Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brother, Where For Art Thou??

The most weird thing happened today. We got up and the day started like normal,  but then . . . just as I was about to take my normal morning nap . . . mom put my harness on me.

 I would not have been alarmed but no one was attempting to put Stanley's harness on him.  Now this was very odd!  So Stanley stood up and asked if he should put his halter on.  But no one said anything!

Then mom picked me up and we went out to the garage where she put me in my kennel.  It was in her Explorer instead of dad's truck.  She started to drive off so I looked to my right and then to my left, but Stanley was not there!  Normally his kennel its right next to mine but it was not!  "What its happening?"  I asked.  This was the  first time we have been apart.  We have always been together!!

I quietly whimpered.  I did not know what else to do.  Normally I do not whimper but this was a serious situation.   We drove for a couple hundred miles,  then we stopped and mom got us out.  We were at a park.  She put my leash on me and we walked around for about 5 minutes hours.  Eventually, two women peeps and a pup came to mom and me.  I met my new friend Muggles,  he was very nice.

 We played for 1 hour minute,  then we drove back home. 

 I had fun with Muggles but I sure missed Stanley!

I wondered if Stanley was sad that I was gone?  When we got back home,  I played it cool but inside I was so happy to be home with Stanley!

He was happy too because he kept kissing me!  Now everything its normal again . Whew,  I hope we never get separated again!!


P S  - I heard dad say Stanley cried loud with alligator tears.


haopee said...

Why did you meet Muggles alone? Sounds suspicious! I bet there's a conspiracy going on. I think whenever your Mom starts to put your harness on, you make sure you hug Stanley tight and NEVER let go! So that he comes with you, too.

Happy Weekend.

Huggies and Cheese,


Murphy said...

Dad didn't go with us and it is to hard to handle us both on leash. So Stanley stayed home with dad. They thought it would be good for us to be independent for once but we hated it.

Berts Blog said...

Well Murphy, I know that was scary for you both, but My Vickie says it was very wise of your humans to separate you two a little bit at a time. Cause you need to know that you are an independant strong young pup and that you can trust your human to do what is right for you even if it is scary.

And honestly, I gotta tell you that sometimes it is most wonderful to be alone with your human. Just you and them sittin in the park lookin at the grass grow, stuff like that.

I sure did miss our walk this week.
See ya soon

GOOSE said...

Murphy you were very brave to go it a lone. And like Bert said it is a good thing to do now and then. And what is that saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's true.

Sankissjuice said...

I think you are so brave, Murphy. And super cute!

Unknown said...

Out alone Murphy how brave. Happy Daddy's Day!
Best wishes Molly

NanaNor's said...

I hope Stanley will also meet Muggles too. I think you were very brave and now can comfort Stanley when he goes out alone. Yesterday I was at a party where most of the block came out to eat and visit and do you know what? There are three Doodles that live on the street; one is a very big boy-looks more like an Irish Wolfhound than a doodle but he is well trained.
Hope you gave your dad extra lovin today.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Bassetmomma said...

Oh it's tough to be independent, but sometimes us parents can't take two when they are by themselves. Gloria cries the whole time if I take Fred alone too! :-)