Tuesday, February 21, 2017


In case you are wondering what Stanley usually does while me and Wilson are playing fetch, he plays a recall game with mom and dad.

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, February 20, 2017

Stanley Got Attacked & News!

 OMD, we have some big news for you!  I will let you look at some of my great action shots from yesterday while I tell you.

You can admire how I line up pawfectly with Wilson.

And then SNAP! Wilson is safely in my jaws!  Oh, Stanley wants to tell you about how he was attacked . . . 

STANLEY:  "I was minding my own business, running to mom, when suddenly, without warning or provocation I was attacked by Murphy & Wilson!

Stanley:  "Yes, I wasn't even looking and they came flying through the air, at my backside and landed on me!  Murphy stomped on my paws as he landed!"

Stanley: "I let out a cry but they did NOT even stop to apologize!"

Stanley:  "That's why I am standing by dad for pawtection!"

Here is my evidence of how Murphy & Wilson are just in their own world!

You can see me running for my life on the side.

Oh, our big news . . . remember how no one gave us a birfday pawty and mom said they would make it up to us?  Well mom said we need to get the Little Wheelie House ready to go in a few weeks!  She said it would be our pawty and dad already made reservations!

Hopefully I won't get attacked again!

Murphy & Stanley

Pee Ess - Murphy: "Sorry Stanley!"

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Surprise

Me and Stanley got real excited when we saw the Chewy Dog making a delivery on Valentine's Day.  We KNEW that box had something good in it!  BUTT there was a mistake cuz it had mom's name on the label!

BUTT as soon as we opened it we KNEW it was for us.  Look at the card!

Then when we looked further mom said it was NOT for us!

Then when Dad saw the dark chocolate, he said it was NOT for mom!

It was a confusing day.  Thanks Chewy!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wonderful Delivery!

We were so busy with the Valentines K-oss (BTW, you can copy any pics you want) that we didn't post our other stuff. 

Furst of all we want to thank our pals from Canada. Mom says we'll probably take the little wheelie house up there to live in Lee & Phod's driveway for a few years. 

Then I got a box from my fiance.  Mom said she was too generous butt that is just how fabulous my hawt Boo with the fabulous furs is!

Mom opened that box and I was on it!  I told Stanley to move his big ol' head so I could open the pressies.

Look what she sent me!  Those balls also light up! I can fetch in the dark with them! I LOVE them!

Here I am testing one of the balls.  It works pawfectly!!

You can see it was lit up here.

I love the stuffie too!  Ruby put kisses on it for me!

I sniffed out all her kisses!

I adore my fiance and her sweet kisses!

OK, I might have gone a bit overboard . . . 

Thank you Lee & Phod and my beautiful fiance Ruby!

Murphy & Stanley