and we love his staff!

Thank you Blogville - you rock!!

Pee Ess - Anyone still wanting to make a contribution can do so by following the instructions on the prior post HERE.  A second transfer of money will take place to allow all funds to go to Easy.

Blogville Takes Care Of Its Own!

This is an updated post.  See additional information at the bottom.

By now you have all heard of our friend Easy's passing.  As you can imagine, his family is devastated beyond words.  All of Blogville shares in their mourning.  Easy was well known and much loved by so many! Many of us wish there was "something" we could do.  Well there is something you can do.

Easy's insurance did not cover any of the costs to the ER dogtur who provided the service and ultimately operated on Easy.  So we want to take the financial loss part away from his family and reimburse them for his medical care.  It was bad enough to lose their beloved best friend!

 To Donate Money For Easy’s Medical Expenses:

PayPal – The fastest way is PayPal.  Because of the differing currencies we encourage you to use this method.  The money will go into an account (monitored by Idaho Pugs) and then transferred to Easy’s Family.  When you donate the money select the option “Sending Money To A Friend”.  Make sure you select that option! To use PayPal you need your own account (sets up quickly and easily).  Go to PayPal and send the money to pugranch2[AT]msn[DOT]com

We are trying to avoid setting up a GOFUNDME page because they take a larger part of the donation for their fee (5%+) and we want as much money as possible to go towards Easy’s medical expenses.  

There will also be an auction announced soon by Mollie & Alfie One Wing.

Thank you for making "LOVE" a verb!!

There is an auction happening over at Mollie & Alfie One Wing's place.  Click here to get there.  We thank everyone who has donated so far.  Even small amounts quickly add up to bigger amounts!!  We will post an accounting later today!